Funny Archive

Epic Rap Battle: Shannon vs Bernard by TMG

This is a very funny rap battle done by The Motivational Gamer of Shannon vs Bernard on the battle of supports. Check it out! Shannon Verse 1 I’m Shannon, the EMCee of support Decelerate your …

Interesting Summoners War Stat Infographic

Not sure how the data was pulled, but apparently, these are the stats for Summoners War players and how they play it… Link credit from:

Summoners War Lulz – Episode 2

Here are some funny pictures and stuff submitted by Reddit players. Enjoy! nau818 – Crashing in the Arena against much weaker opponents 5Rupees – Where’s the Boss? When You See Lightning… HERZIKA – Back to Farming after Giants/Dragon …

Summoners War Lulz Episode 1

Here is a compilation of some really funny moments posted by members on Reddit. Enjoy! Low Elemental Goes Where He Pleases~~ – Submitted by Seph’s Revenge God Mode – Aria’s OP Sexy Stun Heaven – Omgbomber …

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