Chasun – Wind Sky Dancer Review – Still OP With Upcoming Changes

Today we will be looking at the Wind Sky Dancer. She has a base attack speed of 100. The reason she is quite overpowered is because of her 3rd skill Fallen Blossoms. In an upcoming patch v1.5.5, she will be weakened a bit.

Wind Sky Dancer Chasun Stats

Awakened Bonus: Increases Resistance by 25%.

Skill 1: Graceful Touch: Attacks with a grateful touch and possesses the enemy with a 30% chance to increase the enemy’s chances of missing for 2 turns.

  • Lv.2 Damage +5%
  • Lv.3 Damage +5%
  • Lv.4 Harmful Effect Rate +10%
  • Lv.5 Damage +10%
  • Lv.6 Harmful Effect Rate +10%

Skill 2: Amuse: Recovers the allies by 20% of my MAX HP and increase the Attack Power for 2 turns. (Reusable in 4 turn(s))

  • Lv.2 Recovery +5%
  • Lv.3 Recovery +10%
  • Lv.4 Recovery +10%
  • Lv.5 Cooltime Turn -1

Skill 3: Fallen Blossoms: Balances the HP and the attack gauge of the target ally and your HP to a higher amount than before. (Reusable in 5 turn(s))

  • Lv. 2 Cooltime Turn -1

Rune Recommendations

Violent or Swift/Energy(Hp%)

Feel free to rate her yourself below!

Chasun – Wind Sky Dancer Review – Still OP With Upcoming Changes




    Arena Offense


      Arena Defense



        • Attack bar increase and hp balancing
        • Area of effect heal + attack buff
        • When tanky and speedy, she is hard to deal with
        • Arena bully


        • Needs a high hp team composition to shine
        • Nick

          Wow, so many noobs complained to Com2us and this ish happens. At least its not terrible nerf, but still i understand why people complain about Chasun but man if you have one this is lame

          • DestroyrsF8

            It is actually a great monster. I didn’t have the Violent/Swift & Energy Rune set being that I got lucky in doing a Gem Summoner on the 2nd try. This monster saved my hide in arena with only 2 and 3 star monsters without leader roles and entry level runes – playing on a level 12.

            I was doing well on the arena until I got matched up with level 20+ to 40 players that had 5 star monster yet this monster was already maxed out on 30. Yeah it got nerfed, but it is still a good monster at my lucky start of the game.

          • Noob

            ikr those noobs. I don’t have a problem with her myself but those guys really need to get a glass cannon like tagaros for this fine lady here.
            Anyways I feel that chasun should be vio/energy with spd hp hp so that she would be the ultimate troll monster.

        • chocovanilla

          She’s practically good at everything. One of top end game support!
          By the way, could you add ‘guild battle’ on the rating section? thank you

        • Eccentricity

          Yeah, I spent money maxing her skills out. I am filing a claim with Google against them for a refund. This is a typical tactic gaming companies use. Release an item that is OP, get folks to spend money on it, then nerf it. It’s called fraud and, recently, gaming companies have been paying claims out the nose for it.

          • Chris

            And what if SW closes at a give moment? Will you send google a letter for a full refund? That’s like going to your favourite burger shack and demanding every penny you ever spent back because they don’t serve your favourite anymore. I got Chasun too, but let’s be honest. The nerf was kinda needed. Plus it’s only +1 cooldown on fallen blossoms (IF you don’t count the violent nerf though). Guess I’ll go claim some Glory points from Google, all those devilmons wasted lol

            • Dadnatron

              What is the Violent nerf? I have not heard of this thus far.

              BTW, I just pulled Chasun and got her to 6* the day before the nerf went into effect, which was today’s update (4/13). She is now at a 5 turn cooldown.

              • Summoner

                Yes, she just got the nerf.

                • pika

                  You can file this to google to get your money back. But Com2Us has the right to close your account immediately afterwards.

                • leiffe

                  after nerfing her fallen blossoms cooltime by +1, Com2us powered up her amuse cooltime by -1 (Cooltime 4 to 3). neat…. lol

            • Jeff

              how would you get glory points for that. I have a a wind sky dancer (sleeping still) so she was nerfed… I never spent actual money on her.. I have develmoned her,

          • Caleb

            Got her at level 12 in my first pack and had no idea how lucky I was. Been the cornerstone of all of my teams for 99% of my time playing

          • Rabiddoughnuts

            While I think Op being a bit of a crybaby, Chris, you analogy, is terrible at best, and completely inaccurate at worst. Its more like going to a burger shack, ordering a burger, and then as soon as you sit down and get ready to enjoy it, they take the bacon off. See cause they aren’t getting rid of an item for people in the future, but making the item you already have worse.

        • Stonewall

          Wasn’t she already nerfed in 1.5.4?

          • Summoner

            Its 1.5.5 i believe.

        • falconID

          i have chasun 6 star, now my level is 36 still going for maxed her.
          I think nerf is make her 3rd skill is more slowly to balance hp for all of monster
          but no problem if you have 2nd healer on your team like Ahman, Belladeon or etc

        • Hernandez

          The Current Nerf that Come2us did on Chasun didn’t really affected her that much. I still think she is OP and probably one of the best support/healers in the game. My AO Team is Zaiross,Chloe,Chasun and Darion and for AD I have zaiross, Chloe, Arnold and Chasun. This is what i use mainly and with out chasun my arena ranking would probably be below gold stars. Currently im 3 stars gold and it has alot to do with chasun.

        • nelson

          She is still one of the best healers specially if she is on violent.

        • TrueKomondor

          A lot of people in the game are really pissed about this. I have a wind sky dancer myself, and although I haven’t used it much as I just got it, the ONE TURN INCREASE isn’t anything to get angry about. It’s still a very good endgame monster. I am level 19 and I got mine with a gem summon.

        • ShadowProHD

          I think you should rune her for Violent Nemesis, with Spd HP% HP% on 2/4/6.
          She is good for offense because she can be a really great tank and healer. For Endgame you wanna use her for example against Monsters like Chloe and Perna. She will just tank those away and can heal everyone for a lot of HP (since you runed her with HP% 2 times this is a lot) and you got your Blossom heal. Really really good. I don’t have to explain why Arena Defense and Dungeons, huh? Also keep in mind how strong Nemesis with Violent can be. Especially for a healer like Chasun 😉

        • Vatthra

          As Chasun owner, I still said that yeah, she’s still OP. Not as OP as before, but I have her maxed skill with Amuse just 3 turn cooldown now. Ofc I’m a little bit pissed when knowing Fallen Blossom had been nerfed. A waste of devilmon. But ah well, it’s happen, lol!

          I put swift energy to my Chasun and she work well with Baretta, because Baretta leader skill. Another tandem to have is Bernard to give her more speed. Key to Chasun, beside a lot of HP (mine still 30k, plan to make it higher) is, imo, speed and high resistance. You want her to safe from debuff on the entire fight especially in arena, when all your ally is squishy team. And you want her to speedy enough to fill att bar to put Amuse and Fallen Blossom as quickly as possible.

          I want to experiment on her tho. Plan to put nemesis/endure; vio/endure or vio/nemesis. Waiting for free rune removal day!

        • Majster

          Pls, review Polar Queen, I have water and I don’t know is she good ;/

        • I got her this morning, I made a YouTube video this morning

          I am looking forward to use her when she is properly runed and high leveled

        • Marco Luna

          She’s still op imo, people just want to complain about something.

        • givrawind

          she’s perfect

        • bejamalopues

          with a speedy team, shine a lot, good monster, excelent combination with belladon and fuco.

        • Lxnvvb

          Shes pretty good and revives the whole energy bar of my monsters, thing is: Her attack is pretty low. She is good as an assistent monster, but i wouldnt use her for attack

        • 3rtan

          Pair her with Emma or another Chasun if you have another one (both violent) and prepare for some evil AD

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