Dice Magician and Harp Magician Update! [3.1.6 Patch Notes]

Hello everyone and welcome back to another video. Com2uS has just released their newest update featuring 2 new units: Dice Magician & Harp Magician. Now that we have all had an oppurtunity to take a look at this units – which do you feel are the #Ones2Watch – Please share your opinion in the comment section down below as well as potential teams you would create with these new units!

KnightlyGaming’s review of both Monsters are below:

Dice Magician (4 Star)


Harp Magician (Fire/Water/Wind are 4 Stars, Light/Dark is 5 Stars)


Check out the full patch notes here.

▶ New Dungeon Debate Feature has been added.

– New [Dungeon Debate] Menu has been added. Please go to [Rift Dungeon > Strategy Info > Dungeon Debate] to share your strategy with others.

– You can post your strategy when you successfully clear each dungeon and get Rank A and up (Including Rank A-). Your dungeon gameplay info will also be posted when you leave a post. (Monster Deck/Best Damage)

* You must reach Rank A and up (Including Rank A-) for each dungeon after the update in order to leave a post even if you’ve cleared the dungeons before.

▶ UI Modifications

– Basic Info has been added to the [Strategy Info > Boss Info] Menu in the Rift Dungeon.

– A new feature that can separate the line when you write [Monster Debate/Rift Dungeon Debate/Guild Introduction] has been added to the game keyboard.(You can write up to 5 lines for Monster Debate, 6 lines for Guild Introduction, and 15 lines for Dungeon Debate.)

– The error message pop-up for Android Devices has been improved.

▶ Monster Bug Fixes

– Dark/Inferno’s [Last Curse (Passive)]

: The issue of the damage inflicted to the attacker not being applied correctly when the passive skill is activated has been resolved.

– Light Dragon’s [Armageddon]

: The issue of the Life Drain Effect being activated before your HP is consumed when using [Armageddon] while equipping the Vampire Rune has been resolved.

▶ Other Bug Fixes

– The issue of user’s country info being displayed incorrectly in the 3rd Live Arena Test Service [World Arena] has been resolved.

The description of some monster skills have been changed.


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