Dragons B10 Drop Rates by djsarcastro of Reddit

Here are the results of 1002 runs of Dragons B10 by djsarcastro. Excellent work there buddy. For those that haven’t seen the results, be prepared…

Dragon B10 Drop Rates 1002 runs

Source: Imgur

Your odds of getting a Legend rune 6 star with good stats is about 5 in 1002 runs. :X

  • Rodyanin

    would be nice to know the differecies between the droprates on different floors.
    I mean this stat-sheet looks fun, but it’s quite useless for a common player

    • Judguh

      Until that common player gets to dragons b10… 😀 excellent work this fellow did to create this!!

      • Rodyanin

        i would like to see some more 1002 runs for b9 and b8 to know what is more time/energy/mana efficient 😉

  • HoRcRuX

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