Educate and Dominate [RTA Rank 1!]

To kickstart the Educate & Dominate series for 2017 I knew i had to do it big! What better way to start out than have the #1 Ranked Real-Time Arena player in the world ! It’s my pleasure to introduce to Syntac respresenting the Guardian 3 Guild, Elegy. Syntac breaks down the RTA format to provide you with the latest and greatest information to include:

– Syntac’s strategies for building successful RTA compositions
– 3 Key strategies that assisted Syntac to move quickly into the top 100
– “Short Game” vs. “Long Game” How to use the timer to your advantage
– Tips for Early/Mid Game players transitioning into RTA
– First turn immunity vs Cleanse – Which is stronger for RTA?
– Implicit Defense Bonus & Monsters that have this bonus
– Underrated & Overlooked Units/Runes in RTA

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