Forum Opening Itunes/Google Play Gift Card Giveaway

Forum Opening Itunes/Google Play Gift Card Giveaway

After some consideration, I have decided to open up a forum so people can ask their questions there.

I am also celebrating my Youtube channel hitting 1,000 subscribers. As part of the celebration, I am giving away 3 $5 gift cards(either iTunes or Google play) to 3 players that post in the forums.

In order to have a chance of getting the $5 gift card of your choice, you will need to do the following:

1) Register a forum account here. (registration is on the right hand side) – You can access the forum here. It is also located on the tab at the top of the site.

2) Create at least one thread asking a question or writing a mini guide that will help players in the game. The question must be open ended such as “Do you think the fire viking is a good monster?”

3) At least 3 posts. Any posts less than 30 characters will not count.

4) You must be polite and not flame other players for asking questions that you think are “obvious” or “dumb”.

This will go on until April 18th 2015. The 3 winners will be contact via the email you registered with when signing up for the forum to get the details on how to retrieve your $5 gift card. Keep in mind each player can only win 1 gift card max.

Feel free to ask any questions in the comments section.

  • ludens

    Thanks for the awesome initiative! 😀
    And right on my Birthday, yay!

  • James

    I have water Amazon wind harpy fire hellhound dark high elemental fire and wind bounty hunter wind bearman fire martial cat and wind drunken master. Which one should I use as an attack monster?

  • GreenLegendx3

    I am from Germany and i help all in my country (so good i can 🙂 ).
    Thanks you, Summoner i have a lot of intelligence in Summoners War.

    Good for all Beginners or something: The “Fire Hellhound” is a good start Monster.
    u can do a tons of damage with him. put Fatal/Blade(Atk%/Crit D%/Atk% if u drop it ^^) runes on it and Awaken him to see his amazing dmg!. Good luck and have fun! 🙂

    u need more help and u are from Germany? add me “GreenLegend”

  • bintangalkali

    Hi. Why I can’t Log in to Forum. I Have registered. I can’t write in forum.

    • Summoner

      Are you able to login? Try resetting password.

  • MLG_Mongol12

    Hi summoners I’m pretty much like you guys I play summoners war everyday and I’m 23 levels and my suggestion for starters is that when you first get “fire hellhound” you should awaken him and evolve him mine maxed 5star so if this helped I’m thankful

  • MLG_Mongol12

    My wind samurai is a really good tanky attacker so I max 5 starred him

  • MLG_Mongol12

    People Think Fire griffon is bad but he’s good for middle gamers and starters his basic speed is really good its 126 I think

  • LittleRedQuinn

    Hi, I tried to register but I didn’t get an e-mail (I waited more than an hour, and nothing in my spam box either). When I try to register again, it says this username and email are already in use.

  • Six days before my birthday! I’m not really sure what I’d be able to get with $5, but it would still be pretty cool to win something 😛

  • fe.ludens


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