Giants and Dragons B10 Drops Update after Necropolis Patch

With the new monster update and Com2us removing rage runes from Giants and vampire from Dragons, looks like it has affected the drop rates of both Giants and Dragons.

Now that Com2us realizes that the real end game runes that people want are the following:

  1. Violent
  2. Rage
  3. Despair
  4. Revenge

They have made each dungeon drop less rune types overall to increase the chances of us getting the runes we want. I personally think this is a good change and let’s take a look at some data compiled by brianmcho from Reddit on drop rates for Giants and Dragons B10 after Necropolis patch.

Giants B10

Giants B10 Drop Rate After Necropolis Update

Source:  IMGUR

Dragons B10

Dragons B10 Drop Rate After Necropolis Patch

Source: IMGUR

Here are some things to take note of:

  1. Giants now drops 5 types of runes, making it much, much easier to get the basic runes. Despair runes are good sets mainly for arena/guild war CC monsters and also useful for Tower of Ascension. Seems like the drop rates of Despair might have decreased.
  2. Dragons now drops 6 types of runes. The desired runes are Violent and Revenge. The only slight disadvantage of running Dragons is a small decrease of mana drops. Not too noticeable but it is definitely worth mentioning.

I am assuming that Com2us wants to make Necropolis the best farming spot for mana. I personally have not been able to do Necropolis B10 on auto, but some guys have done it already.

Is Building a Giants Team Still Worth It?

The short answer is yes. Despair is too hard to ignore especially if you want to climb ToA without too much trouble. While Veromos can be your dedicated stunner, you will still need another dedicated stunner if you haven’t pulled any good stunners. The change Com2us made is a good one and I think will benefit us players.

I will keep you guys updated on Necropolis drop rates and also the viability of Destroy runes for PvP and PvE soon!

  • brianmcho

    Big fan of the site. I’ve been a regular visitor since I started playing 7 months ago, mostly for the monster ratings/reviews. It’s awesome to have my little project mentioned here and I’m glad I can give back to the community!

    And a big “THANK YOU” to everyone in the SW subreddit who participated in the data gathering efforts. We couldn’t have done this without you all.

  • Atma

    On the viability of giants, I’d like to add that other than despair, he still drops many useful runes. Top players may not care, but everyone up and coming will need swift and fatal runes to get on by before violent and rage become readily available to them. Your solid data is very much appreciated. Good sample size.