Giants B10 Drop Rates by djsarcastro(500 runs)

Again, excellent work by djsarcastro for the drop rate statistics for Giants B10. This should be useful for people that are into stats and all that good stuff.

Giants B10 Drop rates 500 runs

Source: Imgur

The results are quite grim, but I agree as I haven’t gotten a legendary 6 star rune with a good substats in over 2 months. 😀

  • Thorinale

    What is most interesting to me about this is that the Rune set drop rates in B10 seem to have the same percentages as Giants B6-B8. I started my own data collection at one point and through 200 runs, Despair was the highest drop rate. Followed by Energy, then Focus. However, where Rage was his second most often dropped rune set, it was the lowest for me in B6-B8. Perhaps Com2Us is actually tailoring the drops to the player level after all. Rage is certainly more of an end-game rune.

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