Heroes War Monster Update

4 new monsters were introduced in the Heroes War Returns patch. They are Martial Artist(3 star), Neostone Agent(4 star), Assassin(4 star) and Neostone Fighter(4 star). Below are their skill descriptions courtesty of Com2us. The Dark Neostone Agent is a natural 5 star.

I will be doing a review of them in the coming weeks. Looks like an interesting bunch!

Martial Artist Neostone Agent Assassin Neostone Fighter

  • non of your business

    These monsters are first of all humanoid and bland. 10/10 would not want ..

    • Supernae229

      Speak for yourself! Neostone Agent, and Assassin look pretty good! I want!

    • Supernae229

      Because Samurai, Ninja, Occult Girl, Kung Fu Girl, and Dragon Knights do not appear humanoid at all…. Lol.

  • Aaron

    fix the 3rd skill on water Neostone Agent plz . Heals all allies for 30% of their Max HP not Her

    • JayceWindu

      Nope! 30% of HER hp, I have her, I know.

  • Scott

    Why can’t I register to post in the forums? I entered my email but nothing gets sent. Anybody?

  • Damien

    Emma’s , water neo agent, 3rd skill is not working properly. The shield won’t work if there are any debuffs at all on allies.

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