Milestones for Beginners by Karim

When I began to play Summoners War a year ago, I was totally lost and not before level 35 when I began to realize my way in the game. So I wrote this simple guide to explain the important milestones for beginners. This forum helped me a lot all I want is to help another one.

The 1st Milestone: Your Farmer

Lapis Water

This game is a game of grinding and leveling your monsters and grinding again to get runes to power up your monsters and so on. 5 staring or even 6 staring and awakening your farmer is your first big step in the game.

You must have a strong reliable farmer that can easily farm hard (better a hell) level in one of the scenario maps alone without other monsters (Solo farmer). After that, you will accompany this monster with three weaker monsters that you want to level up.

Summoners war provide the players now for a good 4 star monster; Lapis the water magic knight. She can be used easily to farm Faimon Volcano stage 1 easily. Faimon Volcano is the BEST area to farm in the game. Why? Because although there are other areas that provide higher experience or higher mana, Faimon Volcano provide the highest energy drops in the map. So, you will be using less energy overall to farm the same amount of exp and mana.

You can read more about Lapis here:

For other areas of farming you can read here:

Suppose you was lucky and you got some good 4 star or 5 star monsters. How do you know if they can be used as farmers or not? A potential farmer must have at least 2 of the following criteria:

– Strong attack thus he/she can kill a monster with every single attack.
– Can attack several monsters at the same time (AoE damage).
– Has self-heal.
– Tanky enough to withstand damage.

Lapis can fulfil the 2nd and the 3rd criteria.

For famous farmers and their rune build, you go here:

So, if you was lucky and summoned something good, you can use it as your farmer. If you don’t have, don’t worry this game is all about team synergy.

Advice: don’t waste time trying to build a farmer from a 3* monster e.g. Raoq, Sath, …etc. Those videos on youtube are only for showing the overpowered runes they have. You won’t be able to get runes like this without finishing your 5th milestone at least.

The 2nd Milestone: Get Belladeon

Without hesitation, she is your 2nd 6 star monster after your farmer. Save crystals for energy refills on Sunday and keep your eyes on the chat to get her. You can read more about her here:

The 3rd Milestone: Fuse Veromos.

Veromos and Belladeon are the backbone of your giants and dragon B10 teams and your arena defense. Of course you will fuse him if you are lucky to get the required monsters. Most of them are farmable.

You can read more about his fusion and the required monsters here:

You can read more about Veromos here:

If Veromos is not available you will have to build a Konamiya, the water Garuda and give it speed as much as you can. It’s not as effective as Veromos but it’s better than nothing.

The 4th Milestone: Building your Giants B10 team:

Your first target is to build Giants B7 team but without using any fire monster …why? Because this same team will be used to farm B10 which is water based.

You will use the runes you got from farming B7 to improve your team as much as you can then you will use your friends representative monsters to unlock B8 and B9 to get to B10. Do not waste your time in B8 and B9, your target is B10.

Your basic formation will be Veromos as leader, Belladeon, Bernard (the wind Griffon) and Shannon (the wind Pixie) plus any wind (better) or water (acceptable) damage dealer to speed up the run. You can get Bernard from farming any stage in Tamor Desert and you will find the wind Pixie from time to time in the Magic Shop.

All of them will be built as Swift/Focus or Swift/Energy with 2/4/6 as SPD/HP%/HP% or SPD/HP%/ACC% and your target stats as follows: HP +16000 and accuracy above 60%. You will improve their stats with the runes from B7 to become able to farm B10 later.

You can read more building your Giants B10 team here:

Remember: these basic teams are not the rule, you may be lucky to get a monster that will make your life easier.

The 5th Milestone: Building your Dragon B10 team.

After you start farming Giants B10 use your runes to improve your team as much as you can and voila your giants B10 team will be your dragon B8 team. Now Dragon B10 is really bad but at this time in the game you may have a good 4 star or 5 star monster that will help you to farm it.

There is two approaches either tanky team that can sustain damage or a speedy team that can out speed the crystals and the dragon. In both cases you need to grind Giants B10 and Dragons B8 to get the best runes you can get to prepare your team.

The problem here is: there is no other level that is like B10 so you will have to face a failure after failure till you can farm B10.

Again Veromos and Belladeon will be here plus 3 of the following monsters.

Konamiya: the water garuda
Megan: the water mystic witch
Sigmarus: the fusable water phoenix
Baretta: the fusable Legendary fire sylph
Mikene: the fusable water undine.

Unfortunately, there is no specific standards to create a team that can beat dragon B10 easily. You will have to watch your team dies several times to analyze the defect in your team and sometime asking for help (as I did here, Thanks again XelNecra and Thorinale) is the only way to solve your problem.

Here are several guides and possible team compositions for farming Dragons B10:

The 6th Milestone: I don’t know, I just started farming Dragon B10 few days ago.  ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D


  • Atma

    6th milestone is getting serious about arena and guild if you haven’t already. You’ll need to farm them for end game resources, particularly devilmons and rainbowmons.
    7th, get a necro team together as you’ll probably want some decent rage runes for your nukers. Shihwa, Colleen, any of the Jack O’lanterns are among the best monsters for that. There’s many more and you should be decent at building dungeon teams by now.
    8th, do raids and make your best runes godlike. You’ll be in the top .1% by that time and should have a pretty good handle on this game.

  • anotherOne

    Next Milestone would be Toa Normal

  • Gres

    I agree with Atma and with anotherOne but in the topics.
    6th Toa Normal
    7th Guild war and Arena
    8th Toa Hard
    9th Necropolis
    10th Raids

    By the way great post man! it will be very useful for lot of people i love your DragonB10 Help, i found it very useful!

  • Ww

    1. 6* farmer is not necessary, since 5* ramagos can solo anywhere up to tamor hell, even with mediocre runes. Save your 5* fodders abd devilmons for veromos.

    2. I say fusing veromos is a priority over 6*ing belladeon. If his heal worked like chasun or ahman it’d be worth to 3* him, but hes not. 6* bella does not heal for any more HP than 5* bella, since his heals are based on HP of the target.

    TL:DR make veromos your first 6*, not your farmer or bella.

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  • Noobs

    LoL. Im using Sath to powerlevel faster than Lupis, yet the runes i use came from lupis / if you finished last map, you get 5* runes, i suggest pick Fatal, give that to Lupis / Sath.

    6* Sath in Faimon Hardmode took like 32s. Doesn’t need skills up.

    VROFAGUS hellmode 42s

  • Skyranz

    here is what I’m thing about my Giants B10 team:
    what do think about my team?

    • ChildishPlays

      it seems you may have some issues as you are blending units from 2 different styles of gb10 teams. i would focus on the core units – veromos bella bernard shannon + 1

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