Necropolis B10 Auto(100% success, 4/5 Farmable) by BLTips

Kumae Dark

BLTips has provided us a very good team combo that allows you to farm Necropolis B10 with ease! Here is the video by him.

The monsters used are:

  1. Fire Kobold Bomber – Zibrolta – Revenge x3(Hp%/Atk%/Acc%)
  2. Fire Harpu – Colleen – Violent/Revenge(Hp%/Def%/Hp%)
  3. Light Inugami – Belladeon – Violent/Nemesis(Spd/Hp%/Hp%) -> Not built for Necropolis
  4. Dark Yeti – Kumae – Violent/Revenge(Hp%/Hp%/Acc%)
  5. Dark Harpu – Seren – Violent/Revenge(Atk%/Atk%/Atk%)

The key is multiple attacks and also the vital slow with Kumae. All monsters are farmable except for the fire kobold bomber. You can get dark harpu and yeti from secret dungeons during hall of darkness days. Fire harpu is a simple unknown scroll drop or bought from the magic shop. Light inugami is gotten from the secret dungeon during hall of light days.

  • chimmerz

    what’s a good alternative for fire kobold bomber?

    • Anderwilson

      instead of him i use shihwa

      • Shargoth

        I have Smokey, is that something I can use instead of fire kobold bomber?

  • Amozeus

    Can I make a team with Zibrolta, Colleen, Belladeon, Hwa and Eshir ? Because I don’t want to build Kumae and Seren 6* only for NB10.
    If Hwa and Eshir can’t work out, which mobs can I use?

    • ericrootbeer

      I use zibrolta, colleen, bella, eshir and fuco.

      I chose fuco over kumae because he has better utility elsewhere (raids) and he also has slow on every skill.

      The reason why I don’t like hwa is because she needs skillups to perform half decently in necropolis. The slow debuff is THE MOST IMPORTANT debuff in necropolis, nothing else besides def break comes close. therefore, it is important to get one monster that can reliably apply that slow debuff. If you really really don’t want to raise a kumae, hwa can work, but Kumae/fuco are just so much better because of their much more reliable slow.

      • Jungie

        How do you have your Eshir runed?

  • Bedevir

    Is Anavel a good alternative for Zibrolta? And for Kumae the fire one?

  • ๐Franken๐

    I do not have Fire Kobold Bomber. What can I use instead

    • genyaforumsSW

      i think JOJO can be a replacement but im not sure

      • dickbutt

        Why would Jojo be a good replacement? lol

        He is not similar to zibrolta in any way

        • I wouldn’t say they’re not similar in any way.. both have aoe bomb for 2nd skill and as far as I know they’re the only two fire units with bomb…. that said, I still agree with dick that Jojo’s a terrible replacement (you need monsters with skills that have multiple attacks… Zibrolta has 2, Jojo doesn’t have any.)

  • Nacho

    How about replacing fuco/kumae with chilling,he has speed buff/debuff and 1st skill multi hits ?

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