Necropolis Guide [New Lich King] – Multi Hits OP!

So with the Necropolis out today, I have gotten to B8 and stuck there for a bit. Here are the Lich King skills you need to know:

Lich King Skills


  • B1, B6 – Water
  • B2, B7 – Fire
  • B3, B8 – Light
  • B4, B9 – Wind
  • B5, B10 – Dark

B1 to B4, Lich King gets 5 hit shield

B5 to B7, Lich King gets 6 hit shield

B8 to B10, he gets 7 hit shield.

Here is what I have learned from fighting him:

  • The Lich King has a 5-7 hit shield that you need to break before you can damage him
  • When the shield is up, you cannot land any debuffs
  • Brownie Magician, Raoq and Tyron’s first skill does not proc when his shield is up[Will be fixed soon]
  • Ahman’s heal does not proc when the shield is up
  • Monsters with multi hit skills on low cooldowns are more useful in this dungeon
  • Powerful monsters like Zaiross/Perna/Chasun etc. can work against you when he steals them from you. Imagine Chasun healing the boss to full health!  X_X
  • He deals more damage over time with his first skill
  • Attack speed slow debuff is a very good against him, provided you can land it after the shield is down
  • Speed is nullified. The only advantage you have is making your monsters speed go according to => multi hitter, multi hitter, multi hitter, damage dealer, healer/support. This way, you can deal damage right away.
  • ATB increase/decrease doesn’t work.
  • The Lich steals the monster that does the MOST DAMAGE when his shield is down.
  • You need enough damage to burst the boss when he revives with 30% health.
  • Using friend reps for the dungeon makes the friend’s rep disappear when the Lich steals it.
  • You get your stolen monster back when you kill off that monster.

Now lets look at the monsters with multi hit skills thanks to DrWord[PungXingLeona] from Reddit:

This is the updated version monster with multiple attack on skill, cool down applied (easy obtain from MS and SD)

1st skill with multiple attack

Kobold, 9 tail, magic knight – 3x

Pierret- 2x

Oracle -3x

Vampire -2x

Barbaric King -2x

Neostone agent -2x

lizardman -2x

Neostone fighter -2x

Cowgirl -2x

Harpu -2x


2nd skill with multiple hit (3-5) 2-4 turn cool down when maxed

Lapis (water magic knight) -4x 3cd

Lucasha (fire harpy) – 4x 2cd

Zibrolta (fire kobold) -3x 3cd

Low elemental -4x 2cd

Colleen (fire harpu) – 3-4x 3cd

Fuco&Rigel (wind&water lich) – 4x 2cd

Yen&Su (wind&water rakshasa) -3x 4cd

Shimitae (wind slpyh) -3x 4cd

Serpent (all) -3x 2cd

Luer (water phantom) -3x 3cd

Theomar&Tesarion (water&fire ifrit) -3x 3cd


3rd skill with multiple hit (4-6) 3-5 cool down when maxed

Sia (light harpu) -6x 4cd

Julie (water pierret) -6x 4cd

shihwa (fire 9 tail) -5x 3cd

Ellin (water amazon) -4x 4cd

Izaria (water succubus) -4x 4cd

Orochi (wind ninja)-6x 4cd

Gildong (water taoist)-4x 3cd

Roger (wind bounty)-4x 4cd

Sophia (wind pierret)-5x 3cd

Seren (dark harpu)-4x 3cd

Lisa (fire neostone)-4x 4cd

Walter (wind viking)-5x 5cd

Iselia (fire fairy)-4-6x 4cd

Kacey (water pixie)-4x 4cd

Lucasha (fire harpy)-6x 4cd

Selena (wind succubus)-5x 4cd

Zibrolta (fire kobold)-4x 4cd

Fynn (water imp)-4x 4cd

Hwahee (fire skydancer)-6x 4cd

Liesel (water vampire)-4x 4cd

Kung fu Girl (all) -4x 4cd

Hina (wind amazon)-5x 4cd

Shi Hou (water monkey) -4x 4cd

Yaku (water imp champion) -5x 3cd

Stella (water assassin) -7x 4cd

Okeanos (fire Sea Emperor) -5x 4cd

Sera (water cowgirl) -6x 4cd

Rune Recommendations

Looks like Revenge and Violent are the best for this map. With speed nullified, revenge(+15% counter attack) rune set allows you to counter during a boss attack, therefore reducing the shield count by 1.  Violent gives extra turns, so it always helps.

Now, let’s look at what are some obtainable multi hitting f2p monsters useful for this:

Colleen(Fire Harpu) – Revenge x3(Hp%/Hp%/Hp%)

Colleen Awakened Fire

Her 1st skill hits twice and has AoE Heal for sustain. She is gotten easily from unknown scrolls and the magic shop.

Sera(Water Cow Girl) – Violent/Revenge(Hp%/Hp%/Atk%)

Sera Water

Sera has 3 multi hit skills. 1st and 2nd skill hits twice, 3rd skill hits 6 times. She also has the useful attack speed slow debuff on her first skill. Sera can be gotten from the guild shop for 800+ guild points(depending on your luck).

Lapis(Water Magic Knight) – Violent/Revenge(Hp%/Atk%/Atk%)

Lapis Water

Lapis’s 1st and 2nd skill hits 3 and 4 times respectively. Plus, she is FREE!

Arang(Wind Nine-tailed Fox) – Revenge x3(Hp%/Hp%/Atk%)

Arang Wind

A fusion monster available in the fusion hexagram. First skill hits 3 times. She is squishy, so I think she will need plenty of health.


Necropolis B10 Team 3.30 minutes

Here is a very useful list from Reddit Mod Cognosci on viable Necropolis B10 teams:

B10 Manual

  • Sigmarus, Malaka Zibrolta Seara Chasun Proof
  • Theomars, Orochi Eshir Tesarion Praha Proof
  • Jamire, Zaiross Ran Praha Orochi (Coldsteel’s Team)
  • Seara, Orochi Sophia Theomars Chasun Proof
  • Verde, Lapis Shihwa Chasun Darion
  • Xingzhe, Eshir Chasun Shihwa Orochi Proof
  • Jamire, Orochi Randy Ahman Tesarion. Proof
  • Lanett, Tesarion Theomars Malaka Chasun
  • Shiwa, Tesarion Hwa Chasun Darion

B10 Auto

  • Theomars, Vigor Yen Laima Seara Proof
  • Shihwa, Hwahee Praha Bernard Sera Proof
  • Shihwa, Colleen Vigor Shimitae Sophie Proof
  • Seara, Colleen Bella Hwa Trevor Proof
  • ggRPG

    Awesome. I was just gathering information on the same source and I really like the water cowgirl getting somewhat usefullness. Many monsters com2us buffed or release recently are very usefull on this new dungeon. The Lisa(fire neostone agent) third skill is awesome for this boss and she also has multi-hit on first skill. Fire 9-tails and Lapis seems to be mvp for multi-hit and combo with Lisa.

    Worth metion Fire harpy has a Secret Dungeon and can be a good candidate to f2p comps

    • Rick

      Wayne was my mon at b7. With skill two he broke the lich king’s shield and dropped it by 20%, but thats only when it would proc. Hwahee and mihyung would clean up and heal. My outlyers were Rahul to protect, and jultan to block healing. I failed the first time and won on the second try with this team. Better than a kick in the ass eh?

  • aSWgamer


    I can see that some information on this guide has been copied and pasted from other websites (like Reddit) without adding any credit.
    Please, I hope you solve this issue as posting data that is not written by you is not a good practice.


    • Summoner

      I WROTE the guide.

      Edit: I see where you are coming from. I credited the guild PungXingLeona instead of DrWord.

      • windancr

        Summoner, you are awesome! Thanks for taking the time and helping us fellow gamers! Keep up the awesome research and work!

  • Yuya-kun

    Thanks for the awesome guide!
    Another useful monster for this boss is Eva (light peirret).
    Her first skill hits twice, and her third skill hits 5x and is on a 3 turn cd and if used when on full health, the cd is ignored.
    Plus she is light type so she can be used in all dungeons.

    • Rick

      Eva isn’t a common mon. I previously suggested wayne for those that completed his sd. wayne can break b7 shield and do 20% damage when his second skill procs.

  • draicoholic
  • Julie

    “Brownie Magician, Raoq and Tyron’s first skill does not proc when his shield is up”
    “Using friend reps for the dungeon makes the friend’s rep disappear when the Lich steals it.”

    According to the notices, these are bugs and will be fixed in the next update.

    “Ahman’s heal does not proc when the shield is up”

    I think this is because the shield supposedly nullifies attacks rather than just absorbing damage; any skill that requires a successful hit won’t proc when the shield is up.

    I find that the heal block debuff is extremely useful; less heal means easier to kill and makes it less painful when he steals your healer. Another argument in favor of fire harpu. 🙂

    Shield / invulnerability also helps a lot, since the boss’ heal is a life-steal effect; he won’t heal if he does no damage.

  • Crestamax

    Samurai with your 4th skill can hit him?

    • Ginja343

      Sadly, No. I wish, Jun is my only 6* currently.

  • SeaEmperor

    Com2us seemed to lapis is intentional

    • SeaEmperor

      But the 4th skill of Samurai can hit him? I think is yes.

      • Ginja343

        No -.- why noone listen to me

  • MetsaroMagi

    Why has no one considered using the yeti monsters for Necro? I used the wind yeti to clear B9, but I also think the water yeti with guaranteed counter-attack for 2x hits every turn would be helpful.

    • test

      I thought so

    • Matt

      I know the light yeti (obtain at secret dungeon) has a 50% chance to counter with 3rd skill, but how does water yeti get a guaranteed counter-attack?

  • metalface

    according to reddit, the dark cowgirl that most people should have now has a third skill that ignores invincibility, and it works on the bosses shield, may be time to build her up.

    • metalface

      also, both her first and second skills hit twice and she has a 50% slow on her first (if maxed)

  • mcpooter

    Hwawawee? seems to be amazing

  • SjoRamone

    water fairy now has 3x on first skill 🙂
    Nice guide man!

  • Wizard

    Does reflect skill (like Lizardman has) also counts as a hit that is lowering the shield?

  • simon

    the fire fairy has a 1st skill that hits 3 times a 2nd skill that hits 2 times and a third that hits 4 times and shes super easy to max out if your looking for a lot of hits

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