New Egyptian Themed Monsters Incoming

Hey summoners, Com2us has rolled out a new monster update. This will be applied soon and the new monsters are Mummy 3★, Horus 4★, Anubis 4★ and Desert Queen 5★. You can check the full patch notes here. The rune changes are also going to be updated and Giants will no longer drop rage runes.




Desert Queen


  • I need to find Wind Mummy and check this out on DB.
    His passive can be OP against them.

  • xPr0digy

    The Water Horus with his ability Shout of fury is really strong. Its a new combo with Katarina. Is like Chloe and Sieq together. And you only waste one monster. Tyron, Water Horus, Lushen and Katarina are a really strong and fast arena team, for example.

  • Stalker Fairy

    Horus coolest design

    Also, dat Water Horus 3rd skill (essentially a more powerful version of Chloe’s Fanatic0 and Light Anubis 3rd skill(GROUP REVIVE!)

  • NoobieGhost

    Imagine what you can do with that Light Desert Queen’s third skill….

  • JJM59

    Hi there, i just get anubis water. will test and feed back.
    Good luck

  • yoyohann2

    Why aren’t you making videos anymore?

  • Dave

    So what does it mean by Sandy Deserts to find them?

  • Kronan`

    where can these monsters be found with the exception of being summoned with the mystic or elemental scrolls? It does not specify

  • di2evil

    i just got the fire desert queen

  • Chloebeast

    Anybody have thoughts about Fire Anubis? I think it looks like he has potential to be a pretty OP tank

  • Roksterxxx

    i just got Fire and Wind Mummy and Fire Horus

  • rob

    How do you aquire these new ones

  • Soo

    i just got Water Desert queen , what rune for her ?

  • Asher Slayer

    I got the Fire Mummy today morning and it was from Crystal summon
    You can get these new monsters by all summoning methods.
    And I think they’ll be doing an update where you can get one of the wind mummy from the Tamor Desert

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