New Monster Incoming!

Hey fellow summoners! The new monster Magic Knight will be unveiled soon! Seems like the water one will be available either via missions or fusion. Not sure yet, but we will know soon enough!. You can check out her stats and skills here though:

Magic Knight Preview


There are also other changes such as Guild Wars and also new items we get when we 6 star monsters!

You can get more information reading the official patch notes here.

  • Spongebuddy

    Water Magic Knight seems like it will be a good farmer AND it will be easy to obtain (the quest might be hard, but at least it’s guaranteed). I can only imagine what hell Verdehile and the Wind Magic Knight will be able to cause xD


    You can get the Water version Monster by completing the Mt. Siz Mission. Just got mine and she looks like a decent addition. Character came out on 7/20 along with the new European Servers. Time to start leveling!

  • Daniel

    Qual ruma devo utiliza

  • Leighton

    I just received the water Magic Knight as a reward doing stage 4 of Mt Siz seven times.

  • Joseph

    I have gotten one from completing mr. Siz. I logged on today and got a 4 star water magic knight.

  • RedRevenant

    Got my water magic knight today and leveled to mid 20s (then energy was gone for now). So far I have to say I like her. She has all AoE attacks:
    1st: Single target x2 hits –> 3rd hit = AoE attack
    2nd: Random AoE attack that prefers lower HP targets and chance to disturb HP recovery
    3rd: AoE attack that heals her for amount of dmg done & increases atk bar per kill
    Runed atm with Fatal/Blade with atk %/ atk%/ atk% and looking for substats with spd/crit dmg%/crit rate %.
    Should be a decent trash killer/farmer and possibly have a place in arena atk.
    So far — thumbs up.

    Looking at the others:
    Dark should be a good tank killer
    Light should be a nice off heals like Ahman
    Wind should have some control like Hwa and Wooshie
    Fire should get better the closer they are to 0 HP like Ardella (Wind Archer)

    They look interesting so far – time will tell. Good luck!

  • leolewolf

    Bets rune build for her is Despair Revenge because first skill is an AoE. Definitely rune as an attacker. Spd, CD/ATK, ATK for mid game. Atk, CD, Atk for late game finding speed and Hp rune subs.

  • HAVE YOU SEEN THE SPEED OF THE THING?!?!I MEAN SERIOUSLY?! I say swift is the key to this monster, but I’m still trying to figure out what else to put on there.

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