New Monster Update

4 new monsters are out! Charger Shark(Nat 3), Pirate Captain(Nat 4), Mermaid(Nat 4) and Sea Emperor(Nat 5). There is more info here:

Charger Shark Chart


Pirate Captain Chart


Mermaid Chart


Sea Emperor

  • Xtremecold

    The description of 2nd skill (Air shield) is not the same as it is in game.

  • cheatermccheaterson

    there is a translation failure: chargershark wind, last skill (english = german )

  • Alliefoo

    Manannan’s passive is insane and his base stats are really impressive. I suspect he might be the strongest single target nuke in the game now. He looks like he’s even got zeratu beat.

  • Paulo

    Reviews urgente all new monsters.

  • crazdxD

    Anyone else notice that fire and dark have the same 1st and 2nd skills and wind, water, and light have the same 1st and 2nd?

  • BaJohan

    Is is just me or does the Dark Mermaid look awesome!? She’s got two heals, a revive, immunity, crit block and damage based on HP!! I want one!!

  • *Jedi*

    got the light mermaid the other day, shes current at 5* max, and a very nice addition to my farm team.

  • Is there any review for the pirates captains? I need to see the review for Carrack!

  • thrillex

    Could you make a review for the mermaids pls 🙂

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