New Monsters Update v1.5.0

Hello fellow SW players! We have 6 new monsters. They are Battle Mammoth, Penguin Knight, Barbaric King, Polar Queen, Cow Girl and Ifrit. Check out the pictures below courtesy of com2us.

Battle Mammoth

Penguin Knight

Barbaric King

Polar Queen

– Cow Girl and Ifrit can be acquired only through specific methods (Guild Store, Fusion Hexagram).
* Dark Ifrit is provided with the Fusion Recipe and Light Ifrit and Light/Dark Cow Girl will be available through other special methods.

Cow Girl


  • Vulcan


  • Vulcan

    Wheres the light IFRIT?

    • LuciferiaV

      He’s not in the collection book in-game either. I’m pretty sure they’re just keeping him a secret until they actually give us some means of getting him.

    • king joffrey

      There is none

      • LuciferiaV

        Actually, there is. They specifically said that Light Ifrit, Light Cowgirl, and Dark Cowgirl will only be available through special methods, which will be released in the future.

  • katie

    ” Light Ifrit and Light/Dark Cow Girl will be available through other special methods.”

  • khun

    penguin knight pic missing

  • GuilhermeZoa

    Where is the Penguin Knight?

    • Iangpillow

      How is the time for your comment 4:25 pm when the time at the top of the page is only 10:43? Are you posting from the future?

      • Iangpillow

        And now I’m from the future too. I’m thinking the time stamps are a little off somewhere… look forward to water polar queen though 🙂

      • GuilhermeZoa

        heheh.. I am from South America.. Coz this, the time appears like that.. But actually, yes, I am also from the future, and I say that you will take a four stars monster on Saturday (when the 3th mystic scroll is opened consecutively) ; ].. u_u

  • GuilhermeZoa

    Dark Ifrit

    Water Battle Mammoth
    Water Polar Queen

    Wind Babaric King
    Wind Cow Girl


  • lil

    What does mean inability effect excluded? Dark ifrit

    • shaun

      If you are talking about the ability of the fire ifrit. It is the ability to turn off someone’s passive ability

  • SwagLord

    Is the wind Barbaric King any good, I am planning on replacing the wind kobold bomber on my wind nine tail fox team or should I get rid of Shannon

    • LuciferiaV

      Sadly fox girls aren’t that great. Arang is mainly for fusion.

      Wind Kobold and Shannon are both pretty damn good monsters (Shannon being hugely helpful on B10 Giants and in ToA).

      The Barbaric Kings look alright, but they seem kind of like a lower-tier 4* to me. Not really a fan of their skill sets personally.

      If you could get a Wind Griffon, you could run your Kobold, Wind Griffon, Shannon, and then perhaps Ramagos and a healer (Fran? Neal?) and have a pretty decent team for dungeons.

      Kind of depends on how much work you’ve put into Arang though. If she’s actually got good runes, is awakened, and is 5* or 6*, then yeah I’d use her.

      • SwagLord

        Yea I don’t much good runes and she is still a 4 star, I guess I will replace her with a Wind Griffon. Use Wind Griffon as leader or Koblod?

      • SwagLord

        Oh yea, I also have a Wind Living Armor if that is any good.

        • SwagLord

          I also have the Magical Archer, trying to get that wind griffon 🙁

          • SwagLord

            sorry for all the question, but you can get a wind griffon from beating Tamor Desert 2. West?

  • darnaim

    I have summon 3 penguin just now via mysterious i dont know what to do with them

  • SwagLord

    I also have a wind war bear but I was told to keep him

  • Goseiyer

    Fire polar queen?, Really?, I prefer the light Infrit

  • JesterSeraph

    Holy crap water elephant, the new faimon solo god?

  • Vanie Yo

    I Just got water battle mammoth and i dont know which runes to use,

    • bullhead

      I’d say all energy with hp% or 2 sets energy and 1 endure with Hp%/hp%/hp%

      • Vanie Yo

        Thanks, what about fire ?

    • Jorge Iglesias

      All energy with hp% later you can change the 2nd rune to spd

  • Vitally

    this Dark Ifrit hurt my JoJo so bad ….

  • Avada

    Pls review this monsters 😉

  • Dragons02

    So, I just got Water Battle Mammoth, and I really don’t know how to rune him. Are you guys thinking about doing a review any time soon? It would be GREATLY appreciated!!!

  • Tontolou

    i summoned Aegir 5* (water barbaric king 4* awakened ). the skill set seems not good enough. what rune do u guys suggest?

  • Kai

    I got a penguin knight. Not sure what to rune him up on yet.

  • Kelthazad

    I have Talc. He is runed full energy hp%/hp%/Acc% with hp% and acc% substats as much as possible. At 4* lvl 25 he was soloing Garen Forest 4 on Hell @4800 xp per run. His heal is 15.1% of his max HP for those who don’t want to do the math and generally lvl 40 monsters (non boss) hit for 120-150 and he out heals that damage at 1446 HP every 4 turns.

  • coolhwip

    Hi Summoner,

    Any idea on how to rune the fire polar queen? Is she any good? Any help/advice would be greatly appreciated! Thanks!

  • ryan

    I just summoned a wind polarqueen and awakened her into tiana.just unsure how to build her i was thinking of violent focus speed hp hp what do u guys think?

  • James

    I summoned a wind mammoth. I see the water rune suggest all energy with hp%. Not sure if the same applies for the wind, It seems as though I’d want a little different. What do you guys think?

    • James

      My initial thoughts are energy w hp% with 1 set accuracy to increase my provoke proc.

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