Ramagod Solo Giants B10? – Impossiburuuuuu

Ramagos solo Giants B10 with a Verad(Water Dragon) hp boost.

  • Amphiptere

    I am greatly envious of those runes. Sadly I don’t have a dragon team yet.

    • Duckcloud

      did you re-verify it with solo after that?

  • astarkan

    Vampire rune + energie rune ? HP% /HP% /HP% ?

    • Ashcerit

      Vamp/Revenge full HP%

  • ExiledGath

    I really like the kingdom hearts music in the background during the boss fight.

  • MW

    just wondering.. the stats at the end showed his ramagod ‘only’ had 33k hp. I got a 5 star one myself with inferior runes with almost 24k hp.
    So I wonder you sure you showed the right ramagod’s stats at the end?

    • Fred

      He showed the one that had 40.5 k hp, 130 speed and about 800 def.

  • Gor1llaGor1lla

    dont forget that he had the leader buff of the 2nd monster

  • Onidaime

    Amazing runes there on that Ramagod. Have you tried actually using his Ramagos solo for Giant B10?

  • flern

    That guy sounds like David Cross.

  • Motore

    Is it still possible to regain life with vampire runes with a clean shot?

    • Zulfagor

      Vampire runes not works only with skills based on *enemy* hp. Clean shot is based on the bear hp, so it works just fine!

      • Shdwhealer

        I can verify this as I use Ramagod to solo farm many scenarios. I haven’t gotten mine to the B10 range, although I have solo’d a few B6-7s with him. But he does regain HP from clean shot.

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