Rift of Worlds Update

Finally, the developers Com2us has finally revealed a sneak peek for us regarding Rift of Worlds. Check out the mini guide here.

Here is the original post: http://forum.com2us.com/forum/main-forum/summoner-s-war/developer-s-story/785786-developers-sneak-peek-upcoming-changes-for-summoners-war-part-2

Here is the block quote:

Hello Summoners,
We have some interesting stories from our developers that made Summoners War.
We will give you a little sneak peek of what will be changing in Summoners War!

*Please note that these concepts are still under the development
stage and can be subjected to change*

New Dimension Cracks throughout Summoners War

A new chapter will be unfold as you the player will
begin a new journey to seal dimension cracks that will
be appearing everywhere throughout the map that originated from
the Rift of Worlds! This content will be available once you have cleared the
Chiruka Remains.In order to enter these Rifts you will need a special item.
This special item can be obtained in the Daily Mission.

Guild Store Update

There will be new items that will be available in the Guild Store
where you will be able to purchase buildings that
buff for Damage and Defense within the Guild and something else
to wet your appetite: Legendary Scroll Fragments.
You will need to obtain 100 Legendary Fragments in order to
obtain a Legendary Scroll!

Exclusive Summoning Monster List Update

So you guys know that the Exclusive Summoning list
refreshes every beginning of the Month and on the 15th.
Now the monster list will be refreshed every Monday!

Hope you guys like what the developers have in store for you guys!



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