Rift of Worlds Update

Finally, the developers Com2us has finally revealed a sneak peek for us regarding Rift of Worlds. Check out the mini guide here.

Here is the original post: http://forum.com2us.com/forum/main-forum/summoner-s-war/developer-s-story/785786-developers-sneak-peek-upcoming-changes-for-summoners-war-part-2

Here is the block quote:

Hello Summoners,
We have some interesting stories from our developers that made Summoners War.
We will give you a little sneak peek of what will be changing in Summoners War!

*Please note that these concepts are still under the development
stage and can be subjected to change*

New Dimension Cracks throughout Summoners War

A new chapter will be unfold as you the player will
begin a new journey to seal dimension cracks that will
be appearing everywhere throughout the map that originated from
the Rift of Worlds! This content will be available once you have cleared the
Chiruka Remains.In order to enter these Rifts you will need a special item.
This special item can be obtained in the Daily Mission.

Guild Store Update

There will be new items that will be available in the Guild Store
where you will be able to purchase buildings that
buff for Damage and Defense within the Guild and something else
to wet your appetite: Legendary Scroll Fragments.
You will need to obtain 100 Legendary Fragments in order to
obtain a Legendary Scroll!

Exclusive Summoning Monster List Update

So you guys know that the Exclusive Summoning list
refreshes every beginning of the Month and on the 15th.
Now the monster list will be refreshed every Monday!

Hope you guys like what the developers have in store for you guys!


  • Stalker Fairy

    Oh finally. Been playing for 4+ months and I’ve never seen that dungeon updated ONCE

    Now the (Exclusive Summon) monster list will be refreshed every Monday!

    Is there a more reliable way to get more summoning stones in the first place?

    • Junedawgg

      It isn’t all that hard to get exclusive summoning stones. The problem is getting more than 50 a week. Spending points in guild shop is an easy way, but there is no way in hell to really get more than 50 within a week. Unless you get a string of (un)lucky runs in the essence/Giants/Dragon dungeons, or your guild wins a lot of battles. (Though from what I hear its a pretty common problem for ppl since everyone seems to ignore attacking at the lower guilds.)

    • sd

      You get 1 stone for each level of the Tower of Ascension that you clear, except for the mid- and boss-level floors. Even with a weak dungeon team you should be able to clear 1 – 25 in the tower on easy and hard mode which would give you your 50 stones easy.

      • Kelthazad

        Clearing to level 25 in ToA would get you 20 stones as every 5th floor does not give you stones… and you cannot farm them. The reward is given once per refresh so no, you cannot get the stones from ToA

  • Parker3247

    So….the legendary scroll might take a while.
    You need 100, you can buy 5 a week, and they cost 200gp each.
    So you need 20k GP in all, and it’ll take you 20 weeks (aka 5 months), assuming you can pull in 1000 GP a week.
    That’s barely worth it. With the number of other scrolls I could buy in that time with that GP, I’d probably pull a nat5 anyway.

    • just visit

      Not really, legendary scroll cost 200gp for only 5 pieces, not the normal 10 pieces
      So in total you will need 4000gp for one legendary scroll. Almost the same amount of ifrit scroll (4500gp)
      Worth or not is up to you

      • Dock

        Definately not worth it.

        Legendary Scroll worth 4000Gp, for an (almost) certaine 4*

        Fort 4000Gp, you can buy 20 Mystical Scrolls, which give you a nice chance to have one, if not multiple 4*, plus the 3* fodder.

        Buying Elemental Scroll might be even more efficient to get the One mob you need to complete your team.

  • *Jedi*

    just a heads up…you dont get a nat 5* from legendary, just a chance at one. Ive had 3. only nat 5* Ive seen is off a mystic.

    • bomberro-gordo

      ive only gotten 1 5* mon and its been out of mystical scroll. wind beast monk the legendary scroll yeilded a water succubus both unawakened. but have had ok results getting 4* awakened mons out of mysticals

  • Shdwhealer

    Rifts don’t seem worth it either. For the same 30 energy, I can run a farm six times, and get more xp for my fodder, especially if I use a friend’s farmer. When you figure in the sale of runes and energy returns, it is much more profitable to run six Hell modes over one rift. Plus a chance at a 3* fodder mon. I only use the rifts to burn off energy before going to bed or some other time when I want to burn energy quickly so I don’t waste any. If they had an additional drop — 5* runes and chance at mon?

  • Austin

    This game is so unfair I am lvl 30 almost 31 and yet to get a nat 5* there should be an update that when you level up your odds get better of rolling one because seeing lvl 8 ppl with natural 5* is bullshit

  • lulz0r

    What is this Rift of Worlds thing on the map next to Cairos? When you click on it, it just says “Preparing update” but nothing happens, so you can only press “Close”.

    And it’s the same with that blue stone island at the far end of the map that is located after Chiruka Remains… What’s up with that place? It doesn’t even have a name.

  • htet paing

    how much i need to download ?? at my ios ,it is now 1.3 gb ,and it is still going …..

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