Summoners War Plexchat Prime Time Event [Win Prizes!] Every Thursday 4:30-8PM Pacific Time

Hello fellow Summoners War players! There is an exciting event that Plexchat is hosting with plenty of Summoners War content and prizes to be won! There will be 3 events hosted between 4:30pm to 8pm.

Note: Prizes are only eligible if you are on Plexchat’s app.

Event 1: Rift Raid Raffle & Trifecta Jackpot with KnightlyGaming [4.30pm to 5.30pm Pacific Time]

Where: Live on Knightly Gaming’s Twitch Channel [4:30pm to 5:30pm Pacific Time]

KnightlyGaming, the expert strategist in Guild Wars is holding a fun event called the Rift Raid Raffle.

How It Works

Summoners sign up to be carried in R4 or R5 raids while the audience guesses on questions surrounding the event the be entered into raffles. The entire event is run in a room within the “Knightly Nation”  Plex hosted on the app Plexchat. The room name is called “Rift Raid Raffle”.

Questions will be asked during the event. Here are some questions that the audience may answer:

  • Will the person being carried survive? ($10 Bounty)
  • What is the contribution order of Knightly, Support, and Player being carried? ($10 Bounty)

Winners are entered into the raffle and a winner is randomly chosen by Knightly.

The last question is much harder to guess:

  • Guess the contribution % of Knightly, Support, and Player being carried. (Is it 35%, 45% etc..) 
  • Guessing correctly on all 3 is an instant $100 jackpot! (one per night max)

If no one guesses it correctly, the Jackpot increases!

Whats In It For You?

You get to hang out among fellow summoners war players,get to enjoy their company, guess some rift raid answers and also win some awesome prize money! You then get to go get some mystical scrolls and try your luck at getting your favorite natural 5 star monster!

Join us in the Plex room and get a chance to win up to $100 in cash prizes!

How To Join!

Step One: Download Mobile Plexchat App Here

Step Two: Join Plexchat Group using the Code: N2DGH

Step 3: Get Approved and Enter Knightly Gaming’s Rift Raid Raffle Room

You will need to answer the questions in Knightly Gaming’s Rift Raid Raffle room to be eligible for the prizes.

Event 2: Summoners War Sweepstakes with ChildishPlays [5.30pm to 6pm Pacific Time]


Where: Live on Twitch via Childish’s Channel [5:30pm to 6:00pm Pacific Time]

ChildishPlays, our cool and friendly Summoners War advocate is here to host a Summoners War sweepstakes!

How It Works

Do you like to see summoning videos? How about the excitement of pulling a natural 5 star monster! You get to see how many good and bad monsters Childish is able to pull on stream!

YOU get to GUESS which monster he may pull and get to win awesome prizes!

This event is streamed live on YouTube on Childish’s channel. 

Childish will let you know which account he is summoning from, looks at the scrolls available, and directs the audience to answer the questions. Before summoning starts, he will ask you the some of the following questions:

  • What monster will be summoned with the first scroll? ($25 for a correct guess)
  • How many Nat 5s will be summoned? ($25 for a correct guess)
  • What Nat 5 is the first to be summoned? ($50 for a correct guess)

How To Join

Step One: Download Mobile Plexchat App Here

Step Two: Join Plexchat Group using the Code: AIGNQ

Step 3: Get Approved and Enter ChildishPlays’ Summoners Sweepstakes Room

You have to guess within the chat app in Childish’s Summoners Sweepstakes room to be eligible for consideration for the prizes.

Event 3: Gladiator Jackpot with Syntac [6pm to 8pm Pacific Time]

Do you like to fight the best of the best in Summoners War? Construct a team to battle against Syntac, a Rank 1 player in the Guardian Arena. Check out the previous event here.

Where: Live on Twitch via Syntac’s Stream [6pm to 8pm Pacific Time]

How It Works

You sign up on Plexchat app to join Syntac’s room in order to get a match with him.

  • Beating him first time will net you $10
  • If Syntac wins, then the prize pool increases by $5 each time a participant loses

As the prize pool increases, the Gladiator (not the participant) receives additional restrictions:

  • At $25 one predetermined monster is banned (Ex: Hathor)
  • At $50 an additional monster is banned (Ex: Hathor, Velajuel)
  • At $75 a third monster is banned (Ex: Hathor, Velajuel, Orion)
  • At $100 the Jackpot caps and an entire element is banned (All wind monsters)

If you want to challenge a top player and test your skills for glory, join us for tonnes of fun and see what monsters are currently powerful in the meta!

How To Join

Step One: Download Mobile Plexchat App Here

Step Two: Join Plexchat Group using the Code: 37TUB

Step 3: Get Approved and Enter Syntactic’s Gladiator Jackpot Room

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