Summoners War Roundtable – Discuss & Debate the latest & greatest topics!

In today’s video, Childish brings you an Rift of World: R5 carry session with some of the top guys in the game today! Our featured guests are three knowledgeable players – Former Educate & Dominate guests, VayneSolidor & Forosnai as well as as G2/G3 player by the name of KrisleShizle presenting one of top guilds on the Euro server, Requiem. Looking to have some of your questions answered in a future episode? in the youtube description down below provide your question and tag the question with #Roundtable. Childish will take the questions down to ask for our future guests. The goal is to bring a wide variety of old and new E&D guests as well as some top influencers in from the global, europe and asia servers alike to discuss some of the biggest topics regarding the current meta of Summoners War.

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