World Boss and Raid Rift Boss Level 1/2/3 Mini Guide [Will be Updated]

World Boss

World Boss Map

The world boss appears in the general map. You can use up to 20 monsters to battle the big bad guy. You got 10 in the front and 10 in the back line. I recommend using a full team with 0 healers. Your goal is to put in as much damage as you can. Healing doesn’t help that so bring plenty of single target damage dealers. Also, each day, your monster can only be used once.

World Boss Team Selection

If you don’t have established 6 stars, just bring whatever you got. Your goal is to get the highest rating possible. A high rating means a better chance to get L/D scrolls, Legendary scrolls and Devilmons. Since you are able to do attack the Ancient Giant 3 times a day, you should always do it since each attack is only 10 energy.

Tips: If you don’t have enough monsters to fill, just use hellhounds. Do whatever it takes to do this. A small chance to get any of the good stuff mentioned above is nothing to scoff at. Aim for D Rank if you are new and aim for at least A Rank if you are a veteran player with a set of 5 star and 6 star monsters.

Also upgrade all your runes to +12(even the crappy ones) for all the monsters you use to improve your ranking. Every little bit counts and the faster you can get a better rank, the better items you get in the long run.

I also suggest you do not stray away from building your Giants/Dragons/Necropolis team in favor of the World Boss. Treat the World Boss as a bonus dungeon to do.

Raid Rift Boss
Raid Boss Pic

With the release of the the new patch, the Raid Rift Boss is added and you are to fight a 3 headed dragon with 2 other players. They can be guildmates or friends. Each player can put up to 6 monsters. You can choose to put up to 4 monsters on either the back or front line. However, you can only field up to 3 per line. There are 5 levels of the Rift Boss, with each level harder than the previous one.

Important things to know so far:

  • Immunity is useful against the boss, but he can also remove your immunity.
  • Glancing hit debuff, attack debuff, recovery debuff and defense debuff are vital in this matchup. Glancing and attack debuff greatly reduces the damage dealt to you and your allies’ monsters.
  • You need either Shannon or Megan for the attack + defense buff. This is vital to keeping the team alive
  • 2 healers are recommended.
  • Bring a defense debuffer. If your allies have one, then you don’t have to bring one. Passives can be disabled, so Veromos might not be the best choice.
  • The dragon can counter + do a devastating air attack after losing 25% health.
  • The dragon has 3 attack bars for each separate team.
  • Having high resistance on your monsters are very helpful since immunity can only last for a bit before getting removed by the boss.
  • It is time to 6 star Konamiya(Water Garuda) just for this. It is worth it since her cleanse is just too good.

Here is a guide on how to beat level 5 Rift Raid Boss by Coldsteel:

I will be adding more as I find more strategies, probably from the Koreans. 🙂

Credit: ChildishPlays

  • ByungChul

    A couple of mistakes:

    World boss doesn’t have 2 rows of 10. You just pick up to 20 monsters, order doesn’t matter. I’d also take issue with not including healers/support monsters but I’m still testing this (difficult with only 3 attempts per day). On my last test run of 10 monsters, Ariel placed 2nd for damage ahead of Veromos, Verdehile and Tesarion who all normally do considerably more damage in the arena/dungeons/scenarios.

    Raid only allows you to pick 6 monsters, not the 8 you mention.

    • my_duck

      Vero’s cleansing won’t work much of the time. The boss can disable your passives, so relying on passive skills can be dangerous.

      Immunity works much of the time. It is not useless. Some of his attacks are affected by it, some seem not to be, and he can remove your immunity.

      • BBoymixture

        Unless you have someone that puts Immunity.
        I am using Woosa, he helps alot.

    • Summoner


      • RonnieFieg

        also, world boss prearranges your monsters in order of the damage they will do, so “auto-assign” is the best method

    • SpankinCankles

      He also did mention that you can only use 6 monsters for raid.

  • Skywindale

    He also applies slow and att debuff, but no armor break. Consider using tanky revenge mons with dmg based on defense for the front line to help mitigate damage, as hp does not seem to work so well.

    Something I noticed.

  • RonnieFieg

    team beneficial effects are frowned upon as boss heals by taking them off you. try to avoid more than 1 beneficial effect skill on any particular monster

  • Very well done! But since they updated it, they don’t give Devilmons, Legendary and LD scrolls anymore. That’s too bad… Read the new notice about this. I know it sucks that they took away the one thing that drives people to do raids in the first place, but oh well…..

  • Nesrocks

    I don’t think there’s any strategy at all to world boss. Auto assign is the best way to go. Point being, chloe was my worst performer on my “team A” (main team, the team with the 20 monsters the auto assign function picked). But when I switched her with the best performer of “team B” she was the best performer on “team B” so that means that she was better than all the monsters on my “team B” which had a bunch of damage dealers and such. I think the game simply uses a calculation of the monster grade, level, awakening, runes grade, runes level, skill level ups and a little bit of randomness for the damage.

  • Nesrocks

    Raid strategy up to level 3:
    – raids are for level 40 players with good monsters. Don’t waste your energy if you’re too low leveled.
    – apply every debuff you can on the boss. All debuffs apply, except damage over time. Most important ones are unrecoverable, slow and attack debuff.
    – try not to buff yourself too much if you can’t apply unrecoverable. The boss will eat your buffs and heal A LOT.
    – use 5 tanks / healers and 1 damage dealer.
    – high defense monsters do great in the front line.
    – the monsters in the front line share damage, so 4 tanks in the front like are recommended.
    – contrary to last rule, don’t add weak defense monsters on the front line. It’s better to have 2 very good tanks in the front line than 2 good tanks and 2 not so good tanks.
    – tesarion or other “everyone gets resistance” leader skill is almost a need from level 3 and beyond.
    – you’re only going to unlock the next level if you do more than 30% damage, but I figured that level 2 is kind of good for farming already. Gather some friends and go.

    • Nesrocks

      Also the boss applies the debuff that prevents passives from working, so pay attention to that. Verdehile and veromos for example don’t work that well!

  • victor

    why in the world boss i can only use 12 monsters?

    • Dread

      The monsters you use have to be at least level 30 so 4star max 5star level 30 and such

  • nuaj

    what are the prerequisite to enter rift of worlds?

  • ws

    This article gives totally wrong information. “Damage” that is dealt to world boss only depends on your monsters level/stats/runes. Healers scales same as DPS in terms of ‘damage’ against world boss.

  • spatters

    Curious: how much total damage (by everyone) is needed by everyone to kill the world boss? I’m at 10,000k damage but only ranked in the 30% range

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