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2020 Anniversary Hall of Heroes [Ran – Dark Rakshasa]

2020 Anniversary Hall of Heroes [Ran – Dark Rakshasa]

ten! However, the next five choices are for another week, so in this case, we’re gonna be focusing on the first five chances – Smokey, Avaris, Imesety, Eva, and Ran. Today, we’re gonna be looking at the dark Rakshasa, Ran. I’ve run all the Hall of Heroes on five different accounts, so four out of five will be absolute nooblet teams. However, my main team is still the same. Before we begin, Hall of Heroes is a lot like Trial of Ascension, so that means you can use Trial of Ascension strategy and monsters (e.g. attack bar pushbacks, stuns and continuous damage are king). I strongly advise bringing your regular Trial of Ascension team. In my case, I’m using Baretta (L), Charlotte, Rica, Frigate, and Verad.

Stage 1

Stage 1 has officially begun! Here, we have three Yens (wind Rakshasas) and two Atenais (fire Undines). The Threat: Okay, so Yen actually has a wild passive. Her passive has a 20% chance to gain her another turn, and it increases another 20% for every time she doesn’t activate her passive. Basically, she will get 100% chance if she’s unlucky enough to not hit her passive for a while. Atenai just has a real good amount of heals, from her third skill Share Life, but apart from that, the real threat is definitely Yen. The Solution: YEN. Oh my god, I cannot stress this enough, try your best to take out all the Yens in the first turn, or in as little turns as you can. Remember her passive will basically guarantee her a turn at some point, so try and make sure she doesn’t get to that point.

Stage 2

Okay, we’ve still got 4 stages left, but you’re still doing good here! We have three Hwas (fire Rakshasas) and two Gildongs (water Taoists). The Threat: Oh, it’s definitely Hwa. Her passive skill decreases enemy’s attack bars, and has a 25% chance to hit again. So that means 50% attack bar reduction. Gildong, meanwhile, may only have defense break as his real defining trait, but it’ll still be a pain in the neck to deal with, especially in the higher stages where even Gildong could one-shot you. The Solution: Definitely go for Hwa first. Her attack bar decrease is not fun to deal with at all. Once she’s dead, though, you can safely work on taking out the Gildongs before you move on to Stage 3, the miniboss. Gildong isn’t too bad as long as you make sure that he stays stunned and never gets a turn. Hwa not only has attack bar decrease, but her damage is super good too, so make sure she never gets a turn either. (I say this because she one-shot my decently built Belladeon at B4.)

Stage 3

Alright, it’s miniboss time! The miniboss is one Giana (dark Oracle) and two Eredases (light Sylphs). The Threat: Oh, it’s definitely Giana for sure. Her third skill removes all buffs off of enemies, and she stuns everyone who’s had their buffs removed for 1 turn. Eredas isn’t that much of a threat, he just stuns and absorbs Attack Bar. But yeah, Giana is terrible to deal with. The Solution: There are two ways to deal with Stage 3. You can get rid of the lackeys, and then kill Giana, or you can just kill Giana straight-up. You don’t have to kill the lackeys in order to proceed in the floors, but it can help if the lackeys are bothering you.

Stage 4

Okay, we’re doing good! Here, we have three Sus (water Rakshasas) and two Cichlids (wind Mermaids). The Threat: Soooo, Su was actually my first non-Lapis 4-star that I got. In a way, I have a soft spot in my heart for her, even though she’s so… mediocre, now that I know what I know now. But either way, she actually has some really good single-target damage, and so does Cichlid, for that matter. The Solution: Definitely go for Cichlid first, because her third skill’s defense break is really painful. It’ll make Su’s third skill hurt even more if she lands a def break on someone. That doesn’t mean ignore Su either, though. Just make sure you kill both Cichlids though.

Stage 5

We only have one stage left before the boss time! Here, we have three Pangs (light Rakshasas) and two Berings (dark Kobold Bombers). The Threat: Well, there’s definitely a threat when it comes to Pang. Her passive, Cruel Whip, not only decreases the time of his buffs by a turn, but she also increases the time of debuff durations by a turn as well. It’s super fun when you’re not on the receiving end of it. Bering increases the cooltime of skills, and also silences for 2 turns as well. The Solution: Definitely go for Pang first, and then take out Bering. Bering isn’t that difficult to deal with, but if you let Pang attack any of your teammates, you’re probably gonna have a real bad time. Once all five of them are dead, you can safely move on to the final stage!

Stage 6

It’s boss time! Here, we have a Ran, and two other Rakshasas. However, the element of her lackeys are always different. The Threat: The threat’s always gonna be different, because the lackeys are always gonna be different. In this case, though, I’d say that Hwa is the biggest threat. The Solution: Definitely kill Hwa first if this is a higher stage. You can go to straight-up just killing Ran if you don’t want to get rid of the lackeys, and it’ll be fine. I hope you all enjoyed this article! Did you get a Ran, and if yes, how many copies did you get? I’ll be writing four more articles involving this round, and when the next round comes I’ll be prepping another five articles. I’m Sara Ann, and I’ll see you in the next article!  ]]>