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6 Monsters to Fuse Right Now (Number 3 Will Shock You!)

6 Monsters to Fuse Right Now (Number 3 Will Shock You!)

Veromos (Dark Ifrit) Yeah, you knew it was coming; might as well just get it out of the way real quick. Veromos is essential to the game; he’s in your first GB10 team, DB10 team, and is really helpful in Trial of Ascension. A cleanser, a Continuous Damage dealer, an AoE stunner, what’s not to love about him? When you first join the game, your biggest priority should be fusing Veromos. He’s pretty much the real MVP of early- and mid-game: an essential member in your GB10 team, DB10 team, ToA, possibly even as a Faimon farmer, and even more! After all, he is a Continuous Damage dealer, stunner and cleanser all in one! I’ve already detailed a lot more on Veromos in my series A Newbie’s Guide to Fusing Veromos, but a brief rundown is that your early-game runes for him should be Swift + Energy, mid-game Violent + Energy/Focus, and end-game Violent + Nemesis. The main stats should be SPD/HP%/HP%. I put him so low on the list because it’s pretty obvious that you should fuse Veromos: Everyone you talk to will tell you “FUSE VEROMOS.” before you do anything else. I didn’t want to put him any higher because then that would basically be cheating. Fusion Recipe: Mikene (Water Undine); Argen (Wind Vampire); Akia (Fire Succubus); Kumae (Dark Yeti)

Sigmarus (Water Phoenix)

This guy is an absolute hit in DB10. Not only does he have an AoE third skill that deals damage based off of the enemy’s max HP, it weakens attack power (super useful in all stages), and his second skill will freeze the enemy if he gets a Critical Hit! His main role in your DB10 team will be as a damage dealer. A good runeset for him would be Fatal + Blade with ATK%/CRIT DMG%/ATK%. Sigmarus needs a lot of CRIT Damage, but once you get him runed right, watch as the trash waves (e.g. the floors before the boss) simply fall at the mercy of your frozen chicken! Fusion Recipe: Arang (Wind Nine-Tailed Fox); Susano (Water Ninja); Jojo (Fire Joker); Mina (Water Martial Cat)

Baretta (Fire Sylph)

The king of Trial of Ascension himself! Trial of Ascension is all about attack bar manipulation and Continuous Damage, and Baretta takes care of both of those things! His second skill, Turbulence, will completely reset the attack bar of the chosen enemy! His third skill, Phoenix’s Fury, is even better: when awakened, will attack all enemies and put not one, but two Continuous Damage effects on them for two turns! While this isn’t very useful in boss stages, when Continuous Damage can’t be applied onto the bosses, when you rune him with Despair and Focus, he’ll be able to stun the enemies, too! Fusion Recipe: Fao (Fire Serpent), Mei (Fire Martial Cat), Lukan (Wind Salamander); Sharron (Water Magical Archer)

Mikene (Water Undine)

I have Platy and Eladriel; so I don’t have a use for Mikene. However, not all of us are lucky enough to have such good revivers, but luckily for you Mikene can be fused and is an actually decent reviver! Her third skill revives one chosen ally with 40% of their HP left; not to mention that her second skill, Aqua Frenzy, will heal the ally with the lowest HP by 15%. If she uses her third skill on herself, she’ll gain Soul Protection for 3 turns, which means if she dies with Soul Protection on, she’ll be revived with 40% HP. Swift and Energy would be a good rune build for her. SPD/HP%/HP% should be your main stats on your runes, and prioritize getting her as fast as possible – the faster she is, the quicker her cool time will decrease. When you get mid-game, you could also switch out her Swift runes for Violent runes. This way, if she gets an additional turn, it could be just enough for her revival skill to cool down. Overall I feel like Mikene is an overlooked monster that more people should be fusing. Fusion Recipe: Gruda (Water Bearman), Hemos (Water Grim Reaper), Cogma (Fire Imp); Anduril (Wind Inferno)

Harmonia (Fire Harp Magician)

So this one is one of the more recent fusion monsters; she and Kaz’s fusion recipe came with Jeanne, the light Paladin (Who I’m still salty about because sHE’S JUST AHMAN 2.0) You may be thinking “Why are you putting her on the list?” After all, Harmonia’s third skill, Unwanted Harmony, will sometimes lower the HP of one of your allies if they’re all at full HP. However, it’s the second skill that I really like: Healing Music. Harmonia will heal all allies by 20% of her max HP, and give them 1-turn Immunity on top of all that. In other words, she’s a budget Velajuel for those who don’t have a Velajuel. If you think about it, her third skill can also be considered a budget Chasun’s third skill. She’s also the only fusion monster that can provide Immunity, which is a great buff all around. If you do decide to build her, you should rune her with Violent + Energy, SPD/HP%/HP%. Her first two skills scale off of her speed and her Max HP, and the faster she is, the quicker she can provide Immunity. Fusion Recipe: Rebecca (Fire Mystic Witch); Aeilene (Wind Fairy); Dagora (Water Warbear); Kai’en (Fire Vagabond)

Arang (Wind Nine-Tailed Fox)

Waaah, so sparkly! Aside from Arang being frickin’ beautiful, she’s also pretty much a really good monster in GB10. While her first skill attacks three times (and therefore adds three more to the Giant’s counterattack counter), everything else is great. Not only does she have one of the highest base attacks of all monsters after being 6-starred and maxed out, her third skill, Sweet Talk, adds defense break, attack break and speed decrease all in one massive-damage attack. Her second skill, Soul Snatcher, can also recover damage she’s taken – not to mention if she’s at full HP after an attack; the excess HP recovery is converted into a 2-turn shield! A good rune build for her would be Fatal + Blade, with as much ATK% and CRIT DMG% that you can get your hands on. Late-game runes are the same, except you could swap Fatal for Rage. Fusion Recipe: Prilea (Wind Harpy); Kahli (Fire High Elemental); Hina (Wind Amazon); Konamiya (Water Garuda) While I could go on and on about all sorts of monsters that you should fuse, I feel that I should stop here. I hope you guys have enjoyed this article, as I certainly have. I’m Sara Ann, and I’ll see you in the next article!]]>