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A Newbie's Guide to Fusing Sigmarus – Part 3 (Arang)

A Newbie's Guide to Fusing Sigmarus – Part 3 (Arang)

Konamiya (Water Garuda) [caption id="attachment_11524" align="alignleft" width="100"] Awakened Icon (Outdated)[/caption] Konamiya is a two-star monster, which means that you can easily find him in Secret Dungeons, Social Summons, Unknown Summons, the Temple of Wishes, and in the Shop.

Acquiring Konamiya

Like literally all other two-stars I’ve talked about in my series for fusing Veromos/Sigmarus, the easiest way to get Konamiya is to just pop a few Unknown Scrolls and wait. Once again, I wouldn’t recommend using his Secret Dungeon, because the maximum pieces you can get (if you clear all ten stages) is 4 pieces. Konamiya needs 20 pieces to summon him, so therefore, you’ll burn up 25 Energy, and most likely waste time that you could use to get the other monsters needed.

Awakening Konamiya

2 MID Water Essences 15 Low Water Essences 15 Low Magic Essences

Author’s Opinion on Konamiya

Hey did you know that Konamiya is actually really really good? It’s true; his third skill (when awakened), Peace, cleanses all harmful and inability effects off of all allies, and then recovers their HP by 15%. He’s apparently great for the Rift of Worlds, because Khi’zar Kha’jul applies Oblivion – which blocks passives – on all monsters with one of his skills, more often than not rendering Veromos useless. However, the Rift of Worlds is end-game content, so just save a copy of Konamiya for later – or you could just summon one when the time comes. For now just four-star him and use him for the Arang fusion, because we’ll touch on the subject of the Rift of Worlds when I both get good enough and when you hit end-game.

Hina (Wind Amazon)

[caption id="attachment_13340" align="alignleft" width="100"] Awakened Icon[/caption] Hina, the wind Amazon, is a three-star monster. She can be found in Wind Scrolls, Unknown Scrolls, Mystical Scrolls, Social Summons, the Temple of Wishes, and the Guild Shop.

Acquiring Hina

The easiest way to get Hina is to buy her from the Guild Shop. As of late, the Guild Shop has gotten a lot cheaper. Back in my day, summoning pieces for fusion mons cost 200 points for every 10 pieces! Thankfully, nowadays, it’s only 100 points every 10 pieces.

Awakening Hina

15 MID Wind Essences 10 Low Wind Essences 10 MID Magic Essences 5 Low Magic Essences

Author’s Opinion on Hina

Eh. Hina’s actually not that good. Her third skill has her attacking random enemies, and has a 50% chance to Silence them for 1 turn. Natalie, the light Assassin, is already better than her (although to be fair, Natalie is a four star light monster). Her light sister, Lyn, is way better than her. This is because all three skills deal damage based off of the enemy’s Max HP, instead of Hina’s first two skills and her third apparently dealing damage based off of her speed or something? I checked her stats on the Summoner’s War Wikia and the formula for calculating her damage on her third skill has speed in the mix. Nevertheless, you should just use her as Lyn skillups or to fuse Arang – which is what we’re doing right now.

Prilea (Wind Harpy)

[caption id="attachment_11587" align="alignleft" width="100"] Awakened Icon[/caption] I’m so sorry. You’ve gotten to Prilea, who took me days on end to acquire. She is a three star monster can be found in Kabir Ruins, Unknown Scrolls, Wind Scrolls, the Temple of Wishes, Mystical Scrolls and Social Summons.

Acquiring Prilea

It pains me to say this, but the best way to get a Prilea is to farm Kabir Ruins and hope that RNG is in a good mood that day so that maybe, just maybe, you would get Prilea. I would recommend farming Stage 7 (Hell). I looked on SWarFarm, and that’s got the highest chance of dropping the wind Harpy – a grand total of a 5.2% chance, so when you do get her, rejoice. No, I will not judge you if you shout “HALLELUJAH” upon seeing your quest for Prilea is finally complete; I did that myself. If you can’t solo the Shimitae and Acasis boss yet, farm B4 and B1. They have the second highest percentage of dropping a three star monster, at 4.1%.

Awakening Prilea

15 MID Wind Essences 10 Low Wind Essences 10 MID Magic Essences 5 Low Magic Essences

Author’s Opinion on Prilea

Surprisingly, Prilea isn’t all that good. You would think, since she’s so difficult to acquire, that she would be one of the better natural 3 stars out there, but no. Her base attack is on the lower side (736 when six-starred, awakened, and maxed out), for one thing. Her third skill, “Boar Hunt,” would at first seem pretty good; after all, it decreases the enemy’s defense for 2 turns and stuns them too, but remember that Boar Hunt only single-target. But then again, beggars can’t be choosers; she is a natural 3 star after all. Just use her to fuse Arang, and we’ll be golden.

Kahli (Fire High Elemental)

[caption id="attachment_16847" align="alignleft" width="100"] Awakened Icon[/caption] Kahli is the second most problematic monster for the Arang fusion, next to Prilea. She’s a three star monster, and you can find her in Vrofagus Remains, Mystical Scrolls, Fire Scrolls, Unknown Scrolls, Social Summons, and the Temple of Wishes.

Acquiring Kahli

Like Prilea, Kahli is also going to be difficult as all get out to obtain. She can only be farmed from Vrofagus Remains, like Garoche, whom you worked hard to acquire in the previous part. Just keep on farming Vrofagus until you get lucky enough that a copy of her drops somewhere. Then, you must mentally rejoice because it feels really good, after farming for days on end, to get the monster you need.

Awakening Kahli

15 MID Fire Essences 10 Low Fire Essences 10 MID Magic Essences 5 Low Magic Essences

Author’s Opinion on Kahli

Kahli is an end-game mon. She’s best used as a single-target fire nuker in the arena, due to her third skill, God of Fire, giving her Invincibility for one turn while speeding up her allies and increasing their attack power for two turns. Her second skill is also Tectonic Shift, which ignores the energy’s defense. Overall I can’t see a use for her anywhere else, so wait until you’ve hit end-game before you build one that’s not to be used for the Arang fusion.

Arang (Wind Nine-Tailed Fox)

[caption id="attachment_14237" align="alignleft" width="100"] Awakened Icon[/caption] It’s time to fuse! Arang may be the best of the four monsters that you need for Sigmarus fusion; but we’ll talk about her usability as a standalone monster later. In the meantime, take out all four monsters you’ve collected during this article. Make sure they’re all four-starred before you awaken them, and also be sure to have 100,000 mana on hand when fusing Arang.

Awakening Arang

10 High Wind Essences 20 MID Wind Essences 5 High Magic Essences 15 MID Magic Essences Including Arang, these are all the essences you need to awaken all the monsters here: 10 High Wind Essences 50 MID Wind Essences 5 High Magic Essences 2 MID Water Essences 15 Low Water Essences 15 MID Fire Essences 10 Low Fire Essences 45 MID Magic Essences 30 Low Magic Essences

Author’s Opinion on Arang

Arang is actually a really good monster. She has the fifth highest base attack in the game (as I’ve mentioned about a million times by now); at a whopping 948 when six-starred, awakened and maxed out. This automatically means that you can give her a lot of attack power without even trying, making her great for a single-target nuker role. Her second skill is Soul Snatcher. This attack will deal massive damage, healing Arang based on the damage she dealt; the excess damage converted into a 2-turn shield. Her main selling point, however, is Sweet Talk, her third skill. It’s a huge single-target attack, which decreases the enemy’s defense, attack power, and attack speed. I can definitely see a use for her in Raids, GB10 and the Arena. The only downside to her is that her first skill hits three times; which, in GB10, would cause the giant to counterattack against her more often. For now, you can take out the other three monsters you’ve saved up, five-star them, and start leveling, because in the next part we’re going straight to Sigmarus and your DB10 team!]]>