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A Newbie's Guide to Fusing Veromos: Part 4 (Akia)

A Newbie's Guide to Fusing Veromos: Part 4 (Akia)

Kumae, Mikene and Argen are patiently waiting in storage, waiting to be awakened, five-starred and maxed out, where they’ll be sacrificed for the ultimate monster all beginners should have; Veromos the dark Ifrit. “What are they all waiting for?” You may ask yourself. They’re a friend group, waiting for the last friend to be fused and to join them, where they’ll become one with each forever; their bonds inseparable. Enough with the dramatic beginnings – all you need now is Akia, the fire Succubus! I apologize if this article sounds like it was written in a rush; I just got a huge surge of inspiration for my book and now that I’ve written, like, two chapters’ worth, I wanted to finish this series. Today, we’ll be starting with…

Nangrim (Fire Beast Hunter)

[caption id="attachment_1850" align="alignleft" width="100"] Awakened Icon[/caption] For the longest time, it was impossible to get this guy, except for in Fire Scrolls, Mystical Scrolls, Crystal Summons, rarely from Unknown Scrolls and rarely from Social Summons. Nangrim, the fire Beast Hunter, didn’t always have a secret dungeon, so the only way to get him was from summoning. Thankfully, as of late (as I don’t know when he got a Secret Dungeon) there’s a much easier way to acquire him, and that is, of course, his Secret Dungeon. Farm 40 pieces of his secret dungeon when it’s Tuesday, otherwise known as fire day. While you’re at it, you can also get his awakening essences, but save it for when you’re about to fuse Akia: 15 MID Fire Essences 10 Low Fire Essences 10 MID Magic Essences 5 Low Magic Essences The best place to get MID Essences of any kind is B6 of the Elemental/Magic Halls. I’m pointing this out real quick because people have been complaining about how impossible it is to get MID Essences. If you don’t believe me, SWarFarm has my back; proving that B6 has the highest drop rate of MID Essences. Of course, High and Low Essences are a different topic, but MIDs are the ones that people complain about the most. To max him out, you’ll be doing plenty of runs at Faimon Volcano. Four-star him, max him out again, and put him in storage. Speaking of Faimon Volcano…

Krakdon (Fire Salamander)

[caption id="attachment_12885" align="alignleft" width="100"] Awakened Icon[/caption] Oh dear; it’s time to acquire Krakdon, the fire Salamander who can only be found in Mystical Scrolls, Fire Scrolls, (rarely) Unknown Scrolls and Social Summons, and scenarios; more specifically, Faimon Volcano. Let me tell you; after I spent over a month in Kabir Ruins trying to find a Prilea for my Sigmarus fusion, I can no longer say it’s easy to find three-star monsters from scenarios. Expect to take about two weeks or more to find Krakdon from Faimon Volcano (which you can do while grinding up your other material needed to fuse Veromos, as Faimon is considered the number one place to farm for experience) When you do find him, though, you should give him these essences to be awakened when you’re ready to fuse Akia: 20 Low Fire Essences 2 MID Magic Essences 10 Low Magic Essences To level him up, take him and a strong rep to Faimon Volcano (Hell, preferably) and then let the rep clear the stage. He’ll get 7800 EXP if not on an EXP booster. Repeat this with other friend reps until your Krakdon is maxed out. Four star him, max him out again, and then put him storage, where we’ll have to wait until water day if we want to get the next piece of Akia.

Ramira (Water Harpy)

[caption id="attachment_11589" align="alignleft" width="100"] Awakened Icon[/caption]

For a second, I almost typed Prilea instead of Ramira; as I’ve been fusing Sigmarus, and Prilea is an essential part of fusing the frozen box of chicken nuggets. This isn’t about her, though, but instead her sister, Ramira; the water Harpy.

You can get her from Unknown Scrolls, Social Summons, Mystical Scrolls, Water Scrolls, and her Secret Dungeon. We’ll be focusing on her secret dungeon for this article. You’ll need to farm 40 pieces, as she’s a three-star monster. When you clear Stage 10, you’re automatically be rewarded with 4 pieces, so if you can clear up to Stage 10, well then go and do that, as you’ll only need to clear it ten times if that’s the case. Awakening her, which should be saved until you’re ready to fuse Akia, will take these essences (which you can easily get, because it’s water day, I’m hoping): 15 MID Water Essences 10 Low Water Essences 10 MID Magic Essences 5 Low Magic Essences Put her aside when she’s four-starred and maxed out, because you can now finally focus on the last piece of the Akia puzzle…

Seal (Wind Harpu)

[caption id="attachment_11454" align="alignleft" width="100"] Awakened Icon (Note: Outdated)[/caption] Seal, the wind Harpu, might be the easiest monster to acquire when fusing Akia. Due to being a two-star monster, she can be found in Unknown Scrolls, Social Summons, the Magic Shop, and also from Secret Dungeons. Like literally every other two-star I’ve mentioned in this series, it’ll be incredibly easy to get her. If you do decide to find her secret dungeon, you’ll only need 20 pieces, instead of the three-stars, who need four pieces, and so on and so forth. These essences are needed in her awakening: 5 MID Wind Essences 15 Low Wind Essences 5 MID Magic Essences 10 Low Magic Essences Four-starring and maxing her out should be easy by now; you’ve been doing it quite a bit on your quest for Veromos. If you don’t remember, go to Faimon Volcano (Hell) and take a strong friend’s rep to clear the stage. Seal, without any EXP booster, will gain 7800 EXP. You can take out the other three monsters you’ve been getting in this part, because now it’s time!

Akia (Fire Succubus)

[caption id="attachment_13897" align="alignleft" width="100"] Awakened Icon[/caption] Your progress to Veromos is almost complete! All you have to do now is fuse Akia, take Kumae, Mikene and Argen out of storage and then you can start the grind for evolving them all to five stars and then getting them to max level before getting all the mana needed to fuse Veromos, and then and only then you can awaken them before you fuse Veromos, isn’t that fantastic? Used in fusion for both Veromos and Xiong Fei (but don’t worry about the latter until you’re a lot later in the game), Akia is the fire Succubus, and is most commonly used as fusion material and skillups for her apparently far superior sisters, Aria and Izaria. As of her buff, she’s actually become fairly useful, as she can attack all enemies that are under sleep without waking them up. Paired with Sonnet/Hathor/Tetra/HER FIRST SKILL, she’s actually okay. However, I’m not going to dwell on that, unlike the last two fusions that we’ve talked about, because I have no insight on this topic for once. Fuse Akia after you gather up all your material and then awaken said material. Awakening her will take these essences (which needs to be saved until you’re finally ready to fuse Veromos): 10 High Fire Essences 20 MID Fire Essences 5 High Magic Essences 15 MID Magic Essences These are all the essences you’d need to awaken all of your Akia fusion, including Akia herself: 10 High Fire Essences 35 MID Fire Essences 5 MID Wind Essences 15 Low Wind Essences 15 MID Water Essences 10 Low Water Essences 5 High Magic Essences 47 MID Magic Essences 30 Low Magic Essences Now that you’ve got that out of the way, the two-week-or-longer grind to max out your monsters shall begin! Take out Kumae, Argen and Mikene out of storage, because now it’s time to five-star them! Max them all out one-by-one, and then, when they’re all five-starred and maxed out, you need to make sure that you have 500,000 mana. Acquire that, awaken them, and then fuse Veromos! You did it! Pat yourself on the back, because you deserve it, but you’re not done just yet! Tune in for the final part to figure out how to rune your new dark Ifrit!]]>