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A Newbie's Guide to Fusing Xiong Fei – Prologue (Geoffrey)

A Newbie's Guide to Fusing Xiong Fei – Prologue (Geoffrey)

Fusing him will be even more difficult than fusing Sigmarus. Not every monster can be farmable from Secret Dungeons, and some can only be acquired from the scenarios. We’re going to begin with the monster that’s the easiest to acquire. He doesn’t need to be fused because you can already get him from Secret Dungeons. I’m talking about…

Geoffrey (Fire Viking)

Acquiring Geoffrey

Geoffrey is a three-star monster, who can be acquired from Secret Dungeons. Because he’s a fire monster, you can usually acquire him on Tuesdays; when the fire dungeon opens. This would also be a good time to get the essences that Geoffrey needs to be awakened, but don’t awaken him just yet. Geoffrey will need 40 pieces in order to summon him. The pattern for the amount of monster pieces needed to summon a particular monster is: 10 pieces for a 1-star monster (only available through special events), 20 pieces for a 2-star monster, 40 for a 3-star, 50 for a 4-star, and 100 for a five star (the only five-star monster you can get through monster pieces are the Ifrits, in Guild Shop) For his secret dungeon, I haven’t got much advice, except bring many water monsters. An AoE nuker, like Sigmarus, would work best – Sigmarus especially. Not only does have an AoE freeze, attack bar decrease, damage that scales off of the enemy’s max HP, but he’s fusable!

Awakening Geoffrey

To awaken Geoffrey, you’ll need these essences: 5 MID Fire Essences 15 Low Fire Essences 5 MID Magic Essences 10 Low Magic Essences

Author’s Opinion on Geoffrey

I don’t think Geoffrey would be a monster that you would want to keep around. He does have an interesting passive, though. Said passive will have him recover HP by 30% of the inflicted damage on an enemy, before he then steals a beneficial effect off of the enemy he attacks. “Well, that makes him good in DB10!” you say. “That is true,” I respond with, “but he can and will quickly be replaced with Chilling in said DB10 team.” It’s true; though Geoffrey’s passive is interesting, it’s not unique to only him. Chilling, the water Jack-o-Lantern will steal a beneficial effect from the enemy he attacks, and his attack speed is increased according to the amount of beneficial effects on him. In other words, I would only recommend getting a Geoffrey to fuse Xiong Fei with. If you want a buff stealer like him, then wait for Chilling! Trust me, he’s way better in DB10 than Geoffrey would be. I recommend maxing him out up to four-stars, but don’t awaken him just yet! In the next part, I’ll be talking about Akia – yes, the fire Succubus, the very fire Succubus needed to fuse Veromos! Curious? You’ll just have to wait for part 2! I’m Sara Ann, and I’ll see you in the next article!]]>