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Welcome to SWinfo, the best database and guide site for Summoners War!

We’re here to help you with all the tips, tricks, and info you need for Summoners War. Whether you’re a veteran Summoner or just getting started, we’ve got your back.

What We Offer

Monster Database: Check out our massive database of every monster in the game. We’ve got their stats, skills, and the best rune recommendations to make them unstoppable.

Guides and Articles: Dive into our great guides and articles. From newbie tips to news, tier lists and everything you need to know about Summoners War, we cover it all.

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At SWinfo, we’re all about keeping it real and up-to-date. Our team of passionate Summoners War players is always updating the site with the latest info. We want to make sure that you’re always getting the latest information!

Thanks for stopping by SWinfo. Let’s summon some epic Nat 5-Stars!

SWinfo Team


Editor-in-chief & Writer

Lenny is playing Summoners War since 2019 and streamed his journey live on stream from day one. He got a lot of help from the community and is playing every single day ever since. He pulled three LD Nat 5: Julianne, the Light Vampire; Qitian Dasheng, the Light Monkey King; Dark Triss from the Witcher Collaboration.

His favorite SW content is Siege (G2/G3) and RTA (C3/P).

Discord Tag: CoffeeLenny

Instagram: @coffeelenny_sw

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Senior Editor & Writer

Psy is playing Summoners War since 2020 after Lenny and the community convinced her to play this game. Now she logs in every single day and enjoying the game. She pulled five LD Nat 5: Akroma, the Light Valkyrie; Qitian Dasheng, the Light Monkey King; Mi Ying, the Dark Panda Warrior; Woonsa, the Dark Pioneer and Kovarci, the Light Puppeteer.

Her favorite content is Siege (G2/G3).

Discord Tag: Psyuania

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