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Clearing Giants B10 F2P Guide[Updated] – All Farmable Monsters

Clearing Giants B10 F2P Guide[Updated] – All Farmable Monsters

Clearing Giants B10 F2P Guide You actually can use your regular team to fight!!! As a free to play player, you will have to make do with what you have.

Free to Play Options[Requires all 6 stars]

Below is what you need: Wind Pixie(Shannon)  Wind Griffon(Bernard) Dark Ifrit(Veromos) Light Inugami(Belladeon) Water Phoenix(Sigmarius) They all need to be 6 stars to make it viable to clear it successfully all the time. Obviously, the team can be tweaked once you have good natural 4-5 star monsters.

Team Composition Breakdown

Bernard – His second skill provides the attack and defense debuff, which is vital in in decreasing the attack damage done to you by the giant. His 3rd skill is a speed buff that will help you clear the stages quicker with a good damage monster. Shannon – Her third skill provides 3 turn attack and defense buff, allowing you to survive the giant attack with Bernard’s attack debuff. She is squishy though, so she will need hp% runes or substats to survive. Belladeon – The ability to seize the attack buff of the giant + AoE heal is vital to your success. She is a must have in any team. Veromos – With the new fusable natural 5 star monster in the fusion hexagram, Veromos helps cleanse the defense debuff and provides continuous damage. A must have for new players. Sigmarius – The water phoenix provides the important 44% HP increase, making your allies tanky and also allow them to survive Giant hits.

Other Options

Darion or Acasis – Both provide damage reduction, with Darion giving 15% damage reduction to allies while Acasis gives shield + reduce critical damage for 3 turns. Acasis has heal as well, making her ideal. Ahman – The constant heals is needed. Make sure he has 100% crit and max out his hp% runes after. Megan[Not Farmable] – Megan can apply continuous damage on the first skill. She can also prevent the towers from giving the Giant buffs. Plus with her, you will have an extra cushion of not messing up Giant 7 turn counter should you forget to buff sometimes. Dagorr – His second skill removes a debuff, which will effectively take away the giant’s defense debuff. He can reduce attack bar, making the towers a lot slower. He is situational, so I would only recommend him if you can’t find anyone else. His leader skill also improves wind monster’s defense by 30%, which works well with the rest of the team. In case you were wondering how to get these monsters, here are the details: Ahman – Hall of Light Secret Dungeon(Sunday) Darion – Hall of Light Secret Dungeon(Sunday) Bernard – Tamor Desert Shannon – Hall of Wind Secret Dungeon(Thursday) Veromos – Fusion Hexagram Sigmarius – Fusion Hexagram

Other Monster Choices for the 5th slot(Not F2P)

Wind Ninja(Orochi) – 1st and 3rd skill gives continuous damage. Wind Joker(Lushen) – This guy makes life easy for you during the stage and clears much faster. Ignore damage is too good. Wind Sylph(Shimitae) – Your damage dealer with the 3rd skill slowing the giant. Can give glancing hits as well with the second skill. Wind Sylphid(Acasis) – If you missed the Hall of Heroes. I will not include 5 stars since the odds of getting one is too low. Of course, feel free to comment below for additional choices. :)]]>