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Chandra [Water Beast Monk] Review – Good or Bad?

Chandra [Water Beast Monk] Review – Good or Bad?

Natural Star Grade: 5★ Beast Monk Water Chandra Water Leader Skill: Increases the Defense of ally monsters in the Dungeons by 44% Awakened Bonus: Crushing Blow(Strengthened) Offers: Damage Prevention Buff, Single-Target Speed Buff, Crowd Control Auto Attack Useful for: Cairos Dungeon, ToA Normal/Hard, Arena, Real-Time Arena & Guild Wars Runes Early Game: 3x Energy(Hp%/Hp%/Hp%) or Swift/Revenge(Hp%/Hp%/Hp%) End Game Violent/Blade – (Hp%/Crit D%/Hp%)– DPS Build • Aim for +23000-27000 HP, 85% Crit. Rate, 150% Crit. Damage, +40 Speed Violent/Revenge(Spd/Hp%/Hp%) – Support Build • Aim for +27000-32000 HP, 70% Crit. Rate, 40% accuracy +40-100 Speed Substat Priority: The substat priority depends on how you plan to build Chandra. DPS Build: Crit. Rate → Crit. Damage → Speed → HP Support Build: SPEED → HP → Crit. Rate → Accuracy → DEF [easytable]Pros, Cons [Defend] Damage Prevention Buff, [Defend] Damage Prevention buff is single target; can be blocked/removed by opponent Great Base, [Defend] AI will apply this skill on a unit with 100% health Can be effective with either an offensive or support build., [Defend] Damage Prevention buff does not protect ally against Continuous Damage (Dots) [Trick of Water] AoE Slow – Good for Cairos Dungeon & ToA, No Self-Heal like Chandra’s Wind/Fire counterparts [Crushing Blow] Crowd Control ability on Auto-Attack; will work with revenge set., [/easytable]


Chandra is one of the few bruisers in the game today that can manipulate speed for himself [Crushing Blow] as well as the opponent [Trick of Water]. Early Game: Swift/Energy(Revenge) The good thing about summoning Chandra early is the recommended rune builds are easily obtainable. The Energy runes are obtained from Garen Forest and the Swift Runes are obtained from Mt. White Ragon. One of the biggest struggles progressing through the game is dealing with stages that have multiple units of the same element focusing down an ally that is weak against the enemy. Chandra’s 2nd skill [Defend] will protect the ally giving you a higher chance of completing the stage. As you progress through cairos dungeon, you will be able to take advantage of Chandra’s leader skill. Chandra’s leader skill (44% Defense) can be stacked with another support unit that can provide a defense buff. Chandra’s 3rd skill [Trick of Water] is the perfect skill for Boss stages; this skill will allow you to get more turns per round which in turn means a higher chance of completing the stage. End Game: Violent/(Revenge/Will/Energy/Blade) PVE The violent set is the ideal primary set for PVE as you move through the mid-to-late stages of the game. The potential to reduce cooldown times on Chandra’s 2nd and 3rd skill makes ToA much less of a challenge when paired with the right party. I would focus on a nice violent set with either energy of blade as a subset to hit your HP or Crit. Rate recommendations. You may find that going triple HP to push Chandra over 50k is a better option for you as a support unit. Having a higher HP pool is very beneficial for situations where you count on Defend to get past a ToA/H mono-element stages. PVP As you making your way into mid-to-late game PVP, I would recommend either using a will or revenge subset. The revenge set is amazing for Chandra since his first skill [Crushing Blow] has the chance to stun the opponent as well as give Chandra a speed buff. That being said, building Chandra to move fast and hit hard is not realistic until end game. If you find yourself using Chandra in composition that will not get the first turn in PVP, will is a great option. If you have a unit that can provide first-turn immunity for your party – revenge is a great option. The damage multipliers for Chandra are pretty decent considering he is a water tank; don’t be afraid to run a triple HP if the substats on those runes give you better overall stats. In addition, if you do plan on playing around with Chandra on defense, you can set a trap for your opponent that uses copper teams or other types of teams that ignore defense.

Team Combos

Arena Offense Veromos(L), Chandra, Briand, Bella: HP Leader skill, 2 forms of CC (3 if briand is equipped with despair), Cleanse, Attack break, Heal Block, Revive Defense break, buff removal, Attack bar manipulation. Guild Wars Offense Veromos(L), Chandra, Bella: HP Leader skill, 2 forms of CC, Cleanse, Defense break, buff removal, Attack bar manipulation. Jultan(L), Chandra Chloe: 2 forms of CC, 2 forms of Damage prevention, Defense break, Heal block. *- The AI of Chandra’s second skill [Defend] is not good. Chandra has been known to prevent damage on an enemy on a unit that is at 100% health; therefore, I don’t recommend using Chandra on defense unless you are in the late stages of the game with end-game runes.]]>