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December Hall of Heroes [Deva – Light Chakram Dancer]: Tips and Tricks

December Hall of Heroes [Deva – Light Chakram Dancer]: Tips and Tricks
On Wednesday, December the 11th, 2018, the Light Chakram Dancer (Deva) Hall of Heroes was announced. Some people say that Deva is the worst of the Chakram Dancers, but if you ask me I think she has her uses, and certainly isn’t a bad Hall of Heroes. (Remember that we could have gotten a Lucas HoH…)

Before we begin, Hall of Heroes is a lot like Trial of Ascension, so that means you can use Trial of Ascension strategy and monsters(e.g. attack bar pushbacks, stuns and continuous damage are king). I strongly advise bringing your regular Trial of Ascension team. In my case, I’m using Baretta (L), Frigate, Shaina, Maruna, and Charlotte. Let’s cut the chatter and get on with it!

Fun fact: This month officially marks the 1-year anniversary of me doing these Hall of Heroes articles!

Is Deva Usable?

The general consensus on her…kinda varies. Some say that she’s a really good Chakram, and others (as I mentioned) say she’s one of the worst. Let’s go into her skillset real quick. She has the second skill Chakram Crush, which attacks all enemies twice and has a 30% chance to stun them.

Her passive skill, however, is what everyone’s using to judge her as good or bad. Golden Opportunity means she has a 25% chance to ignore defense is the enemy she’s attacking is under inability effects (e.g.sleep, stun and freeze). I can see why people would think that she sucks – I mean, 75% of the time she does nothing, and you can’t use her in dungeons because the boss can’t be stunned.

However, I can definitely see some use for her in the Trial of Ascension. Pair her up with the fire Boomerang Warrior Maruna (aka the stun girl of the Boomerang Warriors) and she can do a lot of damage. I’m totally gonna build a Deva when I get my hands on her and test her out in ToA.

Rune Recommendations: Despair/Violent + Blade/Focus; SPD/CRIT DMG%/ATK%

Stage 1

Oh boy, we’re starting out with a really hard first stage. They’ve paired up the two best twins together.

In this stage, we have three Shainas (fire Chakram Dancers) and two Sabrinas (water Boomerang Warriors)

The Threat: Holy poo I think everyone’s a threat here. I’m not even kidding, everyone could kill you if you even let one of them get a turn.

Remember when I wrote first-look articles on the ChakBooms? In those articles, I said that Sabrina looked like the weakest of the Boomerang Warriors. I was wrong. So very wrong. When you pair up Shaina and Sabrina together, they become seriously OP nukers. Like, they don’t even need attack buffs to kill stuff.

Shaina’s passive Precision has a chance to leave Defense Break for for one turn on each enemy she attacks and decreases their attack bars by 15% per hit if they have harmful effects on them. This is also shared with her sister if she attacks with a Boomerang Warrior.

Now, Sabrina is where most of the damage is coming from. She’s got a passive called Female Warrior, and she’ll receive 35% less damage from enemies granted with beneficial effects. At the same time, though, she’ll inflict 35% more damage if the enemy she attacks has no beneficial effects on them. Any Chakram Dancer in the same team will be granted the same effect.

As we all know, the twins can already nuke as is, but when you pair them up with Sabrina…

…Well, it’s no wonder why she’s so popular.

The Solution: I’m not sure who exactly you would want to kill first, but definitely stun everybody. Make sure no one, and I mean no one, gets a turn. All it takes is one turn for someone to die.

I’d probably go for killing Sabrina first. While Shaina is more about defense breaks and crowd control, Sabrina is all about them nukes. And you really don’t wanna get nuked first round.

Stage 2

Okay, here we go; we’re out of that stage, and it should only get easier from here. Right…?

In this stage, we have three Talias (water Chakram Dancers) and two Briands (wind Death Knights)

The Threat: If we’re talking just straight-up damage, I’d say Talia would be a big threat. Her third skill Deadly Dance will attack an enemy twice, and the damage seriously increases if the enemy she’s attacking has less than 50% HP at the moment of attack.

Briand, however, has the power to revive an ally and then even out the HP between his teammates. That means he’ll revive a dead ally at 1 HP, and if he’s at 70% HP and everyone else is around 30% HP, he’ll even out their HP so that they’re all around…let’s say 50%.

The Solution: Usually, I like to kill the Briands or any other reviver when I’m facing off against revivers. So that’s what I would recommend doing; killing Briand first. Talia should be stunned while you’re killing off the Briands, and then when both revivers are dead, you kill Talia.

 At the very least, bring an attack breaker. This way, if you’re lucky and she doesn’t use Spirit Focus (which cleanses herself), then at least she wouldn’t deal too much damage.

Stage 3

Uh-oh. We’ve got a pretty big threat here. Here, we are facing off against Isis (light Desert Queen) and two Montes (dark Dice Magicians)

The Threat: Isis is kind of a major deal here. She’s one of the only three monsters in the game who can inflict Oblivion on enemies, with her third skill “Gaze of Oblivion” I’m about to make this even more terrifying for you: her third skill is AoE Oblivion, and it applies AoE Silence as well. That means your Frigate can’t use Full Speed Ahead, Veromos can’t cleanse the harmful effects, you name it.

If one or more of the Silence/Oblivions have been inflicted on you, that leaves you more open for attacks from the Montes. See, Monte is another one of those RNG-based monsters, especially with his third skill Destiny Dice. He rolls 2 dice to redistribute the HP ratio of the enemy, according to the smaller number that he gets on the dice. That means sometimes your 100% HP Baretta can go down to 40% HP in an instant.

Other times, though, the results are friggin hilarious. Monte can actually heal the enemy sometimes if you’re lucky (or unlucky, depends on which side he’s on) It’s lowkey amazing to watch when that happens.

The Solution: Monte isn’t that big of a threat as long as you keep him stunned. Thankfully, he can’t Vio proc out of anything if he doesn’t get a turn first, so you could easily just stun both Montes and then chip away at Isis’s HP. Whatever you do, do not let Isis get a turn. You could seriously screw up your team if you do.

Stage 4

This time, we have three Melissas (wind Chakram Dancers) two Smokey the Bears (fire Jack-o-Lanterns)

The Threat: Melissa is another nuker, though she’s one that most people don’t understand the potential of. Melissa’s third skill Massacre Dance attacks an enemy twice,ignoring all damage reduction effects (like Invincibility) and increases damage by 10% according to the number of effects in general – beneficial AND harmful – granted on the target.

Smokey actually goes quite nicely with Melissa. His thirds kill Fire Starter attacks all enemies twice, and each attack has a 50% chance to decrease the target’s attack power and block any heals. These count as harmful effects, meaning they add up for Melissa’s third skill.

The Solution: Kill Smokey first. He’s annoying and I hate him. Make sure to keep all the Melissas stunned while you kill him, though. You don’t want to realize too late that Smokey somehow got a turn, used Fire Starter, and then Melissa immediately follows it up with Deadly Dance.

Stage 5

Oh no, it’s another twins stage. Here we have three Belitas (dark Chakram Dancer) and two Zenobias (wind Boomerang Warriors)

The Threat: I’d probably say Zenobia is a big threat, solely because it’s possible for her to inflict, like, 3-turn stuns on people. Zenobia’s third skill Vacuum Boomerang attacks an enemy, stuns them for one turn, and then increases the duration of all harmful effects by 1 turn, and any Chakram Dancer who attacks during this third skill will inflict the extension as well.

Belita, on the other hand, is all about them DoTs. Her third skill, Moonlight Blow, attacks an enemy and replaces all their beneficial effects with Continuous Damage. On top of that, she’ll decrease the enemy’s HP by 5% for each Continuous Damage effect they have on them.

The Solution: I’d go for killing Zenobia first, and then Belita. I mean, yeah, Belita brings DoTs, but Zenobia can extend the duration of those DoTs, which you really don’t want.

Stage 6

I think we all know what I’m gonna say here. If not, “this stage has the most variety because the element of her lackeys change per stage” In this example, though, we have one Deva, a Shaina and a Talia.

The Threat: In this example, the biggest threat here would be Shaina, because of how ridiculous her passive is. Talia would be a nuker to worry about, and Deva can ignore defense, but it’s probably not going to happen unless someone’s been stunned.

The Solution: In this case, I would kill Shaina, stun Talia, and then kill Deva. Despite what you would think, this Hall of Heroes is actually pretty easy. I’ve already managed to get up to floor 9, when the highest I can usually go up to is floor 8 or something. I hope you all farm either a new toy or Shaina skillups,depending on what your priorities are.

I’m Sara Ann, and I’ll see you in the next article!