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December Hall of Heroes [Zenobia – Wind Boomerang Warrior]

December Hall of Heroes [Zenobia – Wind Boomerang Warrior]

th, 2019, the Zenobia (Wind Boomerang Warrior) Hall of Heroes was announced. Today, on Friday, Version 5.2.1 dropped. Not only do we have the Zenobia HoH, but we also have the new nat5 family, the Beast Riders! I’m still working on my first look article for them, so that should come out sometime this weekend. But for now, let’s talk about Zenobia. Before we begin, Hall of Heroes is a lot like Trial of Ascension, so that means you can use Trial of Ascension strategy and monsters (e.g. attack bar pushbacks, stuns and continuous damage are king). I strongly advise bringing your regular Trial of Ascension team. In my case, I’m using Baretta (L), my water Homunculus Kaneki (Ice Mist path), Verad, Frigate, and Charlotte, because Shaina got nerfed hard and I am now unable to use her in ToAH. Let’s cut the chatter and get on with it!

Is Zenobia Usable?

All the Boomerang Warriors are, at the very least, usable. That doesn’t mean they’re all something dummy OP and ready to take on G3 meta with their Chakram Dancer sister, laughing away. Zenobia falls more on the scale of “usable” than “wow, so good.” She’s actually the only elemental Boomerang Warrior I didn’t have prior to this HoH getting released, so I’m curious to mess around with her for a bit. She’s mainly known for her third skill Vacuum Boomerang. She attacks one enemy, stuns them, and then elongates any harmful effects they may have on them. The Chakram Dancer she pulls along with her will also elongate harmful effects – meaning that one-turn DoT could become a four-turn DoT if you’re not careful and/or don’t have Immunity on you. Trust me, I’ve had my Charlotte stunned for, like, 3 turns once.

Stage 1

Stage 1 has begun! Here, we have started off with three Sabrinas (water Boomerang Warriors) and two Melissas (wind Chakram Dancers) The Threat: Sabrina. I actually hate fighting against Sabrina, especially in my HoH. Her passive, Female Warrior, is the only ChakBoom passive that activates on turns not hers. Female Warrior will make her receive 20% less damage on enemies with beneficial effects, and she’ll deal 20% more damage on enemies with no beneficial effects, and her Chakram Dancer she attacks with is granted the same effect. Melissa does some damage and ignore damage reduction effects, and that’s about it. Look, I’m really tired right now, okay? The Solution: Take out the Sabrinas first. She does a bunch of damage reduction and more damage in general, and it’s not fun to get instantly one-shotted by both Sabrina and Melissa.

Stage 2

For some reason, I had a really hard time taking the screenshot for this stage. I tried at least ten times, and it refused to take the screenshot. Do you know how close I was to taking a picture of my screen with my other tablet’s camera? It was really close to doing that. But anyway, welcome to Stage 2, this is the part where most of you on the higher up floors die inside a little. We’re facing off against three Marunas (fire Boomerang Warriors) and two Sohas (water Nine-tailed Foxes). The Threat: So, I’ve actually built both Maruna and Soha, and I gotta say, they’re both pretty decent! I’d personally say that Maruna is stronger, though, because of her Crowd Control capabilities. Both her second and third skills are great for stunning. Boomerang Crush just has a 50% chance to stun everyone, and Flame Drive attacks all enemies, stunning everyone. However, if she attacks with a Chakram Dancer, the enemy the Chak attacks is guaranteed to stun. Soha, meanwhile, as far as I remember, is the only 4-star AoE buff removal mon besides Aquila. Her third skill Cleanse attacks all enemies, removes their beneficial effects, and then removes one harmful effect off of her allies. She’s pretty good in the Fire Rift, and does a ton of damage in HoH. The Solution: Target Maruna first. She’s got a lot more Crowd Control than Soha, even though she has less “instant death” abilities than Soha has. Despite that, it’s not fun to watch the enemy team start going bonkers on your stunned enemy, and you’re just sitting there like “can I get a turn, can I please get a turn, oh wow, are you guys playing Summoner’s War over there?”

Stage 3

It’s miniboss time! This miniboss is a Triton (wind Sea Emperor), and two Platys (fire Mermaids). The Threat: this stage is cancer confirmed- Soooooo, Platy and Triton are stupid good, and I really need to build my own Triton. His base speed in game is a hefty 116. His third skill, Mega Tsunami, attacks all enemies, removing all their beneficial effects and decreasing their attack bar by 25%. He’s actually the fastest buff remover in the game – or at least, he could’ve been, with the new Beast Riders I’m not sure because I haven’t had time to look over their skills. Platy, meanwhile, is actually super good, especially for a four-star. It’s mainly because of her second and third skills mixed together. Her second skill, Grant Life, heals a chosen ally by 30% and increases their attack bar by 30%. However, she can also revive an ally for 30% of their HP, but will also end up adding 3 additional turns to the cooldown of her second. Burning Hearts, however, attacks an enemy, stuns them for 1 turn, and sets their skills on max cooldown. However, if her HP is at 50% or lower, she’ll stun the enemy for 2 turns. It really hurts. The Solution: Did you know that you don’t have to attack and kill the lackeys in order to be able to get past stages 3 and 6? That means you can straight-up target Triton and then just move on without needing to kill either of the two Platys by his side?

Stage 4

Can we get a “gz” in chat for DNM4LETA and his Pungbaek? Anyway, Stage 4 is two Belitas (dark Chakram Dancers) and three Baileys (light Boomerang Warriors). The Threat: Okay, so when I say “Belita’s the bigger threat here,” that does not mean “Bailey doesn’t look like a super fun toy to play around with in Arena.” Basically, Belita’s third skill, Moonlight Blow, attacks an enemy twice, to replace all the beneficial effects on an enemy with DoTs. On top of that, she’ll also decrease their HP by 5% per buff removed. The Boomerang Warrior she attacks with will also inflict DoTs with this skill, too. Now, Bailey, though she isn’t dummy OP, looks pretty dang interesting to mess around with. Her third skill, Lightning Flash, attacks all enemies proportionate to her attack speed. She also increases her attack bar by 10% per Critical Hit landed, and the Chakram Dancer she attacks with will also increase her attack bar by 20% when she attacks along. The Solution: So here’s the deal. If you stun the Chakram Dancers, the Boomerang Warriors attack by themselves, and vice versa. As such, you should stun both Chakram Dancers while you work on the Baileys, because that’s only two monsters you have to focus on, and not three. While the Belitas are stunned, chip away at the Baileys’ HP, and then kill the Belitas once the Baileys are done.

Stage 5

This floor consists of three Martinas (dark Boomerang Warriors) and two Figaros (light Jokers). Hey wow, would you look at that, it’s a Figaro, aka my first ever LnD lightning two weeks before his HoH was released. Avengers Endgame? More like Avengers End Me am I right- The Threat: Even after being nerfed, Martina is still widely considered to be one of, if not the, best Boomerang Warriors, next to Sabrina. It’s mainly due to her passive, Absorb Shadow, where, with every attack, she’ll steal a beneficial effect and grant it on herself and any Chakram Dancers on her team. Her attack power also increases by 10% per buff stolen (and stacks up to 15 times). Figaro, meanwhile, isn’t as good as Martina. In fact, he’s considered to be a weaker version of Garo. His passive, Camouflage, not only shares a passive name with the dark Lizardman, but he also has a 25% chance to randomly cancel the damage of incoming attacks. He’ll also remove one beneficial effect off an enemy with each attack. So basically, Martina is a nuke, and Figaro is annoying to deal with. The Solution: Go for Martina first, and while you’re killing her, make sure to stun Figaro while you’re at it. He may be immune to damage at random times, but y’know what he’s not immune to? Stuns. Lots and lots of stuns. So stun the dude really hard while you kill Martina. Figaro isn’t something you can really plan for, unlike Garo. With Garo, you know that the damage that’ll kill him will be cancelled, so you take in multihitters. But with Figaro, his passive is actually a 1 in 4 chance, and you could get lucky and have him never cancel, or you can get unlucky. And he’ll cancel. Three times in a row. Whooooooo caaaaan saaaaay where the roooaaaaad goes-

Stage 6

It’s boss time! Clear this stage, and you can get 25 pieces of Zenobia! The Threat: As always, the threat differs the most, because the element of Zenobia’s Boomerang Warrior lackeys differ the most. Here, though, the lackeys are Maruna and Sabrina. In that case, I’m going to go on a whim and say most people are gonna think Sabrina’s the biggest threat. Well, yes, but actually no. Her passive is a lot more dangerous if there’s a Chakram Dancer around, and, y’know, no, it’s just Boomerang Warriors in this stage. In this case, I’m going to say that Maruna’s the bigger threat, solely because of how much stun potential she has. Maruna was actually my first ChakBoom I ever got, and she was usable on her own. The Solution: The bosses and minibosses can be straight-up targeted and, if killed, you don’t have to focus on killing the lackeys anymore. In that case, if you can stun both Maruna and Sabrina, I’d say focus on Zenobia and blast away! If you’re having trouble with the lackeys, though, it’s okay to kill them yourself. I’ve had HoHs where my main priority is just straight-up survival. Anyway, I hope you enjoyed this article! How far have you gotten this HoH, and what’re you gonna be using your Zenobias for? Make sure to stick around, though, because I’m going to be releasing a first look article on the Beast Riders soon! I’m Sara Ann, and I’ll see you in the next article!]]>