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February Hall of Heroes [Aschubel – Dark Sylph]

February Hall of Heroes [Aschubel – Dark Sylph]

th, the Aschubel (dark Sylph) Hall of Heroes was announced. No one expected it at all, because Aschubel is actually, like, really really good. He’s considered to be “Hathor Lite” and is generally just a good unit to have around. Before we begin, Hall of Heroes is a lot like Trial of Ascension, so that means you can use Trial of Ascension strategy and monsters (e.g. attack bar pushbacks, stuns and continuous damage are king). I strongly advise bringing your regular Trial of Ascension team. In my case, I have decided to use Charlotte, Loren, Frigate, Verad, and Rica.

Is Aschubel Good?

Like I said, yes! He is, actually! He’s been considered to be a mini-Hathor, due to the fact that his s3 puts everyone to sleep and blocks beneficial effects. It’s pretty insane to watch. Plus, his s2 awakens into reducing his enemy’s attack bar while increasing his own by 50%. Personally, I’m gonna build Aschubel myself!

Stage 1

Let’s start with stage 1! Here, the enemies are three Shimitaes (wind Sylphs) and two Dracos (fire Brownie Magicians). The Threat: I’d probably say, support-wise, Draco’s the biggest threat. His s3 grants AoE immunity to his comrades, along with random buffs. Shimitae, however, is a pretty good single-target attacker. His s3 attacks an enemy, removes all buffs, and absorbs 50% of their Attack Bar. And, of course, the damage will be increased if the enemy has no buffs. …It’s not fun. The Solution: Oh, I’d definitely say go for Shimitae. Draco is super annoying to deal with, but he’s countered by buff block and buff removal. Shimitae can easily one-shot one of your members.

Stage 2

Alright, here we go to Stage 2! We’ve got three Barettas (fire Sylphs) and two Gildongs (water Taoists). The Threat: Definitely Baretta. Baretta and Gildong were two of the meta ToA units. Nowadays, I know that Gildong’s certainly fallen out of use (Baretta a little, too), but that won’t stop ‘em. Gildong’s s3 removes buffs and breaks defenses, while Baretta’s s3 is an AoE attack that places two Continuous Damage on everyone. The Solution: Go for Baretta first, seriously. He’s insane to deal with, especially with his s2. It’s actually really bad to deal with. After that, go for Gildong. He’s mostly just a single-target attacker, but his s2 is also AoE.

Stage 3

Alright, it’s miniboss time! We have a Wolyung (dark Sky Dancer) and two Chrises (light Magical Archers). The Threat: I’m definitely going to have to say it’s Wolyung. Even though Chris does have some really serious damage and defense break, Wolyung can easily take out one of your units single-handedly, heal everyone, and then increase the attack bars of all her allies with full HP. The Solution: Thankfully, Wolyung is the only one that you have to take out in order to proceed in this stage. Wolyung is, thankfully, easily countered with attack bar decrease and healblock. However, it is good to remember that her third skill, Dagger of Grudge, ignores all damage reduction effects, so any invincibility or shields or whatnot will be straight-up ignored.

Stage 4

We’re already halfway through this dungeon! Here, we’ve got three Tyrons (water Sylphs) and two Cichlids (wind Mermaids). The Threat: Tyron is insane. He’s now been considered to be a budget Verad (sometimes even better than him). His s2 reduces the enemy’s attack bar if he attacks someone with decreased Speed, and his s3 – you guessed it – decreased everyone’s speed and freezes them. Cichild’s pretty good too. Her s2 removes all debuffs off of an enemy, putting a shield on them for 2 turns, and her s3 does three things. It attacks 3 times: First attack removes buffs, second attack decreases defense, and the third attack increases the enemy’s skill cooltime for 2 turns. Yeah, it’s real annoying. The Solution: Go for Tyron first. Sure, Cichlid’s really annoying to deal with, but Tyron can freeze your entire team. This’ll be the death of your team if you dont’ take care of him immediately. After all the Tyrons are dead, you can go for Cichlid. She’ll make killing off the Tyrons annoying, though, because of the shield she has being on a very low cooldown, and worth 25% of her max HP.

Stage 5

We’re almost at the boss! We have three Eredases (light Sylphs) and two Berings (dark Kobold Bombers). The Threat: The threat’s gotta be Bering. His s3 attacks all enemies, removes a buff, and silences everyone for 2 turns. Eredas’s s3, Double Cyclone, not only stuns but absorbs Attack Bar as well. His s2 also puts Glancing Hit on everyone, so try and make sure he doesn’t use it, or that you can clean it off. The Solution: Definitely go for the Berings. Silence isn’t fun to deal with, and neither is buff removal. Eredas can be mostly ignored, since the only part of him that stuns is his s3. Of course, if he does put his debuffs on, make sure to cleanse it off as soon as you can.

Stage 6

We’re finally at the boss! We’ve got Aschubel himself, and the two lackeys by his side. The Threat: The lackeys that are by Aschubel’s side will be different within each stage. In this case, though, it’s Baretta and Shimitae. As such, it’s true that the difficulty and the threat in each stage will be different. The Solution: Because each threat is different, the solution will be different. In this case, though, I’d definitely say that Baretta and Aschubel are the biggest threats here, so that means you need to take out Baretta first. Or rather, you would, if this weren’t literally stage 1 and therefore the easiest stage, meaning you can just take Aschubel out. I hope you all enjoyed this article! Did you get your Aschubel yet? Are you gonna be building him? Tell me in the comments down below! In the meantime, though, I’m Sara Ann, and I’ll see you in the next article!  ]]>