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Leo [Wind Dragon Knight] Review – How does Leo work?

Leo [Wind Dragon Knight] Review – How does Leo work?

Note: This is a player review by Pandopedia. Leo’s unique passive makes him one of the most influential units in the game. He is a perfect counter to any speed team. This article will help explain exactly how Leo’s passive works, and how to best utilize him in countering specific types of defenses. Natural Star Grade: 5★ Dragon Knight WindLeo Wind Leader Skill: Increase the defense of ally monsters with wind attribute by 50% Awakened Bonus: Increases resistance by 25% Offers: Unique counter to speed based teams. Substantial single target output. Useful for: Arena and Guild wars


Early Game: All rune sets are viable. Any combination of HP% or Atk% in slot 2 and 6, and either Cr%, CD%, Hp% or Atk% in Slot 4. Build based on available runes and desired stats. End Game Violent/ (Nemesis/Blade)(Atk%/CD/Atk%) – Offensive Build • Aim for 70%+ Crit. Rate, +1000 atk, 150% Crit. Damage 35%-50%+ accuracy Vamp/Nemesis – (Hp%/CD/Atk%) – Hybrid build • Aim for 65%+ Crit. Rate, +650 atk, +10,000 HP, 135%+ Crit. Damage, 35-50%+ Accuracy [easytable]Pros, Cons [Eye of the Storm] Unique passive that neutralizes speed based teams, [Dragon’s Might] Continuous Damage effects are inferior to other harmful effects in PVP [Eye of the Storm] Unique passive that has a chance to decrease the enemy’ s attack bar by 10%, Damage is lackluster compared to his water/fire counterparts. [Torrent] Can ignore defense when Leo is under 30% HP; pairs well with Hybrid build using a Vampire set., Leo is not useful outside of PVP [/easytable]


Leo is used by many top end players to combat the widely used speed based defenses in game. In Summoners War, the player that moves first has an overwhelming advantage. Normally the first turn goes to the fastest monster. Leo, however, is able to change this order, and help a player with slower monster still get first turn. First, let me go into how speed and turn order are determined without Leo. In traditional fights, the base speed of a monster is modified by leader skill and the speed gain via towers. This value is then added onto the speed added by runes. This total value is then compared to all of the monsters on the playing field and the fastest is determined. This monster is then given 100% attack bar, and based on their individual speed; the other monsters are given a percentage of the fastest monster’s atk bar to start. (eg. If fastest monster in battle has 250 speed, a monster with 125 speed will have 50% attack bar at the start of combat.) Attack bars then move proportionally to each other. Because their speeds determines how fast attack bars build, pre-established turn orders can become out of sync if some monsters are too fast to others. Leo’s passive completely changes how attack bars work relative to one another. Leo CAPS the speed of all monsters to his speed, but will not increase them to match his. Because of this, all monsters at or above his speed have 100% attack bar. Since all monsters are at 100% atk bar, the turn order is determined by the speed of monsters as calculated above in instances with no Leo. Because of this, sometimes it is actually beneficial to use speed lead with Leo, simply to assure next turn. The second part of Leo’s passive causes all of his attacks to reduce the attack bar of his target by 10%. This reduction can be resisted, and prevented with will runes. However, since it is not an actual debuff that is applied onto the target, it cannot glance and fail. When Leo attacks a target, he reduces its atk bar by 10%, thus making it 90% and the slowest monster in the battle. If used on an opponent Chloe or Bernard, this causes said monster to move last, and gives a players attack bar boosting monster the chance to move next, even if it’s slower than the opponent’s initially faster monster. This also allows a player to change an opponent’s sequence of events in regards to speed tuning. For instance, if a player uses galleon paired with a nuker, using Leo to attack galleon would cause galleon to move after the nuker, which would completely cripple the nuker’s capabilities. One of the bonuses of using Leo and an attack bar booster is being able to build slow nukers. With everyone’s attack bar being the same, if Leo attacks opponent’s intended opener, and then uses an atk bar booster of his own, the teams attack bars will all increase by 30%, making them 130%. This makes complex speed tuning, and reaching high speeds with nukers unnecessary. Lastly, I’ll speak about which to choose: Vampire or Violent runes. One of the reasons Vampire runes are used on Leo is his second skill, torrent. When sub 30% hp, torrent ignores armor. With attack buff, torrent can deal upwards of 70K+. My Leo on a vampire set deals 56K damage as a hybrid build. This heals him for almost 20K hp, which is over half of his total HP. On a two turn Cooldown, a well runed vamp Leo can survive and secure a win against multiple monsters. Violent on the other hand, has the advantage of reducing the atk bar of multiple monsters, as well as the increased damage to opponent team. My personal opinion is to use vamp when pairing Leo with a yolo team which has no healers, and use violent when pairing Leo with a healer of some sorts.

Team Combo

Leo is an effective tool for both Arena and Guild war offenses. I’ve used two Leo oriented teams deep into G3 many times. Amir/Leo/Orion/Galleon Akhamamir WindLeo WindOrion WaterGalleon Water Julie/Leo/Orion/Galleon Julie WaterLeo WindOrion WaterGalleon Water In both instances, Leo attacks and reduces atk bar of opponent orion, Bernard, Chloe or other. This is followed by orion moving and removing any random will rune. Then Galleon moves, followed by Amir or Julie AOE. This offense does have some weaknesses. If the opponent’s monsters have will runes, it becomes much less effective. Most of the time, even if opponent has 3 will runed monsters, Orion removing one of the will runes allows me to make it a 2v4 fight in my favor, which is usually a safe win. Other setups used are: Leo/Double Lushen/Megan Leo WindLushen WindLushen WindMegan Water Amir/Leo/Tiana/Galleon Akhamamir WindLeo WindTiana WindGalleon Water Guild Wars Combo’s Leo/Megan/Lushen is one of the more common ones. Similar setups using different mons are also effective.]]>