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Buildings Guide

Below is a list of buildings available in Summoners War: Sky Arena.

Mana Stone Usage Buildings

[easytable]Name, Description

Summoner’s Tower, Setup Arena Defense/Check Battle Log/Essence Storage

Summonhenge, Summon monsters

Pool of Mana, Produces mana

Land Expansion, Expands your island to build more buildings.[/easytable]


Useful Buildings

[easytable]Name, Description

Power-up Circle, Powers up your monsters. You either power up and have them gain experience or you can evolve them by using monsters of equivalent number and amount. 3★ evolution requires 3 other 3★ monsters to evolve to 4★. 4★ requires 4 other 4★ monsters to get to 5★ and so on. Fusing the same monsters also increases their skills (chosen at random).

Arcane Tower, The tower that deals damage per round in the Arena. It is a must have if you want to successfully defend from your opponents when they attack you. You can have up to 10 towers.

Magic Shop, This is a shopping building that allows you to buy runes/monsters/scrolls. You will have better item selection as you get to a higher level. Save up your mana stones to buy some really good rare runes! The shop refreshes every hour the moment you check it. Be sure to check the shop often.

Temple of Wishes, It allows you to get a free gift every day. Prizes include mana stones/runes/energy/crystals. You usually get mana stones or energy. This resets everyday at 12 midnight pacific time.

Crystal Mine, This produces 1 crystal every 10 hours. That is roughly 2.4 crystals a day. Round that up you get 12 free crystals every 5 days.

Fuse Center, This is used to fuse essences that you get from the Hall of Magic and the 5 elementals in the Cairos Dungeon. 10 Low Essences nets you 1 MID Essence. 10 MID Essences nets you 1 High Essence. Too bad you cannot diffuse the higher grade essences to the lower ones.

Ancient Stones, This produces mana stones at 540/hour. You can store up to 3000 mana stones max.

Tranquil Forest, Allows your monsters to gain 100xp/hour. This is a great longer term building that allows you to level your fodder units and angelmon/rainbowmon to evolve your monsters.

Fusion Hexagram, You can fuse monsters of the same grade to get another one. It is very costly but it is worth it if there is a monster that you want really bad.

Deep Forest Ent, Produces mana stones at 660/hour. It costs 100000 mana stone to build and can store up to 4000 mana stones max. You can easily recoup the mana stones in about 2-3 weeks if you are an active player. If you wanted to be exact and be a zombie – its about 6.3 days.

Transmogrification Building, Allows you to change the look of certain monsters. 300 000 mana stones and 100 shapeshifting stones are required. Shapeshifting stones can be acquired from Cairos dungeons and Rift of Worlds.



Buildings bought with Crystals

[easytable]Name, Description

Crystal Titan, Generates 1 crystal every 8 hours. You get 3 crystals a day. It costs 400 crystals to build. You will only get your investment back in roughly 3 and a half months. This is only worth it if you are an active player and are going to play this game long term.

Crystal Lake, Allows you to store 4 monsters and have them gain 150xp/hour. It costs 400 crystals.This is a slight upgrade to the Tranquil Forest.

Gusty Cliffs, Allows you to store 5 monsters and have them gain 150xp/hour. It costs 500 crystals. Great for the long term players. This and Crystal Lake are good buildings to level up fodder monsters.[/easytable]


Buildings from Glory Shop

[easytable] Name, Description

Sanctum of Energy, Increases your Energy Max. Storage by 1 per level.

Fairy Tree, Increases Mana Stone Max. Storage of mana-producing structures by 200 per level.

Mana Fountain, Increases the production speed of mana-producing structures by 5% per level.

Mysterious Plant, Increases the energy production speed by 3% per level.

Crystal Rock, Increases the Attack Power of Arcane Towers.

Guardstone, Increases the Defense of monsters.

Fire Sanctuary, Increases the Attack Power of Fire monsters.

Water Sanctuary, Increases the Attack Power of Water monsters.

Wind Sanctuary,  Increases the Attack Power of Wind monsters.

Light Sanctuary, Increases the Attack Power of Light monsters.

Dark Sanctuary, Increases the Attack Power of Wind monsters.

Ancient Sword, Increase the Attack Power of all monsters.

Crystal Altar, Increases the HP of all monsters.

Sky Tribe Totem, Increases the Speed of all monsters.

Arcane Booster Tower, Increases the Attack Speed of Arcane Towers.

Fallen Ancient Guardian, Increases the Critical Damage of all monsters.[/easytable]