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Steel Fortress Abyss

Steel Fortress Abyss is the Attribute Artifacts dungeon. Artifacts are additional sets which can be equipped on all 6-star monsters. Not only can you boost the HP, DEF or ATK of your monsters, but it also gives your monsters more valuable stats like more elemental damage or more Crit Damage. The Abyss version of the dungeons requires strong rune quality because the boss has higher stats and one of his skills is strengthened.

You’ll definitely need someone who can inflict the Beneficial Effect Block debuff on the boss. Ideally, you should use two buff blockers, and another monster that can remove beneficial effects as well. With Zinc’s second awakening we have a lot of chances to hit the beneficial block against the boss.

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SF Abyss Drops

In SF Abyss, you get strong attribute artifacts. The Abyss Dungeons are the only source of the newest “Intangible” Artifact which replace one artifact regardless of the Attribute. The drop rates are much higher than in other Steel Fortress levels so it’s recommended to get a safe Abyss team as fast as possible.

It can consist of the following properties:


  • DMG dealt on [Element]
  • DMG taken from [Element]
  • CRIT DMG taken
  • Bomb DMG
  • CD+ as more enemy HP
  • CD+ as less enemy HP
  • Own turn 1-target CD
  • Counterattack/Co-op Attack DMG
  • SPD UP Effect
  • ATK/DEF UP Effect
  • Add’l DMG of HP, ATK, DEF, SPD
  • Life Drain


  • Conversion Stone
  • Rainbowmon
  • Mystical Scroll
  • Unknown Scroll
  • Engraved Summoning Piece
  • Shapeshifting Stone
  • Mana Stones
  • Energy
  • Crystals

Ancient Tormentor Boss Details

The Abyss Boss has the same skills as the “normal” boss but only one skill will be changed due to the difficulty of the Abyss Dungeons. His passive “Thunderbolt” will not only deal damage and can stun your monsters, the boss will heal himself additionally! Make sure to break him down fast and get a heal block on him.

  • Steel Fist – Attacks all enemies and decreases their Attack Speed for 2 turns.
  • Thunder Blow – Attacks the enemy target 3 times to decrease the Attack Bar by 30% each. Stuns the enemy if the enemy’s Attack Bar drops to 0 for 2 turns.
  • Thunderbolt (Passive) – Whenever the enemy’s 5th turn ends, drops a thunderbolt on a random enemy to stun the enemy for 1 turn with a 25% chance. Attacks up to 4 times in proportion to the boss’ Attack Power, and the attack won’t land as a Glancing Hit. In addtion, recovers the boss’ HP by 10% whenever a thunderbolt is dropped. [Automatic Effect]
  • Steel Will (Passive) – Increases the boss’s Attack Power and Critical Rate for 1 turn when each turn begins, and grants a shield equivalent to 10% of the boss’ HP and Defense increasing effect on the boss for 1 turn when the boss is attacked by an enemy. Additionally, the damage receives from the enemy is decreased by 20% per beneficial effect granted on the boss. [Automatic Effect]

These buffs and debuffs are very good against the boss

  • Beneficial Block Effect
  • Remove Beneficial Effect
  • Defense Break
  • Heal Block
  • Attack Bar Reduction

Therefore good monsters for your first team are