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Summoners War Terminology


What does HoH or DD mean? Many summoners are familiar with the terms the community is using. We give you an overview of all important terms and abbreviations from A to Z so you’re not left behind and understand!



2A: Secondary Awakening
ACC: Account or Accuracy
AD: Arena Defense
AO: Arena Offense
AOE: Area of Effect (skill that affects the whole team)
ATB: Attack Bar
ATK: Attack


BJ5: Baleygr & Janssen Raid 5
BUFF: Beneficial Effect (e.x. Immunity)


CC: Crowd Control (e.x. slow, stun,…)
CH: Channel
CD: Cooldown or Critical Damage
CLEANSE: Skills/passives that remove Debuffs
CLEAVE: a team to kill the enemy in 1 turn
CR: Critical Rate


DB10: Dragon’s Lair B10
DBAN: Dragons Abyss Normal
DBAH: Dragons Abyss Hard
DD: Damage Dealer
DEBUFF: Harmful Effect (e.x. Defense Break)
DEF: Defense
DH: Dimension Hole
DOT: Damage over Time (Continuous Damage)


EXP: Experience


FARMER: a monster that can clear scenario hell mode alone to level up monsters
FOODER: a monster only for level ups, evolving or skill ups


GB10: Giant’s Keep B10
GBAN: Giants Abyss Normal
GBAH: Giants Abyss Hard
GRINDS: Grindstones and Enchants
GW: Guild War


HOH: Hall of Heroes
HP: Hit Point (Health Bar)


INATE: additional substat that cannot be changed or skill upped


LD: Light and Dark
LEGY: Legendary Scroll
LF: Looking For


MS: Mystical Scroll


NB10: Necropolis B10
NBAN: Necropolis Abyss Normal
NBAH: Necropolis Abyss Hard
NAT1-5: The default star of a monster
NUKER: Damage Dealer


PC10: Punisher’s Crypt B10
PROC: or Program Random Occurrence, an effect from skills or rune sets, when you get an additional turn (Violent), a counterattack (Revenge) or a stun (Despair)
PVE: Player vs. Environment
PVP: Player vs. Player


R1-5: Rift Rad Level 1-5
REAPP: or Reappraisal Stone allow you to reroll the substats of a rune
REP MONSTER: Reputation Monster, this monster can be used by your friends for farming to get more EXP
RES: Resistance
RNG: Random Number Generator
RTA: Real Time Arena


SB: Siege Battle
SD: Secret Dungeon
SF10: Steel Fortress B10
SL: Special League
SPD: Speed
SR10: Spiritual Realm B10
STRIPPER: a monster that can remove beneficial effects
SWC: Summoners War Championship


TOA (N/H/HELL): Trial of Ascension (Normal/Hard/Hell)
TRANS: Transcendence Scroll


WB: World Boss
WGB: World Guild Battle


XTALS: Crystals