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Summoners War FAQs, Terminology and Lingo

I decided to make a separate page to address frequently asked questions(FAQs) and also some commonly used language in Summoners War.

Main Terms

What is CC?

It means crowd control. Any skill that can sleep, stun, freeze, slow or make enemies immobile or unable to get a turn is considered CC.

What is AoE?

AoE stands for Area of Effect. Any skill that can deal damage to multiple enemies is an AoE skill.

What is DPS?

This means damage per second. This isn’t really used for games like this but most people refer to it as how well a monster can deal damage.

What is DD?

DD means damage dealer.

What is DoT?

This means damage over time. Also known as continuous damage. 🙂

What is Sustain?

It means skills that keep you healthy. Healing skills and revive are sustain.

Other Terms

Squishy – Low hp and dies easily to strong attacks

Glass Cannon – High damage but also dies easily when attacked

OG = Occult Girl

DrK – Dragon Knight

DK – Death Knight

MK – Monkey King

Inu – Inugami

AA – Archangel

This page will be updated as I see more terms!