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Lollipop Warrior

Lollipop Warrior consists of 1 natural 5 star monster.






TYPE Attack


Max Stats

SPD 94

HP 8895

ATK 758

DEF 626

Awakened Stats

SPD 110

HP 9885

ATK 823

DEF 659

Leader Skill
Increase the Critical Rate of ally monsters by 24%
Candy Crush
Attacks the enemy to stun for 1 turn with a 50% chance.
Multiplier: 3.8*{ATK}
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Damage +5%
Effect Rate +5%
Damage +10%
Damage +10%
Effect Rate +10%

Candy Break
Attacks the enemy to remove one beneficial effect and increases the cooldown time by 2 turns. (Reusable in 3 turns).
Multiplier: 6.2*{ATK}
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Damage +5%
Damage +10%
Damage +15%
Cooltime Turn -1

Sugar Booster (Passive)
Your Attack Speed increases as your HP condition is better, and your Attack Power increases as your HP condition is worse. [Automatic Effect]