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Necropolis (NB10)

The Lich King Boss in Necropolis B10 is the third stage in Cairos Dungeon. For this dungeon you will need some proper runes, therefore it’s recommended to finish GB10, ToA Normal and DB10 first, before you start farming NB10. Most of the rune sets you can obtain here are perfect for PvP battles such as Will and Nemesis. It will take you more effort building a safe Necropolis 10 team because it requires a lot of multi-hits and sustain against the powerful boss skills.

To avoid failed runs, you’ll need a 100% success team to farm efficiently and maximize your progression in the game. You will unlock powerful rune sets to boost your account!

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NB10 Drops

In NB10, you get only 6* runes and strong rune sets.


  • Rage – CRI Dmg +40%
  • Will – Immunity +1 turn(s)
  • Nemesis – ATK Gauge +4% (for every 7% HP lost)
  • Vampire – Life Drain +35%
  • Destroy – Enemy MAX HP-4% (30% of DMG dealt)


  • Rune Piece
  • Symbol of Death
  • Rainbowmon
  • Mystical Scroll
  • Unknown Scroll
  • Engraved Summoning Piece
  • Shapeshifting Stone
  • Mana Stones
  • Energy
  • Crystal

Lich King Boss Details

The boss has following skills and passives:

  • Exploit Soul – Attacks all enemies, recovering 50% of the damage dealt as HP. The Attack Power increases permanently every time the skill is used.
  • Imprison SoulImprisons the soul of the enemy who has dealt the most damage and controls the enemy.
  • The Time of the Death (Passive)The Attack Speed of all enemies and allies is suppressed and cannot exceed a certain cap. Also, all skill effects that influence the Attack Bar will not be activated. [Automatic Effect]
  • Soul Barrier (Passive) – Each turn, a barrier that nullifies attacks 4-7 times is generated. When attacked without the barrier, the MAX HP decreases by 30% of the incoming damage. [Automatic Effect]
  • Fallen Immortal (Passive) – Revives with 50% HP at the moment of death. Will not be able to receive beneficial effects during battle, but instead is immune to silence of cool time increase skill effects. [Automatic Effect]

These buffs and debuffs are very good against the boss

  • Multi-Hits
  • Heal
  • Attack Buff
  • Defense Break
  • Heal Block

Therefore good monsters for your first team are