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Punisher’s Crypt (PC10)

Punisher’s Crypt B10 is the second artifact dungeon which has been added to Summoners War 2020. Artifacts are additional equipable sets that can be equipped on all 6-star monsters to boost their HP, DEF, ATK and more. After finishing GB10, DB10, ToA Normal, ToA Hard and the first artifact dungeon, Steel Fortress B10, you can start farming PC10 for more artifacts. These will also improve your monsters, especially their accuracy, damage and recovery skills. We recommend you to farm lower tiers to get some gray-tier artifacts to boost your dungeon teams at the beginning.

You won’t be able to use monsters with Attack Bar decreasing effects like Loren, meaning your best option is to use monsters that can increase the Attack Bar of your team.

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PC10 Drops

In PC10, you get strong attribute artifacts. It can consist of the following properties:


  • [S1/2/3/4] CRIT DMG
  • First Attack CRIT DMG
  • [S1/2/3] Recovery
  • [S1/2/3] Accuracy
  • CRIT DMG taken
  • Bomb DMG
  • CD+ as more enemy HP
  • CD+ as less enemy HP
  • Own turn 1-target CD
  • Counterattack/Co-op Attack DMG
  • SPD UP Effect
  • ATK/DEF UP Effect
  • Add’l DMG of HP, ATK, DEF, SPD
  • Life Drain


  • Conversion Stone
  • Rainbowmon
  • Mystical Scroll
  • Unknown Scroll
  • Engraved Summoning Piece
  • Shapeshifting Stone
  • Mana Stones
  • Energy
  • Crystal

Ancient Punisher Boss Details

She’ll always have the following skills:

  • Dance of Sword: Attacks all enemies and decreases their Attack Bar by 30% each with a 30% chance. This attack cannot be counterattacked.
  • Conviction: Attacks the enemy target 7 times to absorb the Attack Bar by 20% each.
  • Punisher’s Sword (Passive): The skill will be enhanced as follows when the Ancient Punisher gains the designated turn. 5th turn: [Dance of Sword]’s number of attacks will be increased up to 3 times according to Attack Speed. 10th turn: [Conviction]’s damage will be increased up to 100% according to the Attack Speed. 20th turn: All attacks will ignore the enemy’s Defense up to 100% according to the Attack Speed. [Automatic Effect]
  • Reverser (Passive): The damage received will be decreased up to 70% according to the Attack Speed. In addition, the Attack Bar of all allies will be increased by up to 50% according to each of their Attack Speed when they are attack, and the boss gains a turn instantly when the boss gets Attack Bar decreasing effect. [Automatic Effect]

These buffs and debuffs are very good against the boss

  • ATB Boost
  • Heal
  • Defense Break

Therefore good monsters for your first team are