Hall of Darkness

You can enter Hall of Darkness on Mondays. You fight the Guardian of Darkness. He mainly does damage over time.

Stage Cost Boss Level
B1 4 8
B2 4 10
B3 5 15
B4 5 20
B5 6 30
B6 6 40
B7 6 50
B8 7 55
B9 7 60
B10 7 65

The dark golems are not as threatening as the crystals. Take out the crystals first and worry about the golems later.

The Guardian of Darkness has the following skills:

  • Dead Man’s Purification – Attacks all enemies and stuns them for 1 turn by chance. The damage increases as fewer enemies stand.
  • Death Glare – Burns Enemies with a cursed glare and inflicts Continuous Damage for 3 turns with a high chance. (Reusable in 4 turns)
  • Annihilate(Passive) – Get an extra turn if enemy falls. [Automatic Effect]

The left crystals is always a continuous damage tower that inflicts DoT(Damage over time) for 3 turns.

Drops You can Expect

  • Unknown Scrolls – The higher you go, the number of scrolls you get increases
  • Dark Essence(Low) – Drops often in the lower stages(B1-B5). At higher levels, it drops more in quantity.
  • Dark Essence(Mid) – Drops from B2 onwards
  • Dark Essence(High) – Drops from B4 onwards and it is very rare
  • Mystical Scroll – Rare drop
  • Dark Angelmon – Rare drop
  • Rainbow Angelmon – Rare Drop
  • Secret Dungeon Monster – Could be any 2-3 star light monster

Hall of Darkness Strategy Guide

B1 to B4 is pretty easy and as you level and have 4-5 star monsters, they should not be a problem. It starts getting challenging at B6+. Here are some good monsters for the dungeon:

Shannon(Wind Pixie) – She has the attack and defense buff. Very useful.

Konamiya(Water Garuda) – Removes all DoT and heals.

Raoq(Fire Inugami) – Good damage dealer.

Sieq(Fire Hellhound) – Crit and Attack buff

Bernard(Wind Griffon) – Useful for speeding up your team

Ahman(Light Bearman) – Keeps your team healthy.


I didn’t include the 4/5 stars as they are not accessible to most players and requires luck.

Here are some videos for B7 runs by Jin.

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