The Faimon Hell Farmer Guide

Hey summoners, today we will look at all the viable Faimon Normal/Hard/Hell farmers. Keep in mind all these monsters can do Faimon Normal and Hard no problem with decent 4 star or higher runes when the monster itself is 6 star level 40. Faimon Hell though, is different.

I also excluded monsters that doesn’t have much use outside of farming. Natural 5 stars are also excluded. Also for people asking for 100% runs, it is hard because it depends on how good your runes are. The builds and monsters here can do 90% success rate barring no defense debuffs on the first turn in the final round.

MonsterPicMax Skill?Set RecommendationRune Requirements for Hell
LapisLapis WaterNot requiredVampire/Revenge or Despair/Revenge
Very High
SohaSoha WaterNot requiredVampire/Shield(Spd/Crit D%/Atk%)High
AcqusAqcus WaterYesRage/Blade(Atk%/Crit D%/Atk%) or Vampire/Blade(Atk%/Crit D%/Atk%)High
JulieJulie WaterYesVampire/Revenge(Hp%/Crit R%/Atk%)Very High
SusanoSusano WaterYesVampire/Guard(Spd/Crit D%/Atk%)High
TyronTyron WaterYesDespair/Focus(Spd/Atk%/Atk%)Very High
KernodonKernodon WaterYesViolent/Energy(Def%/Def%/Def%)High
LuanLuan WaterYesViolent/Revenge(Def%/Crit D%/Def%)Average

Water Magic Knight – Lapis

Other Roles -> ToA, Arena PvP

The faimon farmer given to you now. Here are the rune requirements for Faimon Hell – Vampire/Revenge(Atk%/Atk%/Atk%)

Video Here ->

Other Options -> Despair/Blade(Spd/Cri D%/Atk%)

This one will have a lower success rate but you can use her for Arena and ToA as a stunner. Max skill is preferred as well.

Video Here –

Water Nine-tailed Fox – Soha

Other Roles -> Arena PvP, ToA

With vampire set and her 2nd skill, she has more than enough life steal. Set used here -> Vampire/Shield(Spd/Crit D%/Atk%). Run time is 37 seconds. Very impressive.

Video Here –

For other builds, check out this Reddit thread.

Water Pierret – Julie

Other Roles -> Arena PvP

Julie isn’t the best candidate due to super higher requirements -> Vampire/Revenge(Hp%/Crit R%/Atk%).

Video Here ->

Water Ninja – Susano

Other Roles -> Dragons B10, Arena PvP

He is good because he takes less damage due to his passive. That means less defense debuffs as well.

Video Here ->

Water Charger Shark – Acqus

Other Roles -> Dragons B10, Arena PvP

Good damage with Rage/Blade(Atk%/Crit D%/Atk%) and will always succeed unless you get defense debuffed on the first turn of the last stage. You will also fail if you cannot 1 shot the hellhounds in the last stage.

Video Here –

Water Sylph – Tyron

Other Roles -> Arena PvP, ToA

With Despair/Focus(Spd/Atk%/Atk%), you can solo it. Keep in mind you need 200+ speed so you can move twice every 2 turns.

Video Here –

Water Lizardman – Kernodon

Other Roles -> Dragons B10

With Violent/Energy(Def%/Def%/Def%), you need 2000+def and 13k hp for 95% success rate. More hp and defense will further increase your chances to 100%.

Video Here ->

Water Martial Artist – Luan

Other Roles -> ToA

With Violent/Revenge(Def%/Crit D%/Def%) with high defense, he can do it 100% with average rune requirements.

Video here ->


If you have other builds not included, feel free to post below and let us know the rune build, success rate and speed of clearing faimon hell.

  • xEnvy

    I use Lumirecia with Focus / Energy / Endure. Def%/Hp%/Res%
    Pretty mediocre 4-5* runes without really paying attention to the substats. For me as an f2p player, she is pretty decent. She does take some time though. I would guess it’s about 3-4 minutes. Then again, the energy keeps recharging by at least 1 after every round, so I got that going for me.
    Skills are not maxed, I put one Devilmon into her and got Healing Breeze to Lv2 :3 That prooves to be crucial in certain situations.
    Mine is 5* with 22k+ HP, 60+% Res (excluding her Leader Skill), 40+% Acc.
    I also only farm stage 2 with her. Hellhounds have proven to be a huge pain in the astronomy.

  • Rand

    Dagora (Water warbear) can farm hell at 5* 35 with 4-5 star runes… and is both farmable, and a really decent low-level -> mid-level creature. Bonus is that the runes he needs are easily farmable by low levels, and don’t conflict with all the despair/violent/vampire/revenge needs one has elsewhere even at mid to high level. And one can always use him for fodder when you don’t need him anymore.

    Only con is that he’s slow, and can get overwhelmed if there’s 3 or more inugami at the end. but for those of us who auto attack while working/watching tv, etc, slow isn’t always a problem.

    • Summoner

      Yea I agree. but with the lapis, dagora and rina aren’t really relevant anymore :X

      • hudcore

        What ls ‘the lapis’ ?
        My dagora *5 still can farm solo faimon, but only max at hard level.
        Hell still need help though..

        • Rand

          Runes make a big difference. Skill ups make a difference too. 5* can do hell, but you do have to invest in him. The bonus is, when you’re tired of him, those hp% runes are still valuable on other critters.

      • Eknic

        Dagora is the only 3* monster that has a real chance of getting 100% win rate easily.
        It’s nonsense not putting him in the list.

        • metalface

          I used dagora for a long time, but he is certainly very slow, and has few niche uses outside or farming. he also does take significant investment, and even above 30000 health I didn’t have a 100% rate. it may be better to just go with lapis as everyone has her and she has many uses outside faimon.

    • Greg

      You can speed up Dagora’s runs by using Revenge runes. As long as you keep his HP around 33k, swap out those Energy sets for Revenge. Even a single Revenge set speeds him up dramatically.

  • Scott

    Why does everyone talk about farming Faimon? I’m just curious. My Lushen can solo Aiden Forest Hell level 1. Am I wasting my time on Aiden?

    • Summoner

      Faimon monsters have less hp, therefore most want to level there. The clear time is also faster due to that. If your Lushen can farm Aiden Hell under 2 minutes, then Aiden is better.

      • Scott

        Got it. Thanks for the info. Aiden it is for me then. (Humble brag)

        • Scott

          On a side note. Can you add me as a friend? I just want to check out your monsters. You can unfriend me after a day. I just want to compare my monsters to yours. The name is SKOTTY

          • Aria

            mind showing your lushen stats?

    • Rick

      Faimon gives only 2*+ fodders. And Violent solds for more manastones. It’s a huge difference.

  • LuciferiaV

    I’m kind of stuck on whether or not to 6* my Lapis and use her as a farmer.

    I currently use Veromos to farm Vrofagus Hell, seeing as he can’t do Faimon Hell.

    I don’t think I have any other options for farming though… help? D:

    • Scott

      She’s going to be my next 6 star water monster. She’s just too good to not. Even if she can’t farm she’s a total stun bot and will be super useful in TOA

      • LuciferiaV

        I was thinking the same thing, though I’m not focusing on ToA much right now.

        Runes, runes, runes, and 6*’s. And more runes. T_T

  • Ganda

    What about Su? Im using her in Faimon hard atm, do you think she could be able to do it on hell with decent runes?

    • LuciferiaV

      She can, but she needs pretty good runes from what I understand. Vampire/Blade, if I remember correctly.

      Granted, I guess pretty much everything needs at least 5* runes to solo Faimon Hell… *slaps Dragons* y u no drop me runes i need…

      • Froznoskr

        my su got vampire-energy full att% (67% crtit) at lvl 35she farms good (like 6/10)

    • Zero

      My su can solo faimon 2 hell with swift blade, so I don’t see why she wouldn’t be able to with vamp blade. But she does need to be fast, and have her skills maxed

  • Juriss

    Is water phoenix also good?

    • Rodyanin

      he can do it, but needs really good runes. vampiric is preferable. the point is it makes him useles elsewhere
      i love my phoenix in despair set.
      to sum it all: not worth it

  • Patrick

    I have Soha 4* (Awakened) and Water Magic Knight 4* (not Awakened) both with no skill Upgrades.

    (I also have 5* Raoq ready to evolve to 6* fully skilled and awakened with 4-6* runes)

    Wich one would you suggest to start evolving as Faimnon farmer.

    • AbyssGeneral

      Let me begin by stating that I do Tamor 3 Hell which is just 150 exp less than faimon I believe, but I have all 3 of those monsters so let me give you a short run down on them.

      Raoq; can do good damage BUT he’s completely rng based without any form of sustain so I honestly have never once used him for farming. I think people who do rune him atk/CD/atk with really good runes which not all of us are lucky to get.

      Lapis: I haven’t runed her because I use Soha to farm but from what I’ve seen in PvP she’s a bit too weak which is one of the two reasons why people just use Despair on her (the second being her 3 AOEs). You’ll need to invest WAY too much into her build imo so she’s out as well.

      Soha: I just have decent runes on her (only one 5 star rune on slot 5) but she still packs quite the punch. As I don’t farm dragons so I lack Vamp runes, I have her runed Fatal/Blade hp/atk/atk and she solos Tamor Hell without a problem. I think atk/cd/atk would work better for her but I don’t have the time to farm for that rune since I’m leveling fodder and getting essences for the vero fusion.

      Not all of us are blessed by Rngesus with great runes but finding ways to reach around that will definitely help you to progress in this game. Don’t be afraid to experiment with different builds just because guides have set examples.

      • Greg

        The problem with Tamor is:
        1. 1* drops.
        2. Cheap runes.

        Faimon give 2* drops and the runes have a much, much higher sell rate.

    • Vic

      I have a 6 stars Raoq with not so great runes (Fatal/Blade mostly 5 stars with no good substats) that can solo Tamor 3 Hell VERY fast.
      Raoq does not need sustain for it since he can basically one shot all wind monsters in Tamor Hell and if you are lucky he can one shot some fire monsters too. My Raoq only needs one or two turns to kill all enemies and move to next round. There are times when he doesn’t even get hit until he reaches boss.
      However, I think Soha is a much better monster and you can use her on late game.

  • Patrick

    Well, im thinking about using Soha as farmer since she is awakened. But it will take me some time since i have not runed her yet and thats why Raoq Comes into consideration.

    My Raoq has SPD/CR/ATK% runes where SPD is 6* 15% all other Runes inkl. 1/3/5 are 4* +12 and he melts truh normal in a average 30s

    I have no 6* mon yet and im almost done with my set of 5* Rainbowmons

    My Question would be if i better spend time to make Soha a Farmer (Take her to 5* and use the Rainbownons to 6* HER) or just 6* Raoq and try out how he can handle faimon hard insted of investing into Soha.

    Sorry about my english…

  • Dylan

    I use Theomars for Faimon Hell, and he rips that place apart pretty quickly. Violent/Revenge (Spd/CritD/Att). I would say his rune requirements are high.

    • Rodyanin

      nearly every water nat5 monster can do it. not a big deal

      • Dylan

        True. I only mention him because he’s relatively attainable compared to other nat 5s.

      • Dimwood34

        My anavel seems to have no troubles with it..

  • Icering

    On what stage at faimon you guys are farming?

    • Rodyanin

      i guess first stage is the best for it is the fastest. second is slightly more profitable though

  • Scott

    Does anybody know what the problem is with the registration? I can’t seem to register to leave comments in the forum. A little help would be greatly appreciated.

  • Rodyanin

    liesel is a good shot if you have one. 5* if enough with good runes. pretty underrated mob. can also solo Giant B9

    lumi will do easily, but she’s a slow starter and need lots of time and money to be really useful – not worth it if you only need a farming mob

    6* rina is also ok, but she is slow.

    and i guess kaz can also pull the trick

    • Laxking

      What runes are you using for liesel? I just got one and figured he would be a better farmer than my raoq.

  • metalface

    I’m running a charger shark on faimon hard 6* violent/revenge atk/cd/atk

    it has some 4-6* runes and clears in 46 sec, very high success rate.

    so far I’m having problems clearing hell solo (can do it with a mikene i’m leveling), but it seems like you need higher stats than the one shown in the rage/blade video (mine are very similar, and higher in some, though lower def). This build can have a faster clear time but relies a bit more on rng, good runes, and may have a lower success rate. still, solid farming build if you have the runes.

  • Lanigera

    Soha offset should not be *recommended* as Shield. Shield is a bad option in this case. Even the person who used it (linked in the video) says the Shield runes were only picked because of the substats (they had really good runes: I can’t make any recommendations, but more popular picks would be Revenge/Energy/Blade.

  • Zachnafain

    I’m building my Tyron as faimon farmer with HOLY SH#T runes, vampire/focus with already 2 maxed out 6* atk% runes. Praying for the last 6* atk% rune and still need to 6* him and give him max skillups. Endgoal is faimon hell in one minute runs… And he can do arena offense too 🙂

    Tyron is tha bomb!!

  • Hanan

    Hi…i just want to know…i got lapis and wind Mk at 5 staars max……should i upgrade lapis to 6 stars or MK …..besides i got 4 star water inugami and kahli….wind bernard and shannon ….i got the water neostone agent and martial artist too……which one should i keep and upgrade to farm faimon or aiden

  • Shadze

    I use the Water Neostone Agent @ 6 stars and no max skills. 5* hp% on 2/4/6 and all energy runes. 100% success rate… But she isn’t super fast.

  • elBlacko

    Y u not talk about good farmer ? like Alicia for instence

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