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2018 Anniversary Hall of Heroes [Surtr – Fire Barbaric King]

2018 Anniversary Hall of Heroes [Surtr – Fire Barbaric King]

th, 2018, the 2018 Anniversary Hall of Heroes was announced! This Hall of Heroes is different from the rest, because we can actually revisit five previous Hall of Heroes monsters, and pick one for that account. Our choice this year is Surtr (Fire Barbaric King), Ryan (Water Neostone Fighter), Cichlid (Wind Mermaid), Brig (Light Pirate Captain) and Lanett (Dark Magic Knight). Because I want to make sure I can give you advice no matter which Hall of Heroes you picked, I decided I would use my main account and four alternate accounts, all of which chose a different Hall of Heroes. Each of the different Hall of Heroes monsters will get an article of its own. This account is alternate account 4, and here I picked Surtr. Before we begin, Hall of Heroes is a lot like Trial of Ascension, so that means you can use Trial of Ascension strategy and monsters (e.g. attack bar pushbacks, stuns and continuous damage are king). I strongly advise bringing your regular Trial of Ascension team. Let’s cut the chatter and get on with it!

Is Surtr Usable?

Not really. If you have to ask me, he’s probably the second worst of the five Hall of Heroes choices this year. I would really only recommend getting Surtr if you’ve got a Hraesvelg or one of the light and dark Barbaric Kings and didn’t have skillups for them. If they’re fully skilled up, though, pick something else. I say “second worst” because Surtr is at least somewhat usable, unlike Ryan, the worst of the HoH choices. His first skill inflicts not one Continuous Damage, but two with only one hit. His second and third skill, Axe of Punishment and Summary of Conviction, respectively, both have really high multipliers. Axe of Punishment will have him throw his axe at an enemy and stun them for a turn with an 80% chance and will also recover his HP by 30% of the damage. The multiplier for this attack is 600%, meaning he’ll do 600% of his attack stat before damage reduction, such as the chosen enemy’s defense and whatnot. Summary of Conviction will attack an enemy. If the enemy has less than 50% HP, then the damage will also be increased by 50% and Surtr’s speed will be increased, and as long as the skill is on cooldown, he’ll recover 10% HP every turn. Sadly, there’s nothing else to this skill (not even anything like a defense break) but remember that this third skill has an 800% attack multiplier. That’s the same multiplier as Brig’s third skill. I don’t know how to rune Surtr, so no runesets for this stage. Let’s begin this guide to Hall of Heroes!

Stage 1

Welcome to stage 1. Don’t you just wish that Aegir couldn’t be a Barbaric King, instead some handsome pirate or something that could Woo-chi girls with a flick of Full Speed Ahead? – okay I don’t know where I was going there, I’m sorry. This stage consists of three Aegirs (water Barbaric Kings) and two Woochis (wind Taoists) The Threat: Woochi is basically a budget Charlotte, so that means he’s got the budget overpowered-ness that Charlotte has. His third skill, Magic Flute, will attack everyone and reset the attack bar of all enemies. As for Aegir, I actually tried to build Aegir, back during his Hall of Heroes. I thought he’d be a good replacement for Megan in my DB10 team as back then I didn’t have a Megan. I was wrong. Anyway, Aegir’s third skill, Confiscate, attacks the enemy two times, each attack having a chance to steal a beneficial effect from them. When Confiscate’s on cooldown, his speed will be increased by 35 and he’ll recover his HP by 10% for each turn that the skill’s on cooldown. The Solution: Kill Woochi first and then Aegir. I say Woochi because Aegir doesn’t decrease everyone’s attack bar by 100%. This stage is pretty easy, there’s nothing that could directly kill you, but I can’t say the same for the next stage…

Stage 2

I have no bad jokes here because it’s near impossible to make jokes when the names of the monsters on this stage sounds like a sneeze’s onomatopoeia, surprise surprise. This stage consists of three Hraesvelgs (wind Barbaric Kings) and two Zibroltas (fire Kobold Bombers) The Threat: Hraesvelg is called the best of the elemental Barbaric Kings, and for good reason. Not only does he bring Brand and two Continuous Damage effects in the same skill, but I’m fairly sure that his third skill, Resentment, is the only third skill of the Barbaric Kings that’s an AoE. Resentment attacks all enemies twice, increasing the attack power and attack speed of all allies for two turns. When Resentment’s on cooldown, Hraesvelg’s attack speed increases by 35 and he’ll heal himself for 10% of his HP for every turn that Resentment’s on cooldown. Zibrolta is a pretty big threat too. He got buffed I think four months back so that his second skill will have its cooltime decreased by one turn for each Continuous Damage effects that he lands. Keep in mind that he can land Continuous Damage on his third skill, too. The Solution: Make sure you have Immunity on or have a passive cleanser. This way, Zibrolta’s attacks won’t be able to land any Continuous Damage if you have Immunity, meaning that he won’t have his cooldown on his second skill reduced. If you have a passive cleanser, though, that’ll just take care of the Continuous Damage effects on your monsters.

Stage 3

I really really want a Chiwu. This stage of Hall of Heroes consists of one Chiwu (fire Pioneer) and two Renos (water Dice Magicians) The Threat: Most definitely Chiwu. I’m totally not just biased because I really really want a Chiwu but will probably never get one. But seriously, Chiwu is like one of the best buff strippers in the game, next to everyone’s favorite Tiana. Sleeve Attack will attack everyone, removing all beneficial effects off of them. Chiwu will then heal himself for 5% for each beneficial effect removed. His lackeys, Reno, also have a chance to Ignore Defense. Dice Madness, his third skill, will have him roll the dice four times to attack all enemies. The bigger the number, the higher the damage. If, for example, roll 2 gets the same numbers as roll 1, he’ll ignore the defense of the enemies he attacks. The Solution: Kill Chiwu. I’m sorry my Pioneer boi, but it’s for the greater good. Reno can’t do much damage, even on the highest levels, meaning that you can just ignore him and go for Chiwu to get past him and to stage 4.

Stage 4

Hrungrir is just not my type. I would definitely not take him to Prom. Stage 4 consists of three Hrungrirs (dark Barbaric Kings) and two Proms (light Grim Reapers) The Threat: Hrungrir is a serious threat here, I am not joking. It’s bad enough when there’s one of them, but now there’s three. About half a year ago I think, he got buffed so that now his third skill, Frenzy, will have a 40% chance not to go on cooldown, not to mention instantly giving him another turn after using it. On top of that, his attack speed is increased for two turns after he uses Frenzy, and he heals himself by 10% of his Max HP for every turn that Frenzy’s on cooldown. Prom, though he can’t directly kill someone, can be a setup for Hrungrir to nuke people with Frenzy. His third skill will inflict AoE defense break on everyone for 1 turn and also stun them for a turn. The Solution: Kill Hrungrir first. Though it seems more reasonable to kill Prom and then Hrungrir, you don’t want to deal with Hrungrir laying a frenzy of, well, Frenzy attacks on you, even without a defense break on any of your teammates. To deal with Prom’s debuffs, bring a passive cleanser like Veromos. If you do get unlucky enough to get hit with defense breaks, Veromos will cleanse them right off your allies! Of course, he can’t cleanse the stuns off, but it’s better than getting one-shotted by Frenzy.

Stage 5

Sorry about the bad pic, guys. Didn’t realize what I was doing and attacked before I took the screenshot. Anyway, this stage consists of three Mimirrs (light Barbaric Kings) and two Bethonys (dark Magic Archers) The Threat: I’m going to go with Bethony as the biggest threat here. Her third skill, Shadow Arrow, attacks a target twice and each attack has a 30% chance to ignore the enemy’s defense. Don’t you just love it when you’re one-hit killed because RNG was just not on your side, buddy-o-bread-slice-dawg. No seriously, a few seconds after that picture was taken I almost got one-shotted by Bethony ignoring Verad’s defense twice. Mimirr is really annoying, too. His third skill, Confine, attacks an enemy target, reducing its attack bar to 0 and stunning it for one turn. Like Hraesvelg’s third skill, his attack speed increases whenever this skill’s on cooldown, and will recover 10% HP every turn this skill’s on cooldown. The Solution: Go for Bethony first. Though Mimirr can and probably will Confine one of your teammates as you do so, at least it’s better than getting your defense ignored. There, you can then take out Mimirr and advance onto the boss stage!

Stage 6

We’re finally at the end of the Surtr Hall of Heroes. As always, this stage has the most variety out of all the stages of this Hall of Heroes, because the lackeys differ each stage. In this particular instance, we have one Surtr, an Aegir, and a Hraesvelg. The Threat: The threat will be different each stage because the lackeys differ each stage. In this case, the biggest threat would be Hraesvelg because Hraesvelg is just great all around. However, if the next stage the lackeys are Hrungrir and Aegir, the biggest threat is Hrungrir. The Solution: The solution will be different because, as I mentioned, the lackeys change each stage. For example, in the battle in my screenshot, I would kill Hraesvelg, kill Aegir, and then take out Surtr. I hope you enjoy this anniversary Hall of Heroes, because I enjoyed it too! I’m Sara Ann, and I’ll see you in my next four or so articles that are getting released today because I’VE WRITTEN FIVE ARTICLES IN THE SPAN OF FIVE HOURS ARE YOU PROUD OF ME MOM]]>