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2019 Anniversary Hall of Heroes [Tilasha – Dark Undine]

2019 Anniversary Hall of Heroes [Tilasha – Dark Undine]

th, 2019, the 2019 Anniversary Hall of Heroes was announced! This Hall of Heroes event is different from the rest, because we can actually revisit five previous Hall of Heroes monsters. Our choices this year are Lexy (fire Assassin), Rigel (water Lich), Olivia (wind Neostone Agent), Conrad (light Death Knight) and Tilasha (dark Undine). Because I want to make sure I can give you advice no matter which Hall of Heroes you picked, I decided I would use my main account and four alternate accounts, all of which chose a different Hall of Heroes. Each of the different Hall of Heroes monsters will get an article of its own. This account is my main account, and the only account where my team matters. Here, I picked Tilasha. Before we begin, Hall of Heroes is a lot like Trial of Ascension, so that means you can use Trial of Ascension strategy and monsters (e.g. attack bar pushbacks, stuns and continuous damage are king). I strongly advise bringing your regular Trial of Ascension team. My team is Baretta (L), Frigate, Charlotte, Shaina, and Maruna. Let’s cut the chatter and get on with it!

Is Tilasha Usable?

…I mean, she’s usable, yeah, but she’s not the best of the Hall of Heroes units. The only reason why I picked her this year is because I didn’t get any of the Hall of Heroes monsters before the new HoH format. Now, with the regular element mons, this is alright, but LnD nat4s…not so much. Anyway, Tilasha is actually a unit that revives. Her third skill, Dark Return, will revive a dead ally with 1 HP, but they (the dead ally) will instantly gain a turn after being revived. It used to be that she revived them with 1 HP but a full attack bar, but now with this additional turn the enemies can’t cut in and one-shot the dead monster again. Rune Recommendations: Violent + Nemesis; SPD/HP%/HP%

Stage 1

It’s time to begin this round of Hall of Heroes! This stage consists of three Delphois (wind Undines) and two Jeans (fire Phantom Thieves). The Threat: How many times has Jean been buffed now? Seven, eight, times? I can’t remember anymore. Anyway, his passive Old Grudge increases his attack bar by 50% when he stuns or defeats an enemy target with his attack. He’ll also deal 100% more damage if the HP of the enemy he attacks is at least twice the amount of HP he has. Meanwhile, Delphoi has Immunity and cleanse. She’s one of the better four-stars out there, and considered a really good cleanser for the Rift of Worlds. Her third skill, Spirit’s Blessing, cleanses all allies of their harmful/inability effects, heals them for 30% of their HP, and also grants Immunity on them for 2 turns. Reminder that her second skill, Mind Shock, can also put the target enemy’s skills on max cooldown and, when skilled up, only has a 3 turn cooldown. In other words, Delphoi is a pretty big beast of a support monster. I do not have a Delphoi, and I am very sad about that. The Solution: Hey, did you know that stun and death are pretty good crowd controls? What I’m saying is that you should keep Delphoi stunned or just straight-up kill all three before you work on anyone else, including the other two Jeans. You need to keep all three stunned, too, else one will get a turn, cast Spirit’s Blessing, and then you’ll howl into the sky that life isn’t faiiiiiirrrr, y u do dis 2 me life. …I speak from experience. Anyway, while you’re doing that, you need to keep the Jeans stunned the whole time. Letting anyone get a turn is the best way to get screwed up and die in Hall of Heroes. This rule also applies to the higher floors of Trial of Ascension.

Stage 2

Here, we have three Atenais (fire Undines) and two Rigels. The Threat: So here’s the thing; Rigel got buffed big time, and now he’s part of the anniversary Hall of Heroes, AND an enemy monster in Tilasha’s HoH. Now, he still can’t get hit with inability effects, like sleep or stun, and still has a 25% chance to not receive a critical hit. However, when an attack that should be a critical hit fails to land a crit hit on him, he’ll increase his attack and defense by 10% (stacks up to 5 times). Atenai is like a budget Chasun, meanwhile. I actually six-starred her a while back…and I deeply regret it. ANYway, her passive, Share Life, evens out the HP ratio of all her allies, and then heals them all by 25% of their Max HP. Her first skill, upon landing as a critical hit, will also grant attack break on the enemy she attacks for two turns. I’m told this makes her pretty good as a Tartarus Labyrinth monster, but I’m not sure yet. Either way, these two monster types combined makes for a bad time. The Solution: Try and focus on Rigel first. He can’t be stunned, and yeah, he’ll get his HP and Defense buffed every time you fail to land a critical hit on him – plus he’s got a passive that decreases his chances of being hit by a critical hit, so you can bet it’s gonna get a bit chaotic. Now, while I may be going on about Rigel, that doesn’t mean you should still ignore Atenai. It may not look like it, but 25% is a pretty big heal, and that’s before the HP balancing. Either way, keep the Atenais stunned while you work on the other guys. If you can’t stun them, though, at least bring someone who can healblock people. The HP balancing goes through healblock, but the healing itself can’t. With that said, let’s move on to Stage 3!

Stage 3

Miniboss time! Here, we have Wolyung (dark Sky Dancer) and two Figaros (light Jokers) The Threat: Fun fact: I actually just got my first LnD lightning ever a few days ago! Figaro was the guy who came out of it. I haven’t built him yet, though. I will soon, though! Anyway, Wolyung is the person you really need to worry about here. She’s one of the two Sky Dancers who are nat5s, and in the actual game, her kit tends to be called “pretty weak.” However, this is the Hall of Heroes, where anything and everything can be extremely annoying to deal with. Wolyung is one of those monsters. Her second skill, Amuse, will heal her allies’ HP proportionate to her attack power and then increase their attack for 3 turns. Her third skill, Dagger of Grudge, attacks an enemy four times with a hidden blade, inflicting damage that ignores all damage reduction effects. That means Chloe’s invincibility, the defense buff Shannon brought and what have you will all be ignored. But what about Figaro, you may ask? Way back before the day Garo got buffed, Figaro used to be like Garo; in which his passive will have a 25% chance to cancel incoming damage. He also removes one beneficial effect from each person he attacks, and his second skill is Surprise Box – which, if you don’t know, is an AoE skill that attacks everyone. The Solution: Take out Wolyung first things first. Hall of Heroes got buffed a while ago so that you don’t have to kill the lackeys in the miniboss and boss stages anymore. That means, again, you can kill Wolyung without having a worry about Figaro. Besides, as long as you keep Figaro stunned during this whole ordeal, you should be good to go. Once they’re all dead, we can safely go on to Stage 4!

Stage 4

Here we go! Here, we’re starting off with three Mikenes (water Undines) and two Ling Lings (wind Kung Fu Girls). The Threat: Ling Ling may be considered the worst of the Kung Fu Girls, but that doesn’t mean she can’t pack a punch. Her third skill, Wind Dragon Attack, will attack random enemies four times, each attack removing all the beneficial effects on them. When this skill is on cooldown, she’ll also have a 25% chance to counterattack whoever hit her – which, since this is Summoner’s War we’re talking about, 25% means 100%. Now, while I may be rambling on about these other guys, that doesn’t mean we should completely ignore Mikene, either. She’s actually a pretty good reviver (and a fusable four-star at that). Her third skill, the aptly-named Revive, will revive a fallen ally with 40% of their HP, and then grants them Immunity for a turn. If Mikene casts it on herself, though, she’ll instead grant herself Soul Protection for 3 turns. As you know, I REALLY hate revivers in Hall of Heroes. You could be sitting there, chipping away at the enemy’s HP, and then when you finally kill them, the reviver gets a turn and then proceeds to completely undo all the work that you just did. It’s one of the worst feelings in the world. The Solution: Kill. All. The. Mikenes. That’s the FIRST thing you should always do when you come across a reviver in Hall of Heroes. Me, personally, I try to take out the reviver in everywhere, not just in Hall of Heroes. There’s a Vanessa in that AD? We kill her first! Enemy Eladriel in ToA? Twins are gonna focus on him until everyone’s favorite Breezi Boi is no more! …Yeah, I call Eladriel breezi boi. Anyway, once all three Mikenes are dead, you can safely work on the Ling Lings. They have some pretty good base stats for a four-star monster, but HoH likes to defy all rules of physics and stats, once you get to the higher levels, you’ll be ganged up on big time by Ling Lings with massive amounts of attack power and Mikenes with stupid high HP. Anyway, let’s move on to the final stage of this Hall of Heroes before it’s boss time!

Stage 5

Final stage, people! Here, we’re greeted with three Icashas (light Undines) and two Hrungnirs (dark Barbaric Kings) The Threat: Let’s talk about Icasha for a second here. Her first skill, when it lands as a critical hit, removes all beneficial effects off the enemy. She has Mind Shock, which is the cooldown skill, and she also has Absolute Defense, which removes up to two harmful effects off the ally she places this on, and then she makes them Invincible for 3 turns. In other words, she’s the four-star version of Neal, who also has longer Invincibility. Thankfully, though, the cooltime for Absolute Defense is a whopping seven turns, so you should more or less be okay. …As long as you don’t let any Icasha get a turn, that is. But then there’s Hrungnir; he is a COMPLETELY different story. He’s going to be the attacker of this stage. His third skill, Frenzy: attacks an enemy target, instantly recovers another turn, has a 40% chance to be prevented from going on cooldown, AND when this attack is on cooldown, his attack speed increases greatly and he’ll heal himself for 10% of his HP at the start of every turn until it’s back off the cooldown. The Solution: You know how much people hate Guillaume because of his one turn of Invincibility passive that procs whenever you land a Glancing Hit? Icasha is basically that, except she has three turns of Invincibility if you ever let her give a turn. I swear, at least three times I’ve looked down and found my twins eternally proccing on a stunned, yet invincible Icasha. Basically, you need to keep Icasha either eternally stunned, frozen, or kill her. That means all three of them, too – don’t leave a single one able to get a turn. I cannot stress this enough. Letting Icasha get a turn is what makes or breaks a run. Then there’s the whole “what if Icasha buffs a Hrungnir” issue. You are going to want to keep Hrungrir stunned this whole time, by the way. You don’t want him to get a turn either; remember how stupid overpowered Frenzy has become now. Once all five are dead, however, then you can safely move onto the final stage of this Hall of Heroes!

Stage 6

It’s time for the boss! Here, we have a Tilasha, and this stage has the most variety because the elements of her lackeys will differ per stage. The Threat: Well, in this particular stage, I’d say that the threat (from least to most dangerous) is: Mikene, Delphoi, then Tilasha. The Solution: Of course, I can’t give a one-size-fits-all advice for this stage, because the lackeys are gonna differ. You could completely ignore her lackeys if you wanted to, or you could take them down, risk Tilasha reviving them, and then kill Tilasha. Either way, she’s gotta die at some point. Anyway, I hope you enjoyed this Hall of Heroes article! Stay tuned, though; we’re gonna have four more coming out; one for each option! Which choice did you pick? Tell me in the comments! I’m Sara Ann, and I’ll see you in the next (four) article(s)!]]>