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2020 Anniversary Hall of Heroes [Barque – Wind Pirate Captain]

2020 Anniversary Hall of Heroes [Barque – Wind Pirate Captain]

ten! However, the first five choices were last week, so in this case, we’re gonna be focusing on the last five choices – Gemini, Bering, Barque, Jun, and Sian. Today, we’re gonna be looking at the wind Pirate Captain, Barque. I’ve run all the Hall of Heroes on five different accounts, so four out of five will be absolute nooblet teams. However, my main team is still the same. Before we begin, Hall of Heroes is a lot like Trial of Ascension, so that means you can use Trial of Ascension strategy and monsters (e.g. attack bar pushbacks, stuns and continuous damage are king). I strongly advise bringing your regular Trial of Ascension team. In my case, I’m using Baretta (L), Charlotte, Rica, Frigate, and Verad. Fun fact: Barque was the first HoH I experienced after rejoining the game after my half a year break.

Stage 1

Hoo boi, Stage 1 is gonna be a doozy. Here, we have three Galleons (water Pirate Captains) and two Logans (wind Neostone Fighters). The Threat: Galleon is whack, he’s definitely one of the best four-star monsters in this game. He AoE decreases the defense of all enemies for 2 turns, and also increases the attack of all allies by 2 turns. It’s not fun. Logan’s got some great damage too, but his third skill instantly grants him another turn if he completely decreases the enemy’s attack bar. The Solution: Oh, definitely take out the Galleon first. He’s an absolute mess to deal with, and there’s a reason why my GB10 time went down from 1:11 to 0:43 the day I put him on my team. I know I usually say to take out the damage dealer first, but if Galleon does hit the attack power, much less the defense break, then you’re going to have a bad time.

Stage 2

Welcome to Stage 2. Here, we have three Carracks (fire Pirate Captains) and two Malakas (water Kobold Bombers). The Threat: So, fun fact, this stage actually has a whole lot of synergy together. Malaka brings AoE bombs to all your allies, and Carrack actually detonates bombs on his enemies. Granted, Carrack is thankfully just singletarget, but it would seriously suck if he were AoE. Plus, the bombs will probably end up one-hit killing all your allies if you don’t cleanse them off. The Solution: Malakas first. Carrack thankfully doesn’t bring any bombs of his own, so you’re good in that remark. However, he still does a whole lot of single-target damage, so at least try make sure you don’t get killed by him, okay? We’re only on stage 2.

Stage 3

It’s time for the miniboss! Here, we have a Xing Zhe (wind Monkey King) and two Hong Huas (fire Kung Fu Girls). The Threat: Sorry I didn’t get an image of both Hong Huas, by the way. The Nicki rep I took was apparently on Revenge. But anyway! I think Xing Zhe here is the biggest threat here, solely because of his passive. He decreases the damage he takes by 35%, and also has a 35% chance to counterattack if one of his allies is attacked. Hong Hua only counterattacks if she hits her third skill, meanwhile. The Solution: Just focus on Xing Zhe. He won’t counterattack if you attack only him (that includes not using AoE attacks), though it’ll be a little slower since he reduces the damage he takes by 35%. Remember that Oblivion does take out passives, though.

Stage 4

Hello, welcome to Stage 4, where we have 2 LD Nat4s that I own on my main. Here, we have three Frigates (dark Pirate Captains) and two Armarnas (light Anubises). The Threat: I don’t even have to look up a refresher on these guys’ skills, I remember them from heart. Frigate decreases the cooltime of his allies by 1 turn, and also increases their attack bar by 50% (yes, you read that right). Armarna, meanwhile, is absolutely insane with his third skill. He removes all debuffs from allies, heals them for 30%, and then revives all fallen allies. However, he increases his skill time cooldown by 2 turns for each dead ally he brought back. The Solution: Ohhhhh, go for Armarna first. Armarna, Armarna, Armarna. Oh, I HATE Armarna. I love USING him, I hate FIGHTING him. Do NOT let him revive anyone, and make sure you kill them both first. If the first Armarna tries to revive the second Armarna, that is going to suuuck.

Stage 5

Alright, so, I admit, I lost my screenshot for stage 5, and I had to go back. Here, though, we have three Brigs (light Pirate Captains) and two Hrungnirs (dark Barbaric Kings). The Threat: You just have to survive this round before you can get to the boss stage! Unfortunately, this is one of the highest damage stages in this HoH. I’ve had the Brigs take out my rep more than once. That’s actually why that image has a Rica rep – not only did I die from the Brigs, but apparently my first screenshot of Stage 5 didn’t save. Hrungnir can keep hitting his additional turn third skill, and Brig’s third skill, Disarm, does a ton of singletarget damage, along with breaking your defense, ATk and also blocking buffs for 2 turns. (I still lowkey regret picking Lanett over Brig in the Anniversary HoH). The Solution: Uuuuugh, Hrungnir. Remember, he can’t activate his third skill if he’s dead. So, take out the Hrungnirs first, and then go for Brig. Don’t get me wrong, his damage is really good too, if not better than Hrungnir’s (that 800% multiplier on Brig…), but Hrungnir has a 40% chance for his third skill not to go on cooldown.

Stage 6

It’s boss time! Here, we have a Barque, and also two lackeys – Pirate Captains of varying elements. The Threat: Now, the threat tends to depend on what stage you’re on. I remember the Orochi HoH had the same two lackeys on all the floors. However, in this case the biggest threat would be the Galleon lackey, followed up by Barque and then Carack. The Solution: You know the drill. Since the lackeys are always different, then your solution will always be different. In this case, I’d definitely take out Galleon first, and then Barque. You don’t have to take out the lackeys in order to proceed, but frankly, if it’s the higher floors I’d definitely take out the lackeys first and then the boss. I hope you all enjoyed this HoH! Did you get any Barques? If yes, how many? I’ve still got a couple more choices left, and in the meantime, though, I’m Sara Ann, and I’ll see you in the next article!  ]]>