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2020 Anniversary Hall of Heroes [Bering – Dark Kobold Bomber]

2020 Anniversary Hall of Heroes [Bering – Dark Kobold Bomber]

ten! However, the first five choices were last week, so in this case, we’re gonna be focusing on the last five choices – Gemini, Bering, Barque, Jun, and Sian. Today, we’re gonna be looking at the dark Kobold Bomber, Bering. I’ve run all the Hall of Heroes on five different accounts, so four out of five will be absolute nooblet teams. However, my main team is still the same. Before we begin, Hall of Heroes is a lot like Trial of Ascension, so that means you can use Trial of Ascension strategy and monsters (e.g. attack bar pushbacks, stuns and continuous damage are king). I strongly advise bringing your regular Trial of Ascension team. In my case, I’m using Baretta (L), Charlotte, Rica, Frigate, and Verad.

Stage 1

Stage 1 has begun! Here, we have three Carracks (fire Pirate Captains) and two Tauruses (wind Kobold Bombers). The Threat: So, these two monsters actually synergize really well. Taurus’s second still plants a bomb on all enemies, and it’ll go off in 2 turns as well. His third skill also increases the cooldown of all of its enemies by 1 turn as well. Carrack can, meanwhile, instantly detonate a bomb on one of his enemies. Granted, it’s only a single-target attack, but still. The Solution: Take out the Carracks first. It’s not fun to have your mons instantly blown up without even a chance to cleanse it off of them. Taurus is relatively easy to deal with, as long as you stun or silence them and he can’t hit his second skill. His third skill, surprisingly, isn’t the main threat.

Stage 2

It’s time for stage 2! Here, we have three Zibroltas (fire Kobold Bombers) and two Sonnets (water Harp Magicians). The Threat: Okay, so I forgot that Zibrolta got buffed, and he’s actually super strong now. His third skill now instantly detonates the bombs on all enemies, and it’s super fun. I remember when his third skill only did DoTs, and instead of the bomb detonation as well. Sonnet’s actually pretty fun to use as a unit, though she’s ridiculous to face off against. All three of her skills put the enemy to sleep, and her third skill also places a shield on her allies. I think she’s considered to be great with Hathor, but I’m not sure. The Solution: Thankfully, neither Zibrolta nor Sonnet has bombs on them, so this is a relatively safe stage. In that case, I’d say you could safely take out Sonnet first, so she can’t put your allies to sleep, and then you can go for Zibrolta.

Stage 3

It’s miniboss time! Here, we have a Nephthys (dark Desert Queen) and two Irises (light Magic Knight). The Threat: I ACTUALLY HAVE A NEPHTHYS, NO JOKE. Her passive increases her skill activation chances by 20% (so a 50% chance of landing a debuff becomes 70%), and enemies can’t resist the debuffs she places. AND, on top of that, she silences them for 1 turn, too. Iris’s passive has a chance to remove buffs on the enemy, and she’ll also heal her ally with the lowest HP ratio by 15% at her turn. The Solution: Oh, definitely go for Nephthys first. If you’re still having problems with the lackeys, then feel free to stun Iris while you go for Nephthys herself. You can go for the miniboss and go, or you can kill the lackeys and then the miniboss as well.

Stage 4

Ugh, this one’s gonna be a mess. Here, we have three Malakas (water Kobold Bombers) and two Briands (wind Death Knights). The Threat: Okay, so Briand is considered the OG reviver, because he’s been here since the start of the game, and everyone wanted him. I’m pretty sure he was, like, the only reviver available at the time, not counting Vanessa? Don’t quote me on that, I joined in 2015, so I was around for the launch days. ANYway, he’s not that good these days, but he’s still worth talking about, solely because he’s a reviver. His third skill, Supply, revives a fallen ally at 1 HP, before redistributing the HP ratio of all allies. Basically, he can bring all your allies back to, say, 50% HP, if their HP is something like 100%, 40%, 66%, and 1 HP. Malaka, meanwhile, is actually pretty good! I think he’s considered the best of the elemental bombers, but all the love goes to his light brother, Dover. Malaka has the bombing second skill, but his third skill attacks all enemies, with an 80% chance to decrease attack and defense of all enemies for 2 turns. The Solution: I’m going to have to say take out the Briands first. Since he’s a reviver and technically a healer in one, he’ll probably end up getting rid of the damage that you’ve been dealing, and/or even revive an enemy of yours. Then, you can safely go for the Malakas.

Stage 5

It’s almost time for the boss! Here, we have three Dovers (light Kobold Bombers) and two Icareses (dark Sylphids). The Threat: Oh my god, Dover is actually stupid OP. He’s got the bomb second skill, and his third skill stuns all enemies along with decreasing their attack bar by 50%. Icares is actually really fun, I have her myself. Her third skill drains HP from an enemy, equivalent to 50% of her Max HP, and she instantly gains another turn if she kills the enemy with this skill. It’s… wild. The Solution: Definitely go for Dover. I’d actually like a copy of him myself, because his kit has such synergy with a lot of people. If you put the Unrecoverable debuff on Icares, then that’s fine (sort of) because then she can’t heal herself with her S3. However, the “instantly gain another turn” part of her third skill still exists.

Stage 6

It’s boss time, baby! We’ve got a Bering, yeah, and we also have two other lackeys, who are other Kobold Bombers. Now, the element of these lackeys will be different each stage. Here, though, it’s a Zibrolta and a Taurus. The Threat: As always, the threat’s going to be different, because of the lackeys always changing element each floor. In this case, though, I’d probably say that Zibrolta is the bigger threat, solely because he can immediately detonate bombs on his third skill and Taurus has bombs. The Solution: Well, it depends on what works for you. If you’ve got a particularly strong team, then feel free to just go for Bering. However, if the lackeys are giving you trouble, then yeah, you can go for them. In that case, I’d aim for Taurus – because of his second and third skills – and then Zibrolta. I hope you all enjoyed this article! Did you get any Berings? If yes, how many? Make sure to stay tuned for the next four articles, where I’ll be talking about the other four selections for HoH. In the meantime, I’m Sara Ann, and I’ll see you in the next article!]]>