3★ Living Armor Secret Dungeon (Water) [12/2~12/5]

3★ Living Armor Secret Dungeon (Water) [12/2~12/5]

Today, Com2uS will be giving us an opportunity to farm Nickel, the Water Living Armor. The secret dungeon will be open this weekend only! (Dec 2 – Dec 5) This is not a unit I would recommend building; however, this is a great event for those looking to skill up Copper, the Wind Living Armor for PVP and Zinc, the Dark Living Armor for PVE. Thanks for watching!

Patch notes are here.

Hi, it’s Com2uS!

Meet the [Living Armor] with Water Attribute in the Secret Dungeon from Dec. 2nd 12pm to Dec. 5th 12am.

[* Based on the server time – Global(PST), Asia(TST), Europe(CET)]

Gather the Summoning Pieces and summon the 3★ [Living Armor] with Water Attribute!

The Secret Dungeon is also a rich source of Mana Stones, so don’t miss out!


– The Secret Dungeon for the [Living Armor] will be available at the Cairos Dungeons during the event.

– Gather the Summoning Pieces by clearing Dungeons and summon the Monster!

▼How to participate

– You can enter the Secret Dungeon by going to Battle -> Cairos Dungeon -> Secret Dungeon.

The Secret Dungeon is made up of 10 stages. You can get Summoning Pieces by clearing the Dungeon.

* You need a total of 40 Summoning Pieces to summon the Monster.

* You can unlock the Cairos Dungeon by clearing Kabir Ruins.

【How to Summon Monsters】

Collect the Summoning Pieces and go to Summonhenge in your Village.

* When you collect the required number of Summoning Pieces (40), a new function to summon will be added to your Summonhenge.


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