5 Star Monster Fusion Comparisons – Who to Prioritize First?

5 Star Monster Fusion Comparisons – Who to Prioritize First?

A lot of summoners are wondering which 5 star fusion monster they should be going after first. Currently, we have 3 of them to fuse. Here is the pros and cons of fusing each monster:

The Pros

Water Phoenix Wind Valkyrja Dark Ifrit
44% Hp increase in dungeons for all monsters Ignores defense when invincible 33% Hp increase in all places
Attack debuff and has single target freeze Great in arena offense  Clears debuffs every turn(excluding stun/freeze)
High damage with rage/blade set Viable Aiden Hell farmer with good runes Does continuous damage and can stun
Viable Dragon B10 member Useful single target nuker in ToA Staple Giant and Dragon B10 member
Useful in ToA Useful member in ToA from 1-100
Good offensive guild war member Good offensive guild war member Excellent Guild War offensive/defensive monster

The Cons

Water Phoenix Wind Valkyrja Dark Ifrit
Very squishy and slow  3rd skill can be wasted on already dead enemies Lacks damage
Does poorly without good runes Needs Neal or Chloe to really shine and that makes her reliant on other monster synergies Still useful with bad runes due to 3rd skill passive
Not that useful outside of Arena and Guild offensive battles

Things to Consider

Keep in mind that you only think about fusing them once you have a solid group of 6-8 five star monsters that you can rely on for PvE content. Do not waste your time fusing these 3 fusion hexagram monsters until level 35+. The time is better spent on leveling existing monsters.

If you want to do well in PvP or Guild War, you need good runes. I mean 5-6 star runes with good substats. In order to do that, you need to be able to do the following with ease:

  1. Mana Farming(Faimon /Chiruka/Aiden/Hydeni)
  2. Giant B10
  3. Tower of Ascension(at least up to floor 80)
  4. Dragon B10
  5. PvP Arena
  6. Guild War Offense and Defense

I made it in this order based on priority. Let’s take a look at how each of these natural 5 star fusion monsters do in each category.

Water Phoenix

Phoenix Water

1) She can farm Faimon Hard well with good runes. I am not sure about Hell since it is quite hard.

2) Not a staple member but is usable for attack debuff and fast mob clear before meeting the Giant

3) Useful in certain floors but not necessarily a deal breaker without her.

4) A great member for Dragon B10. Offers attack debuff, fast stage clear and most importantly 44% increase in base hp to all monsters.

5) Great offensive fire tank killer in the current PvP tank meta.

6) Does well on offense but having it in defense requires violent runes for best effect.

Wind Valkyrja

Valkyrja Wind

1) Can farm Aiden Hell if runed properly.

2) Not that useful for Giant B10.

3) Requires Chloe or Neal to shine in ToA.

4) Definitely not Dragon B10 material.

5) Excellent offensive monster paired with Chloe/Neal for some potent ignore defense damage in PvP.

6) Great for offense and not that great for defense unless you have Chloe/Neal. Even then, the AI will still not shield correctly.

Dark Ifrit

Ifrit Dark

1) He can’t farm as well as the water phoenix or wind valkyrja.

2) Must have for Giant B10 as he removes slows and defense debuffs AND offers continuous damage + stun.

3) Dark Ifrit will solve a majority of your tower of ascension problems alongside the fire sylph baretta

4) Must have for Giant B10 as he removes continuous damage debuffs, making the dragon hit like a wet noodle.

5) Can be used for both offense and defense for PvP. Provides tankiness and utility.

6) Similar to PvP, he clears debuffs for you.

Who to Fuse First?

Here is my recommended priority list:

1) Dark Ifrit

2) Water Phoenix

3) Wind Valkyrja

You can fuse Valkyrja or Phoenix first if you already have Chloe/Velajuel/Delphoi or any immunity monster.

Dark Ifrit is very useful all round and will provide the most bang for your buck. With him, you can:

  • Consistently do Giant B10, which means more 6 star runes
  • Consistently get to ToA 80+ floors, meaning you get the sweet +300 crystals
  • Consistently do Dragon B10, which means more violent 6 star runes
  • Great for PvP and Guild Wars

I think the reasoning is clear here. Which ever you choose, be prepared for 2 months worth of farming and grinding. Good luck!

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