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6-Star Legend Rune Craft Event Guide

6-Star Legend Rune Craft Event Guide

It’s time for another Rune Crafting event! Com2uS is letting us craft two 6-star legendary runes. Let’s take a look at why this is the best event and how to get the most out of it. Nothing’s worse than picking the wrong runes.

How does the Rune Crafting Event work?

In Summoners War, we use monsters to farm dungeons, build teams, and compete with other players in the real time arena. However, without the right runes (and Artifacts), our monsters won’t do much. That’s why we’re farming every day, trading our crystals for more energy, and hoping to find good runes.

All the runes you’re farming in the Giants, Dragons, Necropolis, or Spiritual Realms dungeons are random. We can select the dungeon according to the rune set we want, but we’re still getting one random rune set out of five or six different ones. It takes quite some time to build up good runes for the monsters you want to use.

Runes that are really overpowered and get you ahead of your opponents are rarely found straight in any dungeon. You’re more likely to get them from using Reappraisal stones or from a Rune Crafting Event. So, how do you participate in the event and what runes should you choose?

The current event (June 9th to July 28th, 2024) is related to the 10th anniversary of Summoners War. This article will also help you with most other rune crafting events, as they always have a similar structure. This time, you have to collect “10-Year Emblems”. It’s pretty simple: just farm as much as you can in any dungeon and they will drop. Also, for buying or using 100 crystals, you’ll get 10 Emblems each. New players who created their account after April 11th, get more when they check in daily for seven days. You can use the Emblems you collect to craft your runes in just five simple steps:

1. Select the tune type

2. Select the rune number (1-6)

3. Select the main property

4. Reroll the sub properties

5. Power up the rune to +6 and reroll these results

And that’s it! It couldn’t be simpler, but you still have to make some key decisions to get the best results for your runes.

What rune to pick? Choosing right for your account!

Just a heads-up: You have seven weeks to finalize your two runes. You can optimize them until the last day of the event, so it’s a good idea to do so. It’s important not to rush this event, so we’ll mention it again later.

There are a lot of things to consider in the rune crafting event, including the type of rune, the slot, and the main and sub stats. Also, every slot and type can only be picked once, so plan ahead which runes you want to pick. Let’s break it down:

The Slot:

Obviously the best slots to pick are 2, 4, or 6. These are harder to obtain because you want a main stat with a % value instead of a flat stat (SPD excluded).

Choose the two slots you need the most runes for, depending on the type of rune you’re choosing. Personally, we prefer slots 4 and 6, because you can have speed as a substat here.

The Type:

The best rune sets to pick are definitely Violent, Will, Swift and Despair. There might be a reason to pick something else if you’re desperately looking for a specific rune. The four sets mentioned are generally the best in the game and you’ll need a lot of them always. That’s why you should go for two of them.

Our runes of choice are one Violent and one Will.

The Main Stat:

If you’re choosing to get a slot 2 rune, speed is the main stat you want. You’ll need them on more monsters compared to the other stats, like HP%, DEF% or ATK%.

For the 4th and 6th rune slot, HP% is always a good choice and has a wide area of application. ATK% for Slot 6 is great for damage dealers or Crit Damage / Crit Rate for a slot 4 rune.

Take a look at your rune inventory and get familiar with what you already have and what you want to have more of.

Here we’re going for Crit Rate and HP%.

The Sub Stats:

Ideally, you want to have grindable, %-substats like HP%, DEF%, and/or ATK% in every rune. Crit rate is also nice to have for an ATK%-slot 6 rune. But the most desired substat is Speed. These events are your chance to get a super fast rune for the rune type of your choice.

Make sure that all of the substats are as high as possible. Just a reminder to take your time until the last day of the event. Speed should be on six, respectively 18 after powering up the rune. Before that, don’t collect the rune.

It’s important to know what you’re missing for your account. Maybe you already have a decent amount of efficient and fast Slot 6 Vio Runes and you’re more in need of Slot 2 speed runes. If you are playing RTA, it also depends on the team and style of play you’re using. For example, a turn-two teams needs different runes than a first-turn cleave.

What else should you know?

This time, the event has a “Sub Properties Notification System”. You can also reroll the sub properties of each rune 10 times at once instead of doing it one by one. These are great features that will save you a lot of clicks and time, and also prevent you from skipping the good substats you’re looking for by accident. Just choose up to four substats you want in your rune and set their values.

Once you’ve done that, it will stop rerolling your rune if the requirements are met. It can be a good idea to start with just two substats and build the rune up step by step. That way, you’ll have a usable rune even if you never hit the maximum in all substats. Once you hit that, you can add a third and fourth subproperty and increase the numeric values.

After you’ve created your perfect rune, you can power it up to +6 in the last step of the event. You can even reroll the powerup results, until you’re satisfied. This means you can get to 18 Speed as a substat, before you collect your crafted runes. For that reason, those rune crafting events are so popular. You only need two more Speed rolls after that, and you’ll have a beautiful quad speed rune!

One downside to the event is that you won’t get any prefix in your rune. Prefixes are the additional subproperty some runes naturally have. This is another reason to take your time and get the best possible rune out of the event. If it’s not that good after the event, it won’t be a target for your Reappraisal stones.

Summary of the 6-star Rune Crafting Event

This event is your chance to craft high-quality runes. Take your time over the full seven weeks to get the best out of your selections and make decisions based on your rune inventory and play style. While the crafted runes lack prefixes, the ability to fine-tune them makes this event valuable.

Feel free to share screenshots of your final runes on our Discord server. We wish you good luck with this event.