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An In-Depth Look on My 20 NEW Six-Stars! (Part 2)

An In-Depth Look on My 20 NEW Six-Stars! (Part 2)

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Khmun (Fire Anubis)

Rating: 7/10 Khmun is still holding up as one really decent four-star monster, though he’s been seeing a little less action than usual. Nevertheless, he’s still really good, because of his passive. Most of these monsters on my list are great because specifically of their passive, but in this case it’s Savior. Each turn, he’ll grant a shield that’s 20% of his total HP on the ally with the lowest HP ratio, and it lasts for 2 turns. That means if he goes first, he’ll grant it on someone with the lowest total HP, and will also grant the shield on people who have been attacked and their HP is the lowest of the team. So that means if your Belladeon is at 20% HP, Khmun at 15%, and your Veromos at 30%, Khmun will shield himself. If you have a particularly tanky and fast Khmun, that makes him a nightmare to deal with for the people who may be fighting against him. Remember with each turn the shield will refresh. If we’re still using the Veromos example, you could be chipping away at the shield for a while, and then when you’ve just broken it (but ignored everyone else) Khmun will cast the shield on Veromos again! I actually use Khmun in my Arena Defense. It’s not the best – Praha (L), Eladriel, Khmun and Ritesh – and has no monster who could one-shot one of the enemies, but it does get a few successful defenses and draws, so I’ll take what I can get. Runes: Swift + Will; SPD/HP%/HP%

Shaina (Fire Chakram Dancer)

Rating: 10/10 A nat5 in disguise. Shaina is like, one of the greatest nat4s of all time. It figures that she’s a Chakram Dancer too; the ChakBoom combos have been complete gamechangers ever since their release, and Shaina is frequently called the best of the Chakram Dancers. It’s not hard to see why – it’s all because of that beautiful passive of hers, called Precision. When she attacks, she’ll decrease the enemy’s Defense for one turn with each attack, and if they have harmful effects on them, she’ll decrease their attack bar by 15% per hit. Harmful effects also includes the ones she brings, not to mention she has an AoE stun, which also means an AoE attack bar decrease. Don’t forget that if there’s any Boomerang Warriors in the team, she’ll team up with them every time she attacks and vice versa, and their passives apply to each other. That’s why Shaina and Sabrina are considered the best twins combo – Sabrina’s damage reduction and attack power increase applies to Shaina, and Shaina’s attack bar reduction applies to Sabrina as well. Runes: Violent + Blade; SPD/CRIT DMG%/ATK% With that, we’re now going to move on to the wind section of the new six-stars I’ve made!


Mav (Wind Penguin Knight)

Rating: 8/10 da lil pengi who could 😀 I love Mav, he’s super precious. He’s actually really useful, especially in early-game. His whole kit just works really well in ToA, and I myself still bust him out occasionally when a particular stage is giving me trouble. Let’s just start with the kit itself. His first skill can stun an enemy, the second skill heals himself by 25% and provokes an enemy for one turn (which is great for boss stages), and his third skill will remove one harmful/inability effect from all allies, and then increase their attack speed for 2 turns. This means if his allies all have stun except him, he could easily cleanse it off, while Veromos can’t. The best part about him is that he’s a three-star, too, so he’s really easy to get and easy to skill up! That’s another thing; you should definitely skill up Mav – when you do, his third skill cooldown goes down to just 3 turns and his second skill is basically guaranteed to land the Provoke. Most people agree that Mav should be included in every beginner’s ToA(H) team. The recommended team is something like Baretta (L), Sigmarus, Mav, Belladeon, Veromos. I haven’t had the chance to test that team out myself, but what I do know is that for that pesky Leo Ragdoll stage, you can do Baretta (L), Neal, Mav, Mihyang and Hemos/Thrain for what’s basically a guaranteed win! Mav also has a Funko Pop of himself! It’s super adorable and well-made. I actually have all four of the first SW Funko wave, and right now I’m actually working on a review of the Pops. In other words, Mav is so good and pure he got his own Funko! Definitely build a Mav; he’ll carry you through ToA with his wings of wind. All you really need for Mav is decent Vio runes, and make him tanky and reasonably fast, this way he could survive when the provoked monsters attack him and can cycle through more turns. Runes: Violent + (broken runeset); SPD/HP%/HP%

Teshar (Wind Phoenix)

Rating: 8/10 Many people agree that Teshar is one of, if not the best GB10 and secret dungeon monsters out there. People frequently like to pair him up with Lushen as well. Fun fact: Teshar is currently the only nat5 monster I have a dupe of! …Whoopdy-doo? Anyway, Teshar actually has the highest base attack in the game, clocking in at over the thousands. The Phoenixes are the top 5 monsters with the highest base attack, and behind them is Arang! (I’ll get to her later in this review.) So what makes Teshar so great, besides his very high base attack? It’s mostly his third skill, Tempest! He’ll attack all enemies with a violent storm, and then his third skill will instantly become reusable if he kills an enemy with this attack. He’ll also gain 20% of his attack bar per enemy. Basically, if you stick him and a Galleon in a secret dungeon, Teshar could just keep using Tempest again and again and again until you’ve cleared the stage. The only thing that holds him back is his stupid AI – like, seriously, it may even be worse than Galleon’s. In Aiden Forest, when he could easily use Tempest all three rounds and clear everyone in under…I’d say 40 seconds, he sometimes uses his second skill Lightning Nova, which only hits one enemy, and then he’s seriously slowed down the runs. Don’t let his bad AI trick you into thinking he’s bad, though. He’s probably one of the best monsters you could pull for early-game, next to only a select few other monsters like Charlotte, Feng Yan, Perna or Herteit. Runes: Fatal + Blade; SPD/CRIT DMG%/ATK%

Akhamamir (Wind Ifrit)

Rating: 5/10 I swear, it took me at least three tries to spell his name right… This is why I refer to him as “Mama Mia” when I’m talking with my friends. ANYway, with every monster family except the Occult Girls, there’s bound to be a dud. In this case, Akhamamir is the other dud of the Ifrit family. Like, right now Veromos actually has some use in Season 8 RTA meta, because he can easily cleanse off Jeanne’s provoke, Theomars is always great, Tesarion is one of three monsters with Oblivion, and Elsharion… …ehhhhh, we’ll get to Elsharion. But in the meantime, Akhamamir just doesn’t really have a good kit. He’s meant to be a nuker, but his second skill is Super Crush – the one with a super unreliable stun and deals damage based on Max HP. Don’t get me wrong, I think Super Crush works great on Veromos; it actually adds to the versatility of his kit. That’s…not the case with Akhamamir. Anyway, his third skill Mach Crush attacks all enemies twice, and the damage will increase by 30% with each harmful effect on the enemy. However, if there’s only one harmful effect on an enemy, it’ll be increased by a flat 50%. He’s actually produced some great damage with this skill before, and with kinda bad Rage runes to boot, too, but his second skill hinders his usability. You know the quickest way you could fix both Akhamamir and Tesarion at the same time? Switch their second skills. This way, Akhamamir has a single-target nuke, and Tesarion is an AoE Oblivioner. But hey, I’m not Com2uS, I’m just some gamer who loves SW. Runes: Rage + Blade; ATK%/CRIT DMG%/ATK%

Arang (Wind Nine-tailed Fox)

Rating: 9/10 Hey, did you know that Arang is actually fusable? She’s a nat4 who you can fuse in order to fuse Katarina and Sigmarus, or, if you’re like, fuse both nat4s and then keep a copy of Arang around. As it turns out, she’s actually REALLY friggin good, and it’s not just because of her insanely high base attack! Her second skill, Soul Snatcher, will drain life from an enemy, and the excess HP she gains will be converted into a shield. So that means if she hits an enemy for, let’s say 15k damage when she’s at 1 HP, she’ll heal herself for almost 10k and then the not-quite 6k will be the shield she has for 2 turns. Soul Snatcher also has a pretty high multiplier too (500%!) Here’s where she gets really good, though: her third skill, Sweet Talk, has an 800% multiplier. She’ll attack an enemy and decrease their attack speed, attack power, and defense (all for 2 turns). The best part is that she’ll deal 50% more damage if the enemy is already under harmful effects. I’d also like to take a moment to point out the Nine-tailed Foxes’ leader skills, which increases the attack power of their elemental allies by 40%. In this case, Arang increases the wind allies’ power by 40%. I’ve actually tested her out in Aiden Forest a few times before, with Galleon to provide attack buff to her, defense break to the enemies, and with her leader skill. The most I’ve ever seen her deal was…I think 50k on a Critical Hit. Obviously, you can see at least two places where Arang could be good in: GB10 and the Water Beast. She brings essential debuffs, a good leader skill, and MASSIVE DAMAGE – ahem. In other words, if you’ve got a spare Arang lying around, y’all should definitely build her. You won’t regret it when she starts hitting for 35k or more on Sweet Talk! Runes: Fatal + Blade; ATK%/CRIT DMG%/ATK%


Lyn (Light Amazon)

Rating: 9/10 I actually underestimated Lyn when I first got her! (In my defense, I still had 2:30-3:00 GB10 times at the time.) So, I stuck her in storage, and when I was looking to speed up my GB10 team without Galleon, I took her out, six-starred her, and then she started hitting the boss for at least half his HP on Critical Hits. So what makes her so great, you may ask? I think it’s the fact that she’s a three-star, and all three of her skills are based off of the enemy’s Max HP. Her third skill, Phantom Crush, will attack an enemy proportionate to his max HP and then stuns them for one turn. However, if the enemy is immune to stun, the damage that they’re inflicted with will be increased by 30%! If you skill her up (which is easy because you can buy a bunch of wind Amazons from the guild shop), her third skill is reduced to a three-turn cooldown! There are multiple ways you can build Lyn, actually. Some people put her on an HP and Crit DMG% build, because apparently you don’t absolutely need attack on Lyn. However, I have her on my usual ATK% and CRIT DMG% build because I am a simple girl. Also, I put her on Violent runes for more damage. Her first skill does at least 12k damage on critical hits. Everyone wants a Lyn and for good reason. She’s also good in the Water Dungeon (where you get water essences) because of the boss’s insane HP and she deals damage on Max HP. Definitely build a Lyn; her damage is friggin insane even with mediocre runes. Runes: Violent + Blade; ATK%/CRIT DMG%/ATK%

Elsharion (Light Ifrit)

Rating: 3/10 …well, there had to be the worst of a family. Everyone else remember when Elsharion was first announced? Finally, after at least 3 years, he would be in the game once and for all! It was just like with Loren, but this time it’s the fabled El-friggin-sharion! He could be acquired through lots of grueling of Ancient Coins through events, and when we got him, EVERYONE was excited to test him out! His kit was looked so good; gone was his leaked third skill Flash Attack (which was an AoE attack based on speed), and instead the beautiful passive Master of Magic Power was here! He could steal a beneficial effect off the enemy it attacks, and then apply it on all his allies! He was like Chilling, but, like, not greedy with his buffs! What could possibly go wrong? …Two things could go wrong.
  1. It’s not a guaranteed chance to remove the buff, despite the fact that it seems otherwise. Sometimes he just straight-up doesn’t steal anything.
  2. When he DOES have a chance to steal, it’s not irresistible. He can ACTUALLY be resisted.
Don’t get me wrong, though; I legit tried to give him a chance. I six-starred all my Ifrits at once (minus Veromos, because he was already sixed), and started trying to use them in as many places as possible. I gave all four Ifrits some really good runes as well. Everything should be perfect, right? WRONG. Honestly, you’re better off just using Chilling. At least with Chilling, it won’t take you at least 5 months to get him if you’re lucky, and he has more chances to steal buffs. Now Elsharion just has some filler runes thrown onto him. All that hype for nothing… I was actually so disappointed by Elsharion not being good that the fanfiction I started about him I have no motivation to continue. I know I really gotta work on it, but…you know me and my inspiration. Runes: Violent + Nemesis; SPD/CRIT DMG%/ATK%


Dias (Dark Death Knight)

Rating: 8/10 I love Dias. I actually never built a Darion before because I had Dias ever since my return to SW. I got him in the 3-year anniversary HoH, and I haven’t regretted the decision since. I actually just talked about him in my HoH article about Fedora, but for those who don’t know/haven’t read it, I’ll recap on why I love Dias. It’s his passive, Control. He decreases the damage all allies take by 15%, and decreases his chances of being hit by a Critical Hit by 50%. Sure, Darion is more obtainable and has 5% more damage decrease, but he doesn’t have the critical rate decrease. I actually talked about these two boys in my Starting Your Rift of Worlds two-parter, as both were good damage decreasers. You just need to keep Dias stupid tanky so he can survive in the frontline, and if you can, throw some speed and accuracy on him so he could land his debuffs, but I wouldn’t recommend sacrificing any other stats just to get those. Surviving everything the boss throws at him so he can keep reducing damage his allies take is his main role. Runes: Endure/Energy/Guard: HP%/HP%/DEF%

Lanett (Dark Magic Knight)

Rating: 5/10 …Sooooo, uh, six-starring Lanett didn’t work out too well as I thought. Ever since I was a nooblet, I wanted Lanett SO badly, because she’s the first Hall of Heroes that I can actually remember, plus she’s really pretty. I still think that, too – out of all the Magic Knights, she definitely has the best color scheme of them all. The problem is her kit and stats just don’t match up. She’s apparently a Defense monster, but none of her skills are based off of her defense. If anything, she looks more like an Attack/HP monster to me. Her first skill deals Continuous Damage for 1 turn per hit, her second skill attacks four random enemies and leaves Defense Break for 2 turns, and her third skill Gravity Shot will attack an enemy, deal massive damage based off their (the enemy’s) Max HP, and then heal all allies for 30% of the damage dealt. By all means, Lanett should be a great monster especially for NB10. I mean, Gravity Shot’s got a huge multiplier on top of the Max HP thing, and her other two skills are multihit. Well, it…didn’t turn out so well. I used her for a few months in NB10, but then she got replaced by the fire twins, who are far more reliable, deal more damage and have less rune requirements. So now Lanett just sits on my island and looks pretty. RIP the dream of Lanett being great. She sounded great on paper, but she requires too much setup, has too low of speed to really do anything, will sometimes completely derp out and use her third skill on the NB10 boss with his shield up. The worst thing is that she doesn’t even have any real use outside of NB10, and even then she can be replaced by the twins. [quiet sobbing in the distance] Runes: Violent + Revenge; SPD/CRIT DMG%/ATK% Anyway, this has been an in-depth review on my 20 new six stars! Don’t make the mistakes I did, but definitely build some of the monsters with higher scores on the list. I’m Sarta Ann, and I’ll see you in the next article!]]>